This newsletter is now on the world wide web! Thaddeus Breen, who has been producing an excellent web page for some time now on all aspects of Irish Archaeology, has now very kindly added this newsletter to his web site. Only the first issue is on line to date but issue 2 and hopefully this issue will be added in the near future. We are all very grateful to Thaddeus for his enthusiasm,.

Thaddeus's home page is http://www.xs4all.nl/~tbreen There should be a link to the news letter from there or use the full address, http://www.xs4all.nl/~tbreen/PPA.html His E-mail address for comments is tbreen@xs4all.nl

Other E-mail addresses

Laureen Buckley: laureenbuckley@esatclear.ie

Eileen Murphy: eileenmurphy24@hotmail.com

Barra O'Donnabhain: barraod@ucc.ie

If you want your e-mail address included regularly in the newsletter contact any of the above. Articles for the next issue can also be e-mailed to the above addresses. In order to keep down costs the newsletter can be accessed from the web page but if anyone wants to receive a copy in the post they should send a stamped addressed letter to Laureen Buckley (for readers in Ireland) or Eileen Murphy (for readers in Northern Ireland and Britain). Readers from further afield should send a note in £sterling or IR£ to Laureen Buckley 32 Ard Ri, Drogheda, Co.Louth, Ireland.