YouTube videos of Irish archaeological interest

There are hundreds of videos on YouTube relevant to Irish archaeology, especially if you include scenes of castles. Many of these are holiday videos, with comments like 'I have no clue where we are, but it's a bunch of rocks'. This list will, I hope, give a representative selection, but will tend to concentrate on the more interesting ones.

Excavations and sites, documentaries

Industrial Archaeology

The Tara Controversy

This refers to a motorway currently being constructed near the Hill of Tara, a complex of archaeological monuments ranging from a Neolithic passage tomb to Iron Age ritual sites relating to the inauguration of kings.

Tourist videos, etc

Slide Shows

The Celts


Lunatic Fringe


Thaddeus C. Breen
If you find any interesting ones that I've missed, please let me know:
Last revised 7 September 2008

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