Journal of the Old Wexford Society No 1 (1968)

Hadden, George W.: The origin and development of Wexford Town. Part I—the prehistoric period; Part II—The Danish period, 5-16.

Lucas, A.T.: Irish-Norse Relations, 17-19.

O’Callaghan, John P.: Monksgrange, the home of Mr. & Mrs. John Richards-Orpen, 20-27.

Culleton, Edward: St.Margarets, Carne, 28-29.

O’Brien, E.P.: Commodore John Barry, "father of the American navy", 30-32.

Lynch, Joseph: The Down Survey, 33-34.

Furlong, Nicholas: The town that died, 35-42.

Dé Vál, Séamas S.: Donall Spáinneach Caomhánach, 43-45.

Jeffery, W.H.: The Etchinghams of Dunbrody, 46-50.

Raftery, Joseph: A prehistoric burial in County Wexford, 51.

Doran, Patrick: Wexford miscellany....1906...., 52-53.

Conboy, M.: The dash churn, 54.


Journal of the Old Wexford Society No 2 (1969)

Hadden, G.W.: The origin and development of Wexford Town. Part III—The Norman period, 3-12.

Walsh, T.P.: The Knights of the Temple, 13-18.

Fitzmaurice, Mrs. S.H.: Hervey de Montmorency, 19-25.

O’Callaghan, John P.: The Castle of the Deeps, 26-38.

Roche, Richard: The Roches of Wexford, 39-48.

O’Riordan Brendan: Notes on a souterrain at Kellystown, Co. Wexford, 49-50.

Ó Duinn, Tomás: Wexford and Newfoundland, 51-52.

Furlong, Nicholas: The history of land reclamation in Wexford Harbour, 53-77.

Jefferies, Mrs. E.: Notes on some customs of Forth and Bargy, 78-79.


Journal of the Old Wexford Society No 3 (1970-1)

Hadden, G.W.: The origin and development of Wexford Town. Part IV, 5-10.

Walsh, Thomas P.: Templetown and the Order of the Hospital, 11-20.

de Vál, Séamas S.: The High Crosses of Ireland, 21-25.

Ó Corráin, Donncha: The career of Diarmait mac Máel na mBó, King of Leinster, 26 (map) 27-35 (text).

Olive, Goodbody: Quakers in Wexford, 36-41.

Jeffery, W.H.: Devereux of Ballymagir and Adamstown, 42 (photograph), 43-50 (text).

De Courcy-Ireland, J.: Some notes on Wexford maritime affairs in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, 51-55.

Gallwey, Hubert: Some early Norman Families in Co. Wexford, Part I, 56-61.

Sinnott, Peadar J.: Duncannon, 62 (drawing), 63-80 (text).

Conboy, Molly: The old farmhouse, 81-82.

Frayne, J.G.: Letter to the Editor: corrigenda to O'Callaghan's article in No. 2 , 82.


Journal of the Old Wexford Society No 4 (1972-3)

Walsh, Thomas P.: The history of Loftus Hall. 1871 – Centenary Year – 1971, 3-12.

Shallow, Molly: Neolithic excavation in North-West Ireland, 13-15.

Ó Corráin, Donncha: The career of Diarmait Mac Máel na mBó, King of Leinster, Part II, 16 (map), 17-24 (text).

Culleton, Edward: John Kavanagh. Part I, the Young Irelander, 25-39.

Fanning, Thomas: Circular enclosure at Tomona, Co. Wexford, 40-42

Kehoe, Gerard: Rosslare Fort and its people, 43-52.

Gallwey, Hubert: Some early Norman families in Co. Wexford, Part II, 53-56.

Berman, Maureen: Letter to the Editor: corrigendum to Jeffery's article in No. 3, 57.

Furlong, Nicholas: The immediate predecessors of Dermot MacMurrough, 58 (map), 59-68 (text).

Reid, Elizabeth: A Wexford cause celebre, 69-71.

Priondagrás, B.S.: Rambles in Bargy, 72- 79.

Swan, J.B.: The Manor of Rosslare, 80-87.

de Vál, Séamas: S.The River Slaney, 88-94.

Jefferies, G.: Folk section: weather portents, 95-96.


Journal of the Old Wexford Society No 5 (1974-5)

Moynihan, Maurice: The administration of justice in Wexford, 5-21.

Culleton, Edward & Colfer, William: The Norman motte at Old Ross; method of construction, 22-25.

Ó Corráin, Donncha: The Ui Chennselaig Kingship of Leinster 1072–1126, Part I, 26-31.

Walsh, Thomas P.: The history of Loftus Hall. 1871 – Centenary Year – 1971, part II, 32-38.

Kehoe, Gerard: Rosslare Fort and its people, Part II, 39-49.

Frayne, John G.: Saunderscourt, 50-56.

Butler, Hubert: New Geneva in Waterford, 57-63.

Culleton, Edward: John Kavanagh Part II: The Union Volunteer, 64-71.

Jefferies, Mrs. E.: The legend of the Lord of Ballyteigue, as written up by Michael J. Whitty of Liverpool, April 1872, 72-77.

Meyler, Michael: How Whitty went to Spain, 78 (engraving), 79-80 (text).

Meyler, M.: Letter to the editor; addendum to Priondagrás's article in last issue, 81.

Roche, Richard: Letter to the editor; he was originally co-author of the Duncannon paper in No. 3, 81-82.


Journal of the Old Wexford Society No 6 (1976-7)

Barry, T.B.: The Medieval moated sites of County Wexford, 5-17.

Walsh, Thomas P.: Dunbrody through the ages, 18-37.

Murphy, Hilary: The Drinagh cement works. Compiled from references in the files of The People, 1874–1936, 38-44.

Ó Corráin, Donncha: The Uí Chennselaig kingship of Leinster 1072–1126 — Part II, 45-53.

Lynch, Ann & Cahill, Mary: The excavation of St. Vogues well & dolmen (site of), at Carnsore, Co. Wexford, 54 (drawing), 55-60 (text).

Coe, Samuel: The Mechanics’ Institute, 61-62.

O’Sullivan, Stephen: Jonathan Swift and Wexford’s spa, 63-68.

Sinnott, T. D.: Kelly of Killanne, 69-72.

Jeffery, William H. (edited by Nicholas Furlong): The Furlongs of County Wexford, 73-79.


Journal of the Old Wexford Society No 7 (1978-9)

King, Joseph A.: The Tyrrells of County Wexford, 5-20.

Sweetman, William: A Wexford ship-builder, 21-30.

Glasscock, Robin E.: Some parallels to New Ross, 31-34.

Roche, Richard: John Barry—his origins and career, 35-45.

Ó Corráin, Donncha: The Uí Chennselaig Kingship of Leinster, 1072–1126—Part III, 46-49.

Connolly, Nora: Speranza, 50-70.

Gray-Stack, C.M.: Dom. John Sweetman—a personal memoir, 71-79.


Journal of the Old Wexford Society No 8 (1980-81)

O’Callaghan, John: Fortified houses of the sixteenth century in South Wexford, 1-51.

Waddy, J. Leonard: The Harvey-Waddy connection, 52-54.

Waddy, Percy Bagenal: Bagenal Harvey’s pistols, 55.

Cahill, Mary & Ryan, Michael: An investigation of the town wall at Abbey Street, Wexford, 56-64.

McCarthy, Martina: Tobacco growing in County Wexford, 65-68.

Kerrigan, Colm: Robert Wigram and the ‘Wexford’, 69-74.

Neil, W. D.: Vinegar Hill New South Wales, 75-76.

Spencer, Kevin: Pugin and County Wexford, 77-90.


Journal of the Wexford Historical Society No 9 (1983-84)

Furlong, Nicholas: The times and life of Nicholas Sweetman, Bishop of Ferns (1744–1786), 1-19.

Cantwell, Brian J.: Occupations noted on some North and East Wexford memorials, 20-26.

O’Broin, Gearoid: The holy wells of Wexford, 27-35.

Gwinnell, Mary: The Famine years in County Wexford, 36-54.

Nolan, Fionnuala: Aspects of social life in Co. Wexford in 1885, 55-65.

O’Sullivan, Austin: Tacumshin Windmill—its history and mode of operation, 66-73.

Hadden, George: The Slaney Gabard, 74-77.

Roche, Richard: In search of Korkeran, 78-80.


Journal of the Wexford Historical Society No 10 (1984-85)

Gwinnell, Mary: Some aspects of the economic life of County Wexford in the nineteenth century, 5-24.

Bennett, Isabel: Preliminary archaeological excavations at Ferrycarrig Ringwork, Newtown Td., Co. Wexford, 25-43.

Cloney, Sean M.: The Colclough Family, 44-54.

Whelan, Kevin: County Wexford priests in Newfoundland, 55-68.

Colfer, William: The Tower of Hook, 69-78.

Cantwell, Brian J.: Occupations noted on some East and South Wexford memorials, 79-85.

O’Sullivan, Austin M.: Garrylough Mill and the general development of water mills in Co. Wexford, 86-94.

Browne, Bernard: letter re age of Bishop Sweetman at death, 95.

Furlong, Nicholas: letter: further note on Bishop Sweetman, 95.

Furlong, Nicholas: in search of Corceran [letter], 95-100.


Journal of the Wexford Historical Society No 11 (1986-87)

Stout, Geraldine: The Sites and Monuments Record for Co. Wexford; an introduction, 4-13.

Whelan, Kevin (ed.): An account of the Baronies of Forth and Bargy in 1814, 14-32.

Cotter, Claire: Excavations at the site of MacMurrough Castle, near New Ross, Co. Wexford, 33-49.

Roche, Richard: The secrets of Carnsore, 50-53.

Cantwell, Ian: Two 18th century Wexford newspapers, 54-58.

Corish, Patrick J.: Irish Catholics before the Famine: patterns and questions, 59-66.

Cowman, Des: The German mining operation at Bannow Bay, 1551-’52, 67-82.

Cantwell, Brian J.: Occupations noted on some South and West Wexford memorials, 83-94.

O’Leary, Liam: Reminiscences of a Wexford Filmgoer 1923-1928, 95-101.


Journal of the Wexford Historical Society No 12 (1988-89)

Murphy, Celestine: ‘Immensity Confined’ Luke Waddinge, Bishop of Ferns, 4-22.

Ohlmeyer, Jane H.: ‘The Dunkirk of Ireland’; Wexford privateers during the 1640s, 23-49.

Bourke, Edward C.: Two early eleventh century Viking houses from Bride Street, Wexford, and the layout of properties on the site; 50-61.

Furlong, Nicholas: Co. Wexford and the French Revolution; 62-65.

Loeber, Rolf: New light on Co. Wexford architecture and estates in the l7th century, 66-71.

Bartlett, Thomas (ed.): An officer’s memoir of Wexford in l798, 72-85.

Hurley, Jim: The Keeragh Islands: A Review, 86-91.

Cloney, Sean: Some stone artefacts of South-West Wexford, 92-97.

Spencer, Kevin: Kiltennel Church, Gorey, Co. Wexford, 98-103.

Furlong, Nicholas: letter re Bishop Nicholas Sweetman, 104.


Journal of the Wexford Historical Society No 13 (1990-91)

Colfer, Billy: Medieval Wexford, 4-29.

Jordan, A.J.: Date, chronology and evolution of the County Wexford tower house, 30-81.

Skrine, Helen: The Boxwells, a planter family, 82-91.

Gahan, Daniel J.: The ‘Black Mob’ and the ‘Babes in the Wood’: Wexford in the wake of rebellion, 1798-1806, 92-110.

Roche, Richard: The Meyler Manuscripts, 111-116.

Rossiter, Nicky: The life of a Wexford gentleman 100 years ago, 117-129.

Browne, Bernard: A forgotten County Wexford industry, 130-134.

Loeber, Rolf & Whelan, Kevin: An early eighteenth-century house: Clonegal Rectory, County Carlow, 135-141.

Grogan Mss., ll, 107, NLI [document]: Wexford Corporation’s eighteenth-century leases, 142-148.


Journal of the Wexford Historical Society No 14 (1992-93)

Cleary, Brian: Sowing the whirlwind, 8-79.

Doyle, Ian: The foundation of the Cistercian abbey of Dunbrody, Co. Wexford and its historical context, 80-91.

Skrine, Helen: A glimpse of Bagenal Harvey, 92-100.

Browne, Bernard: Thomas D’Arcy McGee’s Wexford speech: prelude to an assassination, 101-112.

Cloney, Sean: The Hessians, 113-128.

Murphy, Hilary: A humiliating defeat for Richard J. Devereux, 129-134.

McCarthy, R.B.: The Right Hon. Arthur McMurrough Kavanagh M.P., 135-150.

Culleton, Edward: The rise and fall of Norse Wexford, 151-159.


Journal of the Wexford Historical Society No 15 (1994-95)

Roche, Richard: The famine years in Forth and Bargy, 1-14.

Parle, Jim: Solving a wartime fuel crisis in Co. Wexford, 15-33.

Kinsella, Anna: The spirit of ’98 awakened, 34-42.

Browne, Bernard: John Barry: the forgotten American hero, 43-51.

Goodall, David: A divided family in 1798: the Grays of Whitefort and Jamestown, 52-66.

Byrne, Martin E.: The results of a resistivity survey undertaken at Clonmines, Co. Wexford, 67-73.

Cloney, Sean: South-West Wexford in 1798, 74-97.

Murphy, Hilary: When Wexford workers first united, 1843, 98-101.

Rafferty, Celestine: The Roman Catholic Parish Registers of Wexford Town from c1672: some considerations of their significance and use in historical research, 102-114.

Murphy, Hilary (ed.): Memories of Colonel Jonas Watson, 115-118.

Browne, Bernard: Correction to Thomas D’Arcy McGee article, 119.


Journal of the Wexford Historical Society No 16 (1996-97)

Dunne, Tom: 1798: Memory, history, commemoration, 5-39.

Donnelly, Sean: A Wexford gentleman piper: ‘Famous Larry Grogan’ (1701–1728/9), 40-65.

Comerford, Patrick: Euseby Cleaver, Bishop of Ferns, and the clergy of the Church of Ireland in the 1798 Rising in Co. Wexford, 66-94.

Carty, Eddie: Wexford workhouses in Famine times, 1842–1849, 95-113.

Corish, P.J.: James Caulfield, Bishop of Ferns 1786–1814, 114-125.

O’Sullivan, Austin M.: Pierces of Wexford, 126-142.

Unwin, Margaret: The effects of the Great Famine (1845–1849) on the County Wexford parish of Bannow/Ballymitty, 143-155.

Ó’Broin, Gearóid: A study of the ballad lore of Wexford, 156-164.

Cloney, Sean: A Templar’s tomb, 165-166.

Ward, Ivan: A note on the Scottish Presbyterians of Duncannon, 167-170.


Journal of the Wexford Historical Society No 17 (1998-99)

Cullen, Louis: Rebellion mortality in Wexford in 1798, 7-29.

Mannion, John: Transatlantic disaffection. Wexford and Newfoundland, 1798–1800, 30-60.

Gahan, Daniel: The outbreak of rebellion in the Provinces: Northern and Central Wexford, 23–26 May, 1798, 61-82.

Goodall, David: conflicts of loyalty: the Dixons and Le Hunte’s Cavalry in 1798, 83-100.

Doyle, Jim: Robert Carty of Birchgrove, 101-120.

O'Donnell, Ruán: Edward Fitzgerald of Newpark, 121-143.

Sweetman, William: Jeremiah Fitzhenry: ‘a chief who knew how to command’, 144-158.

Ó hÓgartaigh, Margaret: Edward Hay, Wexford historian of 1798, 159-175.

Williams, Tom: Edward Roche of Garrylough. His ancestors, his descendants and his neglected address ‘to the people of Ireland’, 176-190.

Dunne, Tom: The memory of the dead: New Ross and Scullabogue, 5 June 1798, 191-220.

Kinsella, Anna: Who feared to speak in 1898? 221-234.

Cloney, Seán: A 1798 ambush, 235-237.


Journal of the Wexford Historical Society No 18 (2000-2001)

Maume, Mairéad: The Selskar Iron Works, 5-14 (picture p4).

Scallan, Eithne: A Mulrankin Mystery, 15-20.

Comerford, Patrick: Bishop Richards and Dean Croghan: the contrasting tale of two Wexford missionaries in South Africa, 21-44.

Roche, Richard: Keening in Co. Wexford, 45-48.

Boxwell, J. Leslie: Mrs. David Beatty died twice? 49-51.

Ward, Ivan: Freemasonry in County Wexford, 52-58.

Shepherd, Ernie: The town of Wexford and the railways, 59-93.

Thompson, F. Glenn: The band of the Wexford Militia, c.1900, 94-96.

Hartrick, Lester J.: A County Wexford Palatine family, 97-110.

Rattigan, Seán: What’s in a field name? A survey of Bannow Island, County Wexford, 111-124.

Rowe, David: The Rowes of Spawell Road, 125-131.

Sinnott, T.D.: Some old Wexford banks [paper read to the Old Wexford Society, February 1954], 132-139.

Jenkins, Jim: Wexford, Weisford, Viksfjord, Wiksford: a different interpretation, 140-144.

Culleton, Edward: Where was the first Viking settlement in Wexford harbour? (letter to the Editor), 145-146.


Journal of the Wexford Historical Society No 19 (2002-2003)

Hearn, I.M.: The Star Iron Works, 5-37 (picture p4)

Forrest, Mary & Ingram, Valerie: Ballingale Poultry Farm and Gardening School, 38-41.

Dooley, Terence A.M.: The burning of Ballynastragh, 9 March 1923, 42-54.

Boxwell, J. Leslie: Land Commission eviction notices in South Wexford in 1936: a storm in a teacup, political skulduggery, or a clerical error? 55-61.

Rossiter, Nicky: Lost lanes and hidden treasures, 62-77.

Browne, Bernard: Robinstown Great stone circle, 78-80.

Arnold, Lawrence J.: The County Wexford ‘Nocents’ and the Irish Court of Claims of 1663, 81-94.

?Scallan, Eithne: More about Mullyrankin and the Alexander connection, 94.

Murphy, Hilary: Copy of commission appointing Michael Kavanagh Commissioner for Oaths in 1881, 95-96.

Hartrick, Lester J.: The Palatine families of New Ross, 97-106.

McDonald, Tom: The house that Jack, Bryan or Jeremiah built, 107-119.

Doyle, Eamon: The Wexford rebels of ’98 in the folk memory of County Meath, 120-152.


Journal of the Wexford Historical Society No 20 (2004-2005)

Mannion, John: Colonial beginnings: Lord Baltimore’s Irish experience, 1-44.

Murphy, Étain: The Semples and St. Selskar’s, 45-55.

Meegan, Brendan & Meegan, Jenny: Thomas D’Arcy McGee and his sisters and brother in Ireland, America and Australia: their mother’s grave in Wexford, 56-74.

O’Leary, Barry: Richard Pierce: architect and acolyte of the Gothic Revival, 75-102.

Hamilton, David Ian: The origins of the Goffs of Horetown House, 103-107.

Doyle, Eamon: Indian incident, 108.

Sweetman, Billy: The trial of John Bryan of Toberone, 109-132.

Ó Crualaoich, Conchubhar: What’s in a field name? – a reply, 133-144.

Hartrick, Lester J.: The Rams of Gorey, 145-155.

Comerford, Patrick: The last pre-Reformation Bishop of Ferns and his ‘nephew’, the Dean of Ossory, Patrick Comerford, 156-172.

McDonald, Tom: The historian of ‘Ballymackasy’, 173-183.

Bennett, Isobel: Archaeological excavations in Co. Wexford: a review of the last 35 years, 184-196.

Stafford, Emmett: Church site at Templenacroha, 197-202.

Ó Drisceoil, Cóilín: Excavation of a limekiln at Danescastle, Carrick-on-Bannow, 203-208.


Journal of the Wexford Historical Society No 21 (2006-2007)

Conlan, Patrick: The Franciscans in County Wexford, 1-18 (photograph opposite p1).

Joyce, John: Thomas Cloney letters, 1815–1819, auctioned in America in 2001, 19-39.

Rossiter, Nicky: A Wexford sailor in 1915, 40-47.

Hamilton, David Ian: Richard Grandy: villain or victim of 1798, 48-56.

Rafferty, Celestine: Richard Pococke’s tour through County Wexford, 1752, 57-69.

Dunleavy, John J.: Paulstown and 1798, 70-74.

document: The will and codicil of James Knox Grogan, 1811 & 1813, 75-80.

Bourke, Edward: The wreck of the Demerary, Keeragh Islands, 1819, 81-94.

Murphy, Hilary: Waterford priests in ‘sensational’ baptism legislation, 95-104.

Lambert, Tom: The Wexford Infirmary: Rebecca Anne Boxwell, Matron 1846–1864, 105-108.

McDonald, Tom: The shouting down of Fr Thomas Furlong, 109- 122.

Meleady, Dermot: John Redmond—Parnellite and nationalist, 123-146.

Breen, Aidan: A portrait of monastic Wexford, 147-170.

Ó Drisceoil, Cóilín: Archaeological excavation of a nineteenth century shipwreck victim at Hook Head, 171-177.

newspaper article: Executed for shop robbery (The Wexford Chronicle, 2 Sept 1782), 177.

Scallan, Eithne: Festival tours: the story, 178-179.

document: Schoolmasters and schoolmistresses in County Wexford, 1826–27. 180-184.