Presented to Aubrey Gwynn, S.J.


Edited by J.A. Watt, J.B. Morrall, F.X. Martin



Ryan, John: The early Irish Church and the See of Peter, 3-18.

Murphy, Gerard: Eleventh or twelfth century Irish doctrine concerning the Real Presence, 19-28.

Richardson, H.G.: Some Norman monastic foundations in Ireland, 29-43.

Hadcock, R. Neville: The Order of the Holy Cross in Ireland, 44-53.

Otway-Ruthven, Jocelyn: The mediaeval church lands of Co. Dublin, 54-73.

Hand, Geoffrey J.: The medieval chapter of St. Mary's Cathedral, Limerick, 74-89.

Dunning, Patrick J.: Irish representatives and Irish ecclesiastical affairs at the Fourth Lateran Council, 90-

Cheney, C.R.: A group of related synodal statutes of the thirteenth century, 114-132.

Watt, John . A.: English law and the Irish Church: the reign of Edward I, 133-167.

O'Sullivan, Mary Donovan: Italian merchant bankers and the collection of the customs in Ireland, 1275–1311, 168-185.

Dillon, Myles: The inauguration of O’Conor, 186-202.

Sayles, G.O.: The rebellious first Earl of Desmond, 203-229.

Martin, Francis X.: The Irish Augustinian reform movement in the fifteenth century, 230-264.

Dudley Edwards, R., The Kings of England and Papal provisions in fifteenth century Ireland, 265-280.



Knowles, M.D.: The English bishops, 1070-1532, 283-296.

Pantin, W.A.: John of Wales and medieval humanism, 297-319.

Cam, Helen M.: The religious houses of London and the Eyre of 1321, 320-329.

Hackett, M.B.: William Flete and the De Remediis Contra Temptaciones, 330-348.

Jacob, E.F.: A note on the English concordat of 1418, 349-358.

Ullmann, Walter: Eugenius IV, Cardinal Kemp, and Archbishop Chichele, 359-383.



Bieler, Ludwig: Towards an interpretation of the so-called ‘Canones Wallici’, 387-392.

Grosjean, Paul: Quelques remarques sur Virgile le Grammairien 393-408.

Kuttner, Stephan: Pope Lucius III and the bigamous Archbishop of Palermo, 409-453.

Nicol, D.M.: The Greeks and the Union of the Churches: the preliminaries to the Second Council of Lyons, 1261-74, 454-480.

Morrall, John B.: Ockham and Ecclesiology, 481-491.

Ehler, Sidney Z.: On applying the modern term ‘State’ to the Middle Ages, 492-501.


Martin, Francis X.: The historical writings of Reverend Professor Aubrey Gwynn, S.J., 502-509.