Cathair Na Mart.

Vol.1. No.1. 1981.

Ó Flanagáin, Peadar: An outline history of the town of Westport. Part 1. The origins and early development of the town. Westport 1750-1780, 5-12.

Gibbons, John: some root causes of failure in Irish local government: a Mayo perspective, 13-19.

Hughes, Owen: Major John McBride, 1869-1916, patriot, soldier and martyr, 21-31.

Mulloy, Sheila: Some 17th-century links with Brittany, 33-36.


Cathair Na Mart.

Vol, 2. No. 1. 1982.

Keville, John: Aughagower, 3-22.

Gibbons, John: George A. Birmingham, 23-26.

Ó Cillín, Tomás: Luíochán Chill Miodhna, 27-29.

Moran, Gerard P.: Absentee landlordism in Mayo in the 1870s, 30-34.

Ó Flanagáin, Peadar: An outline history of the town of Westport. Part II. Westport-A New Town, 1780-1825, 35-52.


I. Grant of the right to hold 4 fairs annually in Westport, 1761, 44-45.

II. Lord Altamont's rent roll for the town of Westport, 1785, 46.

III. Petition of Armagh migrants into the Westport area, 1795, 47-48.

IV. Lord Sligo's rent roll for the town of Westport, 1815, 48-50.

V. Grant of the right to hold a daily market in Westport, 1825, 51-52.


Cathair Na Mart.

Vol. 3. No.1. 1983.

Keville, John: Aughagower, 3-24.

Túinléigh, Críostóir: Séamas Ó hArgadáin (James Hardiman) (1782-1855), 25-38.

Ó Flanagáin, Peadar: An outline history of the town of Westport. Part III. Pre-famine Westport. 1825-1845, 39-49.

Aubertin, Gérard: Les fleurs de Saint-Patrice (The flowers of Saint Patrice), a fourth-century link with the Loire Valley, 50-53.

Moran, Gerard P.: An assessment of the Land-League meeting at Westport, 8th June 1879, 54-60.


Cathair Na Mart.

Vol. 4. No.1. 1984.

Purcell, Collette: The Armada-how the Spanish Armada 'Fell upon

the west coast of Ireland' AD 1588-Part 1, 3-20.

Keville, John: Aughagower, 21-36.

Lyons, John: John McHale, Archbishop of Tuam, 37-50.

Freyer, Grattan & Mulloy, Sheila: The unfortunate John Moore, 51-68 [and see Vol. 5, 103-104].

Moran, Gerard P.: Mayo and General Election of 1874, 69-73.

Ó Flanagáin, Peadar: An outline history of the town of Westport. Part IV-The Famine years, its aftermath: 1845-1855, 74-79.


Cathair Na Mart.

Vol. 5. No.1. 1985.

Duffy, Jarlath: Kilmeena. Part.1, 5-30.

Ó Flanagáin, Peadar: George Glendenning-born in Westport 1770, died in Westport, 1843, 31-37.

Gillespie, Raymond: Mayo and the Rising of 1641, 38-44.

MacCabe, Desmond: Magistrates, peasants and the Petty Sessions Courts: Mayo, 1823-50, 45-53.

Moran, Gerard P.: Famine and the Land War: relief and distress in Mayo 1879-1881, Part I, 54-66.

Mulloy, Sheila: James Joseph McDonnell. 'the best-known of the United Irish Chiefs of the West', 67-77.

Purcell, Collette: The Armada-how the Spanish Armada 'Fell upon the west coast of Ireland' (1588), Part II, 80-94.

Tunney, Patrick M.: From Derrykillew to Frongoch, under the Defence Of the Realm Act [reprinted from Mayo News, 5th, 12th and 19th January, 1918], 95-102.

Omitted material from last issue [should have been after p68, Vol. 4], 103-104.


Cathair Na Mart.

Vol. 6. No.1. 1986.

Clarke, Kieran: Clew Bay boating disaster, 5-23.

Cunningham, Bernadette: Theobald Dillon, a newcomer in sixteenth century Mayo, 24-32.

Duffy, Jarlath: Kilmeena-Part 2, 33-62.

Garvey, Sir Terence: Traitor or patriot? The case of Edward Garvey of Rosmindle, 63-78.

Gullane, P.J.: Saint Marcan's Loch and early ecclesiastical ruins at Rossclave, 79-82.

Duffy, Jarlath: P.A. Heneghan, alias Burton: the dauntless man from Dooncastle, 83-88.

Hughes, Owen: Major John MacBride, 89-97.

Kinealy, Christine: The administration of Poor Law in Mayo, 1838-1898, 98-110.

Moran, Gerard P.: Famine and the Land War: relief and distress in Mayo, 1879-81. Part II, 111-127.

O Connell, George & Ó Flanagáin, Peadar: The parish of Oughaval (Westport)-a brief historical sketch, 128-144.


Cathair Na Mart.

Vol. 7. No.1. 1987.

Ó Flanagáin, Peadar: Brigadier-General Joe Ring-'A brave soldier whose courage was never in doubt', 5-20.

Barr, Stuart: County Mayo men who died whilst serving with the Connaught Rangers, 1914-1918, 21-31.

Buckley, Victor M. & Lawless, Christy: prehistoric cooking in Co. Mayo, 32-36.

Duffy, Jarlath: Kilmeena-Part 3, 37-64.

McGuire Shane: A profile of Bernard Burke (1789-1861), 65-77.

Mannion, Brian: Togher Patrick, 78-84.

Moran, Gerard P.: Church and State in modern Ireland: the Mayo County Librarian case, 1930-1932, 85-102.

O'Donoghue, Thomas A.: Educational innovation in the Mayo Gaeltacht, 1904-1922, 103-117.

Duffy, Jarlath: The Widow Sammon's fight for her holding, 118-123.

Shanley, Patrick: Extradition, a political and historical parallel, 124-127.


Cathair Na Mart.

Vol. 8. No.1. 1988.

Mannion, Brian: Aughagower and its Patrician sites and connections, 5-18.

Vendryes, Joseph: Saint Patrick's poem to his tooth, 19-22.

Buckley, Victor M. & Lawless, Christy: Two C14 dates for fulachta fiadh at Turlough, near Castlebar-evidence for the prehistoric 'Mini Nuclear Winter' in Co. Mayo, 23-25.

Cahill, Mary: A preliminary account of a Later Bronze hoard from Kilbride, Co. Mayo, 26-29.

Mulloy, Sheila: Mayo and the Jacobite War of 1689-91, 30-39.

Jeffers, Brendan: Westport-an early Irish example of town planning, 1734-1950, 40-46.

Kelly, Marie: Manners and customs of the gentry in Pre-Famine Mayo, 47-57.

Mulloy, Sheila: Dinner to Mr. John Browne [Mayo Constitution, 12 May 1831], 58-59.

McCabe, Desmond: Westport trade [Ballina Impartial 11 Feb 1833], 59.

Duffy, Jarlath: The Booth School and other matters at Ayle, 60-65.

Barr, David: George Henry Moore and his tenants, 1840-1870, 66-79.

Clark, John D.: Life in Westport and Castlebar c.1896, 80-85.

Murray, Peter: Novels, nuns and the revival of Irish industries: the rector of Westport and the Foxford Woollen Mill, 1905-1907, 86-99.

Boran, Marie: Politics of revolution: Local Government in Ireland during the Anglo Irish War, 100-108.

Duffy, Jarlath: Rick Joyce remembers, 109-113.

Duffy, George W.: My experiences in the Second World War, 114-117.

Scally, Brendan: A journey to Achill, 118-122.


Cathair Na Mart.

Vol. 9. No.1. 1989.

O'Malley, Cormac K. H.: Ernie O'Malley autobiographical letter, 1-20.

Lawless, Christy; O Floinn, Raghnall; Baillie, Michael & Browne, David: Levallinree Crannóg, an early 7th-Century lake dwelling in Co. Mayo, 21-25.

Buckley, Laureen; Glass, Brendan & Moore, Fionbarr: Recently discovered burials at Tooremore East, Turlough, 26-32.

O'Malley, Michael: In the footsteps of St. Gall, 33-47.

Jeffers, Brendan: Westport-An early example of town planning. Part II, Westport House, 48-59.

Mulloy, Sheila: His Excellency the Marquis of Anglesey, Lord Lieutenant and General Governor of Ireland, visits Westport, April 1831, 60-65.

Shanley, Patrick: Anglo Irish Agreement, 66-68.

Westport Historical Society Fourth School of History: Our western Islands, their past, present and future, 71ff.

Phillips, Adrian: The rocks of the Mayo Islands, 72-77.

Whilde, Tony: The natural history of our western islands, 79-90.

Herity, Michael: Cathair na Naomh and its cross-slabs, 91-100.

Mulloy, Sheila: Military history of the western islands, 101-119.

Boyle, Stephen A.: Settlement, population and economy of the Mayo islands (including Inishbofin), 120-133.


Cathair Na Mart.

Vol. 10. No.1. 1990.

photograph of Maud Gonne MacBride, opposite p1.

Lawless, Christy: A fulacht fiadh Bronze Age cooking experiment at Turlough, Castlebar, 1-10.

Sisk, Honor: The outer islands of Clew Bay: a study (Island More, Knockycahillaun, Rabbit Island, and Quinsheen Island), Part I, 11-37.

Allen, Donna Ole: Inishbiggle, the edge of Ireland, 38-43.

O'Toole, Anthony: Dr. Lynagh, Bishop of Achonry, 44-45.

Walsh, Tom: Admiral Browne of Argentina (Part 1), 46 (picture), 77-58 (text).

Mulloy, Sheila: William Hamilton Maxwell (1792-1850), author of Wild Sports of the West, 59-68.

Moran, Gerard: Landlord and tenant relations in Ireland, Sir Arthur Guinness and his estate at Ashford Castle, 1868-1882, 69-78.

Dunleavy, John: Keir Hardie's visit to Mayo in 1906, 79-83.

Barr, Stuart: Charles Kerrigan and the Mutiny of the Connaught Rangers at Solon, 1920, 84-93.

Joyce, John: The National Movement 1916-1921 period as it related to areas south of Westport-Drummin, Carrowkennedy, Liscarney, Lankill, Cordarragh, 94-98.

O'Donnell, Jim: Recollections based on the diary of an Irish Volunteer 1898-1924. Part I, 99-14.

Cunningham, John F.: The 'Soviet at Galway' and the downfall of Dunkellin, 115-123.

De Valera, Eamonn: Major John McBride (Speech, 1963, on the occasion of the unveiling of a commemorative plaque), 124-125.

Duffy, Jarlath: The Islandeady ambush, 126-131.

Shanley, Patrick: An unknown chapter in history: Fethard-on-Sea, 132-134.


Cathair Na Mart.

Vol. 11. No.1. 1991.

Gibbons, Michael; Alcock, Olive; Condit, Tom & Tunney, Mary: Some observations on the Sites and Monuments Record of County Mayo, 1-19.

Lawless, Christy: The Derryhick Megalith and ancient settlement at Turlough, Castlebar, 20-30.

Higgins, Jim: A new group of fulachta fiadh in Co. Mayo, 31-34.

Sisk, Honor: The outer islands of Clew Bay: A study (Island More, Knockycahillaun, Rabbit Island, and Quinsheen Island), Part II, 35-52.

Hawkshaw, Anna: Life on Islandmore and Knockycahillaun, 53-56.

Mulloy, John: Some aspects of trade in Clew Bay, 57-64.

Mulloy, John: The 'Islands of Glory,' a Sam Beckett Connection, 65-66.

Keane, Maureen: The Inishkeas, a look at life there before the islands were abandoned in 1937, 67-73.

Allen, Donna: John C. Henry, The rocky road to success, 74-75.

Dunlop, A.M.: Hands across the sea: the two O'Malley schoolboys on their travels, 76 (drawing), 77-92 (text).

document: County of Mayo. A list of persons to whom premiums for sowing flax-seed in the year 1796 have been adjudged by the Trustees of the Linen Manufacture, 93-97.

Bartlett, Tom: General Humbert takes his leave, 98-104.

Walsh, Tom: Admiral Browne of Argentina, Part II, 105-117.

Sheehy, David: Archbishop Murray of Dublin and the Great Famine in Mayo, 118-128.

document: Irish Motor Directory, Mayo County: cars and cycles, 129-131.

O'Sullivan, Martin: The Irish munitions strike of 1920, 132-136.

O'Donnell, Jim: Recollections based on the diary of an Irish volunteer, 1898 to 1924. Part II, 137-159.

Conway, P.J.: Ambush at Castlehill during the Civil War, 160.

Shanley, Patrick: Scenes from travel in Russia, 161-167.

Hawkshaw, Seamus: Martin Gallagher the Fenian, 168.


Cathair Na Mart.

Vol. 12. No.1. 1992.

Bracken, G.G. & Wayman, P. A.: A Neolithic or Bronze Age alignment for Croagh Patrick, 1-11.

Lawless, Christy: Lough More, Bofeenaun, Co. Mayo. Crannóg; fulachta fiadh; deer traps and associated archaeological sites, 12 (map), 13-31 (text).

Mayock, John: From Newfoundland to New York, via Inishbofin, 32-38.

Bradley, John & Roe, Lone: Captain Mathias de Bille and the frigate Bornholm, Copenhagen to Newport 1781-82, 39-54.

Mulloy, John: Some aspects of trade in Clew Bay. Part II, 55-60.

Costeloe, M.P.L.: Some west coast aids to navigation: Clare Island, Killala, and Slyne Head, 61-74.

Lane, Pádraig G.: Currane Mountain, Mayo and the 1850's: a socio-economic study, 75-89.

Taylor, Brian: George A. Birmingham and General John Regan; London, New York and Westport, 90-112.

Murray, Peter: First novels and fierce controversies, George A. Birmingham, The Seething Pot and Hyacinth, 113-127.

Kelly, Patrick J.: One of the men of the West, 128 (picture), 129-146 (text).

document: Publicans' certificates, Westport 1921, 147-148.

Mhac an T-Saoi, Máire: Scríobhnóireacht na Gaeilge 1942-92, 149-152.


Cathair Na Mart.

No. 13. 1993.

van Hoek, Maarten A.M.: The prehistoric rock-Art of the Boheh, Stone Co. Mayo, vi (drawing), 1-15 (text).

Lohan, Máire: Moytura Conga, a mythical and ritual landscape, 16-31.

Higgins, Jim & Gibbons, Michael: Early Christian monuments at Kilgeever, Co. Mayo, 32-52.

Higgins, Jim: An Early Christian site on Saint's Island, Lough Mask, Co. Mayo and its cross-slabs, 53.

Lawless, Christy: Carrowmacloughlin ancient settlement, Turlough, Co. Mayo, cashel, ringfort, and hut sites, 53-71.

Herlihy, Kevin: The Cromwellian government and the transplantation to Connacht, 72-77.

Mulloy, Sheila: Murrisk and Ballyhaunis compared, 78-81.

Lane, Pádraig G.: The Gonne-Bell estate at Streamstown, Co. Mayo, a record of property vicissitudes, 82-89.

Wyse-Jackson, Patrick N. & Vaccari, Ezio: Volcanoes and straw bonnets, the Graydons of Burrishoole, 90-101.

Mulloy, John: Some aspects of trade in Clew Bay, Part III, 102-111.

document: Valuation and report; Tonatanvally Estate, Achill, Co. Mayo, Ireland. The property of John

Goodacre Esqre. Decr. 1872, 112-116.

Sanderson, John (ed.): Holiday at Burrishoole-extract from the journal of Agnes Sanderson, 117-124.

Garvey, Rosemary: Senior citizens: letters from George Augustus Moore, (1852-1933) to John William Frederick Garvey (1856-1940), 125-134.

Fairburn, Eleanor (ed.): Tidal wave at Westport Quay, from notes made by the late Michael J. Lyons about his early experiences in Westport, 135-136.

O'Malley, Anthony: Reminiscences, 137-144.

Allen, Donna: Inishbiggle: a challenge, 145-148.

Curry, Martin: Covey cant and characters, 151-159.

photographs: Newport from old photographs-Wynne collection, Fr. Browne collection, 162-163.


Cathair Na Mart.

No. 14. 1994.

Walsh, Gerry: Preliminary report on the archaeological excavations on the summit of Croagh Patrick, v (air photo), 1-10 (text).

Mayock, John (ed.): South Mayo Militia papers (P.R.O. London), 11-15.

Lawless, Christy: Primitive stone tools and fulachta fiadha in the Cashel/Lack valley, Turlough, Co. Mayo, 16-26.

Mulloy, Sheila: Father Manus Sweeney (1763-1799), 27-38.

MacAtasney, Gerard: The educational views of John McHale, Part I, 39-64.

Higgins, Jim: The iconography of a Post-Medieval headstone at Burriscarra, Co. Mayo, 65-68.

Lane, Pádraig G.: Landed encumbrances; a record of the Dillon-Browne estate, 69-77.

Moran, Gerard P.: An account of Westport and its surroundings from September 1869, 78-80.

Mayock, John: Social and economic conditions in West Mayo with specific reference to the Baronies of Murrisk and Burrishoole 1880-1892, 81-96.

document: County Mayo Prisoners of War Relief Fund. Report from the period ending 30th June, 1916, 97-101.

O'Malley, Anthony: Further reminiscences, 102-108.

Kelly, Mary: Memories inspired by Heritage Day 1993 in Westport, 109.

Shanley, Patrick: Rocamadour; a place in the heart, 110-115.


Cathair Na Mart.

No. 15. 1995.

Duffy, Jarlath: The port of Westport, 1800-1850, 1-14.

van Hoek, Maarten A.M.: The keyhole pattern in the prehistoric rock art of Ireland and Britain, 15-25.

MacAtasney, Gerard: The educational views of John McHale, Part II, 26-43.

Lawless, Christy; Barton, Kevin & Monaghan, Dominic: Primary observations of a modern working fulacht fiadh and a geophysical survey of the modern and an ancient fulacht fiadh, Lack East/West, Turlough, Co. Mayo, 44-58.

Mulloy, John: Tea, Tay, Chah and trouble, 59-65.

Kelly, Mary: Down memory lane: the Tea Travellers, 66-69.

Higgins, Jim: A miniature Early Christian stone cross from Kilgeever, Co. Mayo, 70-76.

Lane, Pádraig G.: A Mayo estate's rentals in the 1870s, 77-83.

Murphy, Clare C.: Conflicts in the West, the ranch wars continue, 1911-1912. Part 1,

Maye, Patrick: A short history of the I.R.A. in Islandeady 1919-21, 106-109.

Stradling, Robert: A war of ideals? Irish volunteers in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39, 110-118.

Joyce, Conrad: A little history of some Joyces of Westport, Co. Mayo, 119-130.

Shanley, Patrick: An unusual experience, 131-134.

Allen, Donna: The story of a street, 135-136.


Cathair Na Mart.

No. 16. 1996.

Mulloy, Sheila: From Cromwell to William: land settlement in South Mayo, 1649-1702, 1-16.

Lawless, Christy: Levallinree Townland and Lough, an ancient citadel. Fulachta fiadh; crannógs; dugout canoes; ringforts; hut-sites, St. Patrick's Stone; mill and mill-race and Famine Gardens, 17-44.

Lane, Pádraig J.: The Lambert-Brookhill estate: a record of Mayo property, 1694-1946, 45-53.

Corlett, Chris: Prehistoric pilgrimage to Croagh Patrick, 54-61.

Allen, Donna: Westport Methodist Church, 62-65.

Magee, Seán: Westport Memorial, 1786, 66-67.

MacAtasney, Gerard: The educational views of John McHale, Part III, 68-80.

Donohue, Tony (ed.): John McHale, Archbishop of Tuam-a poem by T.D. Sullivan, M.P., 1876, 81.

Rader, Frank J.: A Mayoman's measure of success; Michael Reap and the Pittston Irish. 1840-1880, 82-91.

Quinn, Deirdre: Mayowomen and politics of the land in the latter half of the nineteenth century, Part I, 92-111.

Murphy, Clare C.: Conflict in the West, the ranch war continues, 1911-1912. Part II, 112-139.

Shanley, Patrick: The story told by S., 140-142.

Cathair Na Mart.

No. 17. 1997.

photograph: oak dugout fulacht fiadh cooking trough at Raigh, Aughagower, v.

photograph: the lamb market, vi.

Quinn, Deirdre: Mayowomen and politics of the land in the latter half of the nineteenth century, Part II, 7-28.

Lawless, Christy: Discoveries at Breastagh-Rathfran, County Mayo. Linear ditch; flint & chert implements and fulachta fiadh, 29-48.

Hayden, Michael: The origins of the Basquills of County Mayo, 49-65.

Higgins, Jim: Turlough church, Co. Mayo, 66-85.

Magee, Sean: Distress in Erris,1835, 86-114.

Corlett, Christiaan: An Early Christian ecclesiastical Site at Carrowrevagh, near Carrowkennedy, County Mayo, 115-120.

Clinton, Georgina: Philanthropy: relief committees in the Ballina Union during the Great Irish Famine, 121-133.

Lane, Padraig G.: Glimpses of the Famine in Mayo. The letters of a land agent, 1843-1849, 134-139.

Jordan, Anthony: The case of Maude Gonne versus John MacBride. A primary document (National Library of Ireland), 140-145.

photograph: Rockwell College, Tipperary, senior rugby team, 1904, 145.

Duffy, Jarlath: National Defense Fund Against Conscription; with appendix-list: collection of 12th May 1918, 146-152.

Shanley, Patrick: The story told by a Russian priest, 153-155.

Kelly, Mary: Childhood reflections, 156-159.

Brady, Michael: Growing up in Castlebar, 160-166.

Cathair Na Mart.

No. 18. 1998.

Allen, Donna: Westport National School No 2, 7-9.

Bracken, Gerard: A pilgrimage to Iona, 10-15.

Chapple, Robert M.: A chert scraper from Carrowmore Lake, Bangor-Erris, County Mayo, 16-20.

Comerford, Patricia: Edward Nangle (1799-1883): the Achill Missionary in a new light-Part I, 21-29.

Duffy, Jarlath: The port of Westport, 1850-1900, 30-42.

Irwin, Marian: An Early Medieval church site at Kilbree Upper, Sheeaune, Westport, Co. Mayo, 44-48.

Jordan, Anthony: The Major John MacBride manuscripts, 49-52.

Kirwan, James: The Sarsfield-Bingham connection, 53-56.

Lane, Pádraig G.: Rents and leases in eighteenth-nineteenth century Mayo: an observation of the Lambert Estate, 57-60.

Lawless, Christy: An ancient horizontal mill at Ballygarriff, Turlough, Co. Mayo [with catalogue of horizontal and vertical water-powered corn-mills in Turlough], 61-76.

McDonald, Theresa: The deserted village, Slievemore, Achill Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland, 77-98.

anonymous: Private notes of George McKee, Royal Irish Constabulary, Castlebar. 1889-1915, 99-124.

McManamon, Seán P.: Landlords and evictions in County Mayo during the Great Famine, 125-134.

Mayock, John: William Leeson-Westport's first town planner, 135-142.

Morahan, Leo: A wealth of monuments from Croagh Patrick Archaeological Survey, 143-150.

Moran, Anthony: The night the Tans came, 151-154.

O'Malley, Anthony: Farewell, 155-161.

Waldron, Kieran: The churches of the Archdiocese of Tuam, 162-168.

photographs: Castlebar from old photographs (Wynne Collection), 174-176.


Cathair Na Mart.

No. 19. 1999.

Jordan, Anthony. Boer War centenary, 1-4.

Buckley, Donal: War of Independence, Diary of Mayo events 5-7.

Comerford, Patrick: Edward Nangle (1799-1883): The Achill Missionary in a new light, Part II, 8-22.

Cunningham, Deirdre: Brackloon Wood, Westport, Co. Mayo, 23-27.

Curry, John: The amalgamation scheme: The closure of the workhouses in County Mayo, 28-46.

De Búrca, Seán: An echo of 1798, 47.

Duffy, Fintan: Westport estate and town: an example of planned settlement according to Picturesque principles. Part 1, 48-64.

Falvey, Anne: Mayo workhouses and lunatic asylums, 65-76.

Hughes, Carmel: Statement of Michael Hughes, Castlebar Battalion, I.R.A., 77-85.

Joyce, Brónach: Early ecclesiastical site at Farburren, parish of Oughaval, Co. Mayo, 86-97.

Kelly, Mary: The Kearns-Ferris family, some childhood memories, 98-100.

Lane, Pádraig G.: The consideration of Mayo property in the 1830s and 1840s, 101-104.

Lawless, Christy: Bunduvowen and Garrison Island, the northern bastion of the Turlough landscape, Co. Mayo. Island cashel; dugout canoes; megalithic structure; ancient village; hut sites; mills; children's burial ground, 105-136.

Mulloy, John: Vernacular memorials in Kildavnet graveyard, Achill, 137-142.

Rader, Frank J. : Pattern Day in Pittston, 143-147.

Stoney, Benita: The last O'Malley chief and his descendants, 148-165.

Thomas, Conal: The land for the people: the United Irish League and land reform in North Galway and West Mayo, 1898-1912, 167-170.

Thomas, Conal: The Franciscan Brothers in Westport, 171-172.


Cathair Na Mart.

No. 20. 2000.

Allen, Donna: A day to remember, 1-3.

Burke, Seán: Souterrain at Ballycroy, 5.

Chapple, Robert M.: The 'James Flannelly Chalice', a seventeenth-century chalice, from the Diocese of Killala, 6-13.

Curley, Walter J.P.: The last train to Dublin, 14-22.

Evans, Rosemary: A study of the Methodist community in Westport and surrounding area, County Mayo 1784-1961, with particular reference to the years 1847-1943, 23-43.

document: Extracts from the diary of James Gibbons, 1932-1947, 45-51.

Joyce, Brónach: Theft of the Irish Crown Jewels from Dublin Castle, July 1907, 52-61.

Kelly, Mary: A tribute to the memory of Sr. M. Joseph Ruby, 61.

Kelly, Seán: Crisis in the countryside: Bohola, Co. Mayo 1845-1911, 63-74.

Lawless, Christy: Wooden trackway in Clooneenkillew, parish of Touaghty, Co. Mayo, 75-89.

Ní Éineacháin, Síle: The Congested Districts Board in Erris, Co. Mayo, Part I, 90-117.

Ó Canann, Tomás G.: Historical note of the Medieval territory of Gleann Néimhthinne, 118-128.

O'Connor, Sal: Study of the Kilmaclasser area, church and graveyard, 129-139.

O'Malley, Michael J.: The Irish in Chicago, economic mobility.1845-1890, 140-147.

Roughneen, Simon: Protestant population decline in Westport. 1911-1926, 148-156.

McDermott, Joe: Turning the last century-aspects of Mayo life in the early 1900s, 158-162.


Cathair Na Mart.

No. 21. 2001.

Sargent, Michael: M.G.W.R. Mayo line timetables, 1899 and 1915, 7-11.

photographs: 1934 locomotive at Westport Railway Station, 12-13.

Duffy, Fintan: Westport estate and town: an example of planned settlement according to Picturesque principles. Part 2, 14-26.

Holmes, Angelo: Note on Cúchoigríche Ó Cléirigh, one of the Four Masters, 27-44.

Jordan, Anthony: How Major John MacBride became involved in the 1916 Rising, 45-56.

Keane, Vincent: Republican and R.I.C. casualties, 1919-1924: the Mayo connection, 57-68.

Kelly, Mary: John O'Donnell M.P. (1866-1920):, 69-70.

Lane, Pádraig G.: One of the Dillon 'Wild Geese' in Belgium, 71-77.

Lawless, Christy: The landscape and heritage of Turlough, Co. Mayo, 78-102.

McGee, Patrick: Michael Joseph Staines (1885-1955), first Commissioner, of Garda Síochána na hÉireann, 103-104.

McGee, Patrick: Extracts from the Royal Irish Constabulary Magazine, 1912-1916, referring to Westport and Newport R.I.C. stations, 105-113.

document: Crew and passenger list of British brig Britannia out of Westport for Quebec, April 1842, 114-118.

Moran, Gerard P.: Mayo God Help Us! Emigration from nineteenth-century Co. Mayo, 119-126.

Murray, Peter: A colporteur kicked by a priest on a Westport Street: the MacAskill assault case of 1905, 127-145.

Simons, P. Frazer: The Rev. Gibson McMillan and some Australian connections of the Federation Year in Australia, 146-147.

document: Advertisment for Britannia sailing from Westport to Quebec, 'on or about first of May' 1842, 157.

document: List of political organisations in Co. Mayo, 1920, 158.

document: Letter from Michael Collins, 21 Aug. 1922, to the Acting Chairman, Westport Harbour Commissioners, 159.


Cathair Na Mart.

No. 22. 2002.

Cahill, Mary: A hoard of ornaments from Dooyork, Co. Mayo, 7-11.

Ní Éineacháin, Síle: The Congested Districts Board in Erris, Co. Mayo-Part II, 12-30.

Curry, John: The murder of John Charles Milling-Resident Magistrate, 31-46.

Ó hÓgáin, Seán: The Tourmakeady ambush, May 1921-Part 1, 47-59.

Stoney, Anna: Visit of the Lord Lieutenant, Lord Spencer, to Rosturk Castle, 28th April 1883, 60-63.

Redmond, Markus: A promontory fort with Chevaux de Frise at Treanbeg, Co. Mayo, 64-68.

Cusack Hopkins, Gerardine: The fall and rise of Westport Quay, 69-71.

Kelly, Mary: Richard King-distinguished Mayo artist, 72-73.

Higgins, Jim: A Westport bottle seal-some questions, 74-76.

Higgins, Jim: 1798-some Galway-Mayo links, 77-83.

Keane, Vincent: Westport and the Irish Volunteers. Part I: the early years, 1914-1916, 84-88.

Behan, Eamon: Flax cultivation and linen in Mayo-Part I, 89-98.

Bracken, Gerry: Fáilte arais-The return of Gilbert the Navigator, 99-103.

Lane, Pádraig: Some Connacht Wild Geese in eighteenth-century France, 104-109.

Coyne, Consilio: Sisters of Mercy, Castlebar 1853-2003, 110-116.

Lawless, Christy: Bronze Age bowl barrows and associated natural burial mounds in Co. Mayo, 117-147.

Mayock, John: School inspection and transport in Rural Mayo 100 yrs. ago, 148-149.

Mulloy, Sheila (in conversation with Rhonda Jacob): Memorial window to Chief Justice James B. Drew in Ballintubber Abbey, 150-152.


Cathair Na Mart.

No. 23. 2003.

Ó Flannagáin, Peadar: The Christian Brothers and education in Westport, 7-15.

anonymous: Westport tribute to The Christian Brothers, 16-17.

Donnelly, Seán: The captain and the harper-two Mayo brothers of Elizabethan times, 18-34.

Walsh, Jenny: Connor/O'Conor family-an Irishman's success in Australia, 35-42.

Thompson, F. Glenn: The lineage of the Mayo militia, 43.

Ó hÓgáin, Seán: The Tourmakeady ambush, May 1921, Part II, 44-59.

Buckley, Donal: Sergeant-Major Coughlan, V.C.: Obituary from Mayo News, 20 February 1915, Westport, Co. Mao, 60-63.

Keane, Vincent: Westport and the Irish Volunteers, Part II, 1916-1918, 64-69.

Keane, Vincent: 'The Queen of the West', 70-73.

Clifton, Violet: Flight from Connemara in 1922, 74-77.

Mulchrone Anne: The untold story, 78-82.

Hopkins-Cusack, Geraldine: 'We'll meet again...' Westport men and women in the Second World War, 83-93.

Lan,e Pádraig G.: Some Mayo rents and leases of pre-Famine years, 94-98.

McWalter, Patria: The papers of the Kennys of Ballinrobe: a valuable source of local history, 99-105.

newspaper report: Sunday school picnic, (from Evening Mail, 16 July 1887), 106-107.

the Kirby family, Cogaula, Westport: The Kirby Manuscript. Part I, 108-118.

Lawless, Christy: Bullaun stone and children's burial ground on Cruach na Cille, Cunnagher South, Turlough, Co. Mayo, 119-127.

Gibbons, Michael: Chevaux de Frise at Treanbeg promontory fort, Lough Feagh, Co. Mayo: artificial or natural feature? 128-133.

Wedge, Kirsten: St.Patrick: One man or multiple identities? 134-138.

Kelly Ann: Grandma's picture, 114-147.


Cathair Na Mart.

No. 24 (2004-2005).

McBride, Margaret: The Righteous are Bold, by Frank Carney. An exploration of the play, its social and theatrical background and the life of the playwright, 7-21.

Berry, Mickie: Westport Post Office in the 1950s, 22-26.

Bracken, Gerry: The silent hunters, 27-29.

Coyne, Martin: Memories of a Glenmask man, 30-32.

Duffy, Jarlath: Death where is they sting? 33-34.

Duffy, Jarlath: The Westport Workhouse, 35-38.

Gibbons, Michael; Higgins, Jim & Gibbons, Myles: Hunter-gatherer strategies in the Mesolithic: the evidence from Western Connacht, 39-52.

Higgins, Jim: An Early Medieval cross at Aughagower, Co. Mayo, 53-58.

Jordan, Anthony T.: Centenary of birth of Seán McBride, 59-65.

Keane, Vincent: The Irish Volunteers in Westport. Part III: 1918–1920, 66-72.

Keane, Vincent: Joe McBride’s undercover visit to Achill in 1923, 73-77.

document: Part II, 78-85.

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document: Siege of Lucknow letter, 130.

Walsh, Brendan: Bob of the Reeks cave, 131-138.

Zajac, Suzanne: Excavation on habitation and burial site at Pollacuppal Townland, Belmullet, Co. Mayo, 139-149.

document: Curragh Hospital [report on conditions, 1923], Report Ir 610, p7


Cathair Na Mart.

No. 25 (2006-2007).

McDermott, Sinéad: A study of the Townland of Kiltarnet, 7-17

Byrne, Dick: Bringing light to Mayo, 19-24.

Gibbons, Michael & Gibbons, Myles: Soapstone as a cultural indicator on the Atlantic seaboard Scandinavian – no more, 25-32.

Clarke, Aiden: Recollections of Sophie O’Brien – Croagh Patrick 1904, 33-36.

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Jordan, Anthony J.: John MacBride’s account of the Irish Transvaal Brigade, 50-62.

Thompson, F. Glenn: A belt plate of the North Mayo Militia, 63.

Chervenak, Mary Lawlor: Aughagower’s outpost: Butte City, America, 64-93.

Luce, Lyndall & Luce, John: Westport in the 1950s, 94-102.

Conway, Mary B.: Ballyburke Townland people and place – past & present, 103-116.

Hastings, Caitríona: Taisceadán na gCuimhní, 117-124.

Kerrigan, Agnes: Three fulachta fiadh excavated on the N5 Charlestown By-Pass scheme, 125-132 (photo p4)

anonymous (probably the editor, Aiden Clarke): Donations to Clew Bay Heritage Centre, 133.


Cathair Na Mart.

No. 26. 2008.

McGinty, Michael: Holy War at Aasleagh 1851–1894, 7-21.

McDermott, Yvonne: Murrisk Friary: a Late Medieval house of the Austin Friars, 22-32.

McLoughlin, Alf: Western folklore in modern ballads? 33-40.

Higgins, Jim: Some unusual piscinae at Ballintubber Abbey and elsewhere, 41-47.

Higgins, Jim: 1798 and 1922—another folkloric echo, 48-49.

Hughes, Suzette: The round tower in Aghagower, 50-55.

Cusack, Gerardine: A young man’s war, 56-58.

Joyce, Richard: Irish postal history—part I 59-79.

Kelly, Sonia: Eric Cross, 80-84.

Chambers, Mary Ellen: An Irish hero in the Great American West, 87-89.

Clesham, Brigid: The Westport Estate papers, 90-105.

Anketell, J.G.: S.S. Clew Bay, 106.

Bracken, Gerry: Marconi’s Irish Wireless Station and the OTHER American connection, 107-109.

Keane, Vincent: The local security force in Westport, 1940–1945, 110-118.

document: Voters’ list prepared for election to Grattan’s Parliament in 1783 from the Estate of the Earl of Altamont, 119-122.

Ó Flanagáin, Peadar: An outline history of the town of Westport—Part I, the origins and early developments of the town Westport, 1750–1780, 123-130.

Ó Flanagáin, Peadar: An outline history of the town of Westport—Part II, Westport—a new town, 1780–1825, 131-138.

Clarke, Aiden: Lord Sligo’s visit to Mycenae, 139-141.

.anonymous: important find near Louisburgh [wooden bowl in bog] (note), 142.


Cathair Na Mart.

No. 27 (2009)

Hastings, Caitríona: A history of Holy Trinity Church, Westport, 5-27.

Sheehy, Ruth: The art of Richard King (1907-1974) in Swinford and Newport, Co. Mayo, 30-47.

Walsh, Brendan: James Berry and the Field of Annagh: changing perspectives on the archaeological complex at Killadangan, Co. Mayo, 48-55.

Byrne, Dick: An American wake in Mayo circa 1953, 56-59.

Clesham, Brigid: Irish Tourist Association topographical & general survey for Co. Mayo, 60-71.

Spicer, Willie: Father John Blowick – from memories to a memorial, 72-79.

Mulloy, John: Clew Bay – its islands and people, 80-91.

McDermott, Yvonne: Strade Friary: patronage and development at a medieval mendicant friary, 92-108.

Kennedy, Gordon: ‘Revolution and retribution: the Brownes bring order to post-rebellion Mayo, 1798–1800’ 109-118.

Keane, Vincent: The death of Willie Barrett, 119-122.

Martin, Keith: HMS Mashona – her sinking and her Mayo war graves, 123-138.

Higgins, Jim & McDonald, Theresa: A decorated glass bead from Trá Bódearg, Achill Beg, 139-143.

Higgins, Jim: Some new decorated beehive querns from Connacht and their art, 144-152.

Goaley, Michael: The Nun of Kenmare, 153-158.

Joyce, Richard: Westport postal history – part II, 159-172.

McGinley, Michael: Mrs. Anderson and the schools at Leenane and Cross, 173-183.