Tipperary Historical Journal 1990 [No 3]

An tAthair Colmcille: The Third Tipperary Brigade (1921-1923); Part I—From Truce to Civil War, 9-26.

O'Donnell, Michael: Thomas Francis Bourke (1840–1889); Part I, 27-38.

Marnane, Denis G.: A nineteenth century Tipperary diary, 39-46.

Reece, Bob: Ned Kelly and the Irish connection—a re-Appraisal, 47-62.

Carpentier, Godeleine: Kickham's Panorama of Rural Ireland 1840–1870, 63-74.

Fitzpatrick, David: News from home: letters from Golden and Bruree to Sydney (1851–1859), 75-93.

Higgins, Noreen: John Mullaney—a Cahir architect in America, 94-96.

Ó Duibhir, Donnchadha: Tomás Ó hÍcí, Scríobhaí Chill Náile, 97-102.

Grace, Daniel: The barricading of Nenagh Chapel in 1849, 103-108.

O'Keefe, Diarmuid: 1798 in South Tipperary, 109-120.

Luddy, Maria: The lives of the poor in Fethard in 1821, 121-127.

Ahern, Michael: The Quaker Schools in Clonmel, 128-132.

Taatgen, Henderickus A.: Thomas MacDonagh's "Middle Country": The Norman & Cromwellian plantations , 133-148.

O Laoí, Criostóir: How Cashel and Emly were united, 149-152.

Ryan, Michael: Derrynaflan ten years on—1. The impact of the find on our heritage, 153-159.

Bourke, Marcus: Derrynaflan ten years on—2. Supreme Court makes new law, 160-164.

Waddell, John and Holland, Patrick: The Pekaun Site: Duignan's 1944 investigations, 165-186.

Ó Floinn, Raghnall: The "Tipperary Brooch": a reprovenance, 187-192.

Brennan, Peggy: Incised effigial slab at Athassel Priory, 193-195.

Cooney, Gabriel; Feehan, John; Grogan, Eoin; Stillman, Chris: Stone axes in Co. Tipperary, 197-203.

O'Donoghue, James: New Tipperary—in Cork! 196.

Bourke, Marcus: Edmund Finn (1819–1898), 196.

Bourke, Marcus: Guide to Tipperary newspapers (1770–1989): supplement, 204.


Tipperary Historical Journal 1991 [No 4]

Ó Duibhir, Eamonn: The Tipperary Volunteers in 1916: a personal account 75 years on, 9-18.

Ryan, Thomas: One man's Flying Column, 19-34.

An tAthair Colmcille: The Third Tipperary Brigade (1921–1923); Part 2, from ambushes to executions, 35-49.

Ó Drisceoil, Proinsias: James Joyce's "Fearless Thurles", 50.

Grace, Daniel: Dromineer: The port of North-West Tipperary, 51-62.

Barrett, Max: Ballagh revisited: the 1815 "Protest", 63-72.

Luddy, Maria: The lives of the poor in Cahir in 1821, 73-79.

Thompson, F. Glenn: The lineage of the Tipperary militia regiments, 80-81.

Fitzpatrick, David: "The Galling Yoke of Oppression": images of Tipperary and Australia, 1853–1868, 82-108.

O'Donnell, Michael: Thomas Francis Bourke—(1840–1889); Part 2, 109-119.

Marnane, Denis G.: A Tipperary landlord's diary of the 1860s, 120-128.

Fitzgerald, Michael: Margaret Ryan, poet of Garrynoe, 129-131.

Neely, William: The Protestant community of South Tipperary, 1660–1815; Part I, 132-139.

Bartlett, Thomas: An account of the Whiteboys from the 1790s, 140-147.

Power, Patrick C.: The lower Suir - boats and boatmen long ago, 148-158.

Ahern, Michael: Clonmel Mechanics Institute, 159-162.

Smith, William J.: Towns & town life in mid-17th century County Tipperary, 163-169.

Gillespie, Raymond and Cunningham, Bernadette: Holy Cross Abbey and the Counter Reformation in Tipperary, 170-180.

Higgins, Noreen: Genealogical sources for County Tipperary, 181-189.

Ó Muiris, Tomás: Oidhreacht Ghall-Ghaelach: Focail Ghaeilge Ó Cheanntar Chill Náile, (1920–1940), 190-195.

Ó Maolfabhail, Art: ‘Sceal na hIomána’: deich mbliana ar aghaidh, 196-201.

Feehan, John: Fulachta fiadh in the South Midlands, 202-207.

Manning, Conleth: Toureen Peakaun: Three new inscribed slabs, 208-214.

Holland, Patrick: A pipeline trench at Cahir Castle, 215-217.

Doody, Martin: A Bronze Age ditched enclosure at Ballyveelish, Co. Tipperary, 218-227.

Maher, Denise: Medieval window head at Fethard, 228-230.

Dalton, Eddie: 1798 in South Tipperary, 243.


Tipperary Historical Journal 1992 [No 5]

Marnane, Denis G.: The IRA in West Tipperary in 1931—The assassination of Superintendent Curtin, 9-22.

An tAthair Colmcille: The Third Tipperary Brigade (1921–1923); Part 3, the end of the Civil War, 23-30.

O'Rahilly, Aodogán: The Civil War—a teenager's recollections 70 years on, 31-41.

Ryan, Thomas: One man's flying column; Part II, 42-56.

Bourke, Marcus: Journal of Cork Historical and Archaeological Society: an index to Tipperary material, 1892–1991, 57-62.

Moran, Gerard: William Scully and Ballycohey: a fresh look, 63-74.

O'Donnell, Seán: The first election to the reformed Clonmel Corporation 150 years ago, 75-80.

Higgins, Noreen: Julia Kavanagh (1824–1877) - a novelist from Thurles, 81-83.

Luddy, Maria: Presentation Convents in County Tipperary: 1806–1900, 84-95.

Deegan, Thomas: Roscrea Poor Law Union: its administration 150 years ago, 96-104.

Cowman, Des: The metal mines of Tipperary, 105-115.

Parkes, Susan M.: Sources for the history of education in County Tipperary: a case-study from Fethard, 116-121.

Kennally, Helen and Kennally, Danny: From Roscrea to Leeds: an emigrant community, 122-131.

Neely, William: The Protestant community of South Tipperary, 1660–1815; Part II, 132-139.

Hackett, John: Mullinahone, 1789–1917: Hackett land holdings, 140-147.

Ahern, Michael: Clonmel Charter School, 148-152.

Grace, Daniel: Larry Dillon—Song-Writer and wit of Lower Ormond, 153-158.

O'Donnell, Michael: Road repairing in 18th century Tipperary, 159-162.

Hayes, William: Dermot O'Hurley's last visit to Tipperary, 163-173.

O'Donoghue, James: Dudley Bradstreet—A Tipperary spy & adventurer, 174-185.

Power, Patrick C.: Carrick-on-Suir—its origins and growth, 186-196.

Holland, Patrick: A carved stone & other Late Medieval fragments in Clonmel, 197-201.

Cleary, Rose M.: Cross-inscribed slab from Bilboa, Co. Limerick, 202-205.

O'Regan, Donal: A tower house and ringfort at Pallas Upper, Borrisoleigh, 206-209.

Sheehan, John: The Rathmooley Hoard and other Viking Age silver from Co. Tipperary, 210-216.

Doody, Martin G.: Prospect Hill, Killacolla, Glin, Co. Limerick: A Cist Grave, field boundaries and field cairns, 217-222.

Cooney, Gabriel: Irish prehistoric mortuary practice: Baurnadomeeny reconsidered, 223-229.

Reilly Counihan, Monica: Five undocumented stone figures, 230-231.

Power, Patrick C.: Derrynaflan: A note on the placename, 241-242.

Bourke, Marcus: Guide to Tipperary newspapers (1770–1989), supplement, 241.


Tipperary Historical Journal 1993 [No 6]

Nolan, Patrick M.:Tipperary Historical Journal Index 1988–1992, 1-18.

O'Keefe, Patrick D.: Clann na Poblachta: its origin and growth; Part 1, 19-30.

Gaynor, Séan: With Tipperary No. 1 Brigade in North Tipperary 1917–1921: Part I, 31-40.

Ryan, Thomas: One man's flying column: Part 3, 41-51.

Kenny, Michael: I gcré-umha agus marmar fuar: i gcuimhne Sheáin Uí Threasaigh, 52-53.

Neenan, Michael: The death of Dinny Lacey, 54-55.

Grogan, William: The day Dinny Lacey died, 56.

Duff, Jack: A Free State soldier's memories of the Civil War, 57-58.

Ó Drisceoil, Proinsias: Placenames as politics: Thurles in 1920, 59-61.

Logan, John: William Phelps's Census of Eliogarty, 1821, 62-71.

Fitzgerald, Michael: Michael Doheny—the Cork connection, 72-75.

Beary Ó Cléirigh, Nellie: Glimpses of South Tipperary during the Great Famine, 76-81.

O'Mahony, Chris: Emigration from Thurles Workhouse: 1848–1858, 82-87.

Ua Cearnaigh, Seán: Turbulent days beneath Galteemore, 88-94.

Luddy, Maria: Women and work in Clonmel: evidence from the 1881 census, 95-101.

Marnane, Denis G.: Samuel Cooper of Killenure (1750–1831)—a Tipperary land agent and his diaries, 102-127.

Ahern, Michael: Clonmel Grammar School, 128-134.

Power, Patrick C.: Tipperary courtmartials—1798–1801, 135-147.

Breathnach, Catherine: Archbishop John Brenan (1625–1693): his life and work, 148-159.

Hayes, William J.: O'Meagher, Meagher and Maher—and their dispersal in Tipperary, 160-166.

Ó Cearrbhaill, Pádraig: Clonoulty agus logainmneacha gaolmhara: bunús agus forás, 167-172.

Doody, Martin G.: The Bruff Aerial Photographic Survey, 173-180.

Doody, Martin G.: Prospect Hill, Killacoola, Glin, Co. Limerick—a Cist grave, field boundaries and field cairns, 181-185.

Hayes, William J.: "The Prior's Tomb" in Templemore Old Church, 186-188.

Cahill, Mary: Two gold ornaments from near Tipperary, 189-193.

Cleary, Rose M.: Medieval town wall at Emmet Street, Clonmel, 194-198.

O'Dwyer, Christy: The Skehan index of clergy: a revised edition, 199.

Ó Corrbuí, Máirtín: letter concerning Larry Dillon, 200.

Bourke, Marcus: Charles Bianconi: the man who put Ireland on wheels, 200.


Tipperary Historical Journal 1994 [No 7]

O'Keefe, Patrick D.: Clann na Poblachta: its origin and growth; Part II, 1-8.

Sharkey, Neil: The Third Tipperary Brigade—a photographic record, 9-25.

Gaynor, Séan: With the Tipperary No. 1 Brigade in North Tipperary 1917–1921; Part II, 26-37.

Campbell, Fergus: Nationalism in transformation: local government in Co. Tipperary, 1912–1920, 38-47.

Marnane, Denis G.: The diary of Frederick Armitage of Noan for 1906, 48-65.

Bourke, Marcus: Car owners in North Tipperary in 1906, 66.

Ó Gráda, Cormac: The wages book of a Fethard farmer, 1880–1905, 67-72.

Moran, Gerard: The Fenians and Tipperary politics, 1868–1880, 73-90.

Chadwick, Anne: "Tipperary Joe": Field Marshal Viscount Gough, 91-95.

O'Donoghue, Nicole: Thomas Crowe of Mount Bruis: a note, 96.

Marnane, Denis G.: John Davis White of Cashel (1820–1893), 97-104.

O'Mahony, Chris: Emigration from Tipperary Workhouse, 1848–1858, 105-109.

Ó Duibhir, Donncha: Litir ghrá agus aoir on gabhailín (1823), 110-112.

Neenan, Michael: Martin Burke of the Shelbourne Hotel, 113-114.

Baker, Sir Augustine F.: The Bakers of Lismacue: A family chronicle, 115-128.

Boland, Matthew: The decline of the O'Kennedys of Ormond, 129-141.

Hayden, Tadhg: The Haydens in Tipperary: A 700 year journey, 142-154.

Daly, Katherine: The Archaeological Survey of Co. Tipperary, 155-161.

Maher, Denise: Derrynaflan: the medieval grave slabs, 162-166.

Hodkinson, Brian: Excavations at Cormac's Chapel, Cashel, 1992 and 1993: a preliminary statement, 167-174.

Holland, Patrick: late medieval structures in Clonmel: further remarks, 175-177.


Tipperary Historical Journal 1995 [No 8]

Marnane, Denis G.: South Tipperary on the eve of the Great Famine, 1-53.

Lanigan, Anne: Tipperary workhouse children and the Famine, 54-80.

?Bourke, Marcus: Memories of the Famine from the Irish Folklore Commission: Introduction, 81.

Grubb, Isobel: The Famine in the Carrick Area, 81-82.

Delaney, Edward: The Famine from Cashel to Kilfeacle, 82-83.

Ní Mhainnín, Cáit: The Famine around Slievenamon, 84.

Ó Corrbuí, Máirtín: Macallaí an Ghorta i ngar don Aonach, 85.

Ó Duibhir, Donncha: An drochshaol: léirmheas, 86.

Kinane, Paddy: My part in the War of Independence; Part I, 87-93.

Devereux, Eoin: Class, community and conflict: the case of Muintir na Tíre Limited, 94-102.

Beary Ó Cléirigh, Nellie: Two fêtes in Edwardian Clonmel, 103-107.

Murphy, Clare C.: North Tipperary in the year of the Fenian Rising—Part I, 108-116.

Reid, Richard: The Emigration of the Brownes from Clonoulty to Australia—Part I (1853–1857), 117-132.

Quinn, John F.: Temperance in Tipperary: Father Mathew & Archbishop Slattery, 1839–1854, 133-139.

Hayes, William J.: Paul Higgins, a man of legend in Killea, 140-144.

Carey, Hugh: Borrisoleigh or Two-Mile-Borris? 145-147.

Hodkinson, Brian J.: The Medieval priory of St. Mary's, Cahir, 148-150.

Holland, Patrick: Clonmel archaeological excavations since 1990, 151.

Opie, Hilary: Clonmel excavations—1: medieval town wall—Dowd's Lane site, 152-168.

Henry, Mary: Clonmel excavations—2: medieval town wall—Dowd's Lane site, 169-174.

Harbison, Peter: A medieval carved wooden altar support (?) from St. Patrick's Well, Clonmel, 175-176.

Pollock, Dave: Medieval midden in Mary Street, Clonmel, 177.

Farrelly, Jean: A recently discovered barrow cemetery in Nenagh, 178-180.

Holland, Patrick: A foundation deposit in Drangan? 181-182.

Power, Catryn: Excavations in Dungarvan—a medieval town wall? 183-188.

Fraher, William: Excavations in Dungarvan: Appendix A—Dungarvan's town walls, 189-191.

Cleary, Rose M.: Excavations in Dungarvan: Appendix B—Dungarvan—the pottery, 192-201.

McCarthy, Margaret: Dungarvan—a Faunal Report, 202-206.


Tipperary Historical Journal 1996 [No 9]

Marnane, Denis G.: The Famine in South Tipperary—Part One, 1-42.

MacCárthaigh, Tadhg: Memories of the Famine from the Irish Folklore Commission. a. The Famine in Ballylooby, 43-46.

Ó Maolcathaigh, Séamus: Memories of the Famine from the Irish Folklore Commission. b. An Ghorta sa Chaisleán Nua agus sa Ghráinseach, 47-48.

Lyons, Patrick: Memories of the Famine from the Irish Folklore Commission.c. The Famine in Lisronagh, 48.

O'Donnell, Michael: The Great Famine in Fethard, 1845–1850, 49-70.

Smith, Gordon: The health and medical aspects of the Famine in Tipperary, 71-83.

Grace, Daniel: Crime in pre-Famine North-West Tipperary, 84-95.

O'Riordan, Edmund: The Famine in the Clogheen area, 96-100.

Kinane, Paddy: My part in the War of Independence: Part II, 101-107.

Bracken, Patrick: Ballydavid House, Littleton, 108-109.

Ahern, Michael: Clonmel Model School, 110-116.

O'Meara, John: The O'Mearas of Lissinisky, 117-135.

Murphy, Clare C.: North Tipperary in the Year of the Fenian Rising—Part 2, 136-144.

Augusteijn, Joost: The Operations of South Tipperary IRA, 1916–1921, 145-163.

Luddy, Maria: District Nursing in Ireland, 1815–1974, 164-170.

Bourke, Marcus: Car Owners in South Tipperary in 1906, 171-172.

O'Dwyer, Michael: 18th Century Cashel Rental, 173-174.

Scully, Orla: Clonmel Excavations 3: South-East Corner of Medieval Walled Town: Test Investigations, 175-178.

Pollock, Dave: Excavations at Cahir Abbey, 179-190.


Tipperary Historical Journal 1997 [No 10]

Marnane, Denis G.: Writing the past: Tipperary history and historians, 1-41.

Bourke, Mercus: Shooting the messenger: Col. Costello and the Murray case, 42-59.

Gaynor, Patrick: The Sinn Féin Ard-Fheis of 1917: a North Tipperary priest's account, 60-64.

O'Dwyer, Kate: The Third Tipperary Brigade: its guerrilla campaign (1919–1921), 65-73.

Murphy, Nancy: Frank R. Maloney—Nenagh's GAA pioneer, 74-83.

Gleeson, Michael: The "Penny Dinner" priests, 84.

Law, Edward: A Masonic burial in Fethard, 85.

Logue, Cáit: Kyle Park Agricultural School (1843–1875), 86-91.

Doody, Martin G.: Bronze Age settlements in Co. Tipperary: fifteen years of research, 94-106.

Farrelly, Jean & O'Brien, Caimin: An unrecorded stone circle in North Tipperary, 107-111.

Power, Catryn: Clonmel excavations—4: human skeletal remains—Emmet St./Kickham St., 112-123.

Collins, Tracy E.: The Medieval town defences of Cashel, 124-130.

Marnane, Denis G,: The Famine in South Tipperary—Part Two, 131-150.

Geary, Laurence M.: The Great Famine and Fethard Temporary Fever Hospital, 151-165.

Walsh, Joe: The Butlers of Ballyslatteen: two Famine notebooks, 166-177.

Grace, Daniel: Priests who died in the Great Famine, 178-179.

McGrath, Thomas: The Famine and the Catholic Church: a review article, 180-183.

Bourke, Marcus: Some Famine books, 184-185.