Irish Sword, Vol.XVII, No.69 (Summer 1990)

Graham, Brian: Twelfth- and thirteenth-century earthwork fortifications in Ireland, 225-243.

de Yturriaga, José Antonio: Attitudes in Ireland towards the survivors of the Spanish Armada, 244-254.

Hogan, Neil: General James Hogan: a forgotten American hero, 255-260

Harley, John (1838): The Garryowen boys, 260.

Crossman, Virginia: Preserving the peace in Ireland: the role of military forces, 1815-45, 261-272.

Denman, Terry: The 16th (Irish) Division on 21 March 1918: fight or flight? 273-287.

Doherty, Richard: The Londonderry Regiment, 288-289.

Thompson, F. Glenn: The Killiney Hussars, 289.


Irish Sword, Vol.XVIII, No.70 (Winter 1990)

Le Fevre, Peter: The Battle of Bantry Bay, 1 May 1689, 1-16.

Mulloy, Sheila: The French and the Jacobite war in Ireland, 1689-91, 17-31.

Murtagh, Diarmuid & Harman: The Irish Jacobite army, 1689-91, 32-48.

O'Carroll, Donal: An indifferent good post: the battlefield of the Boyne, 49-56.

Harrington, Peter: Images of the Boynes, 57-61.

Ferguson, Kenneth: The organisation of King William's army in Ireland, 1689-92, 62-79.

Ferguson, Kenneth: The Royal Hospital and the Battle of the Boyne, 80-81.

Murtagh, H.: Unusual artillery at the siege of Crom Castle, 1689, 81-82.


Irish Sword, Vol.XVIII, No.71 (Summer 1991)

Cathcart, Rex: The death of Major General Richard Montgomery, 31 December 1775, 85-90.

Clarke, Howard B.: The bloodied eagle: the Vikings and the development of Dublin, 841-1014, 91-119.

Doherty, Richard: 3rd (Ulster) Anti-Aircraft Brigade, RA (SR), 120-128.

Hill, J. Michael: Shane O'Neill's campaign against the MacDonnells of Antrim, 1564-5, 129-138.

Lenihan, Pádraig: The Leinster army and the battle of Dungan's Hill, 1647, 139-153.

Tripnaux, Alain: Fontenoy: a threatened battle site, 154-158.

Kerrigan, Paul M.: Order of battle for the king's birthday, Phoenix Park, 1811, 158.

Hollick, Clive: After the battle (Benburb, 1646), 158-160.

von Dassanowsky, Robert: Query: Johann Jakob von O'Kearney of Prague, 160.

Cudmore, Anthony: Query: Commando training, during the Emergency, 160.

Letocha, Charles, E.: Query: Sir Thomas Molyneaux and rimless spectacles, 161.

G., J.L.: Reply to query: The Barracks, Cork, 161.


Irish Sword, Vol.XVIII, No.72 (Winter 1991)

Doyle, E.D.: Soldier and officer: the army in two perspectives in the 1940s, 165-183.

Kane, Richard (1745): The use of the drum, 183.

Kane, Michael H.: The Irish lineage of the 69th Pennsylvania Volunteers, 184-198.

Harbison, Sheelagh: The castle of Limerick, 199-204.

Dooley, Thomas P.: Politics, bands and marketing: army recruitment in Waterford city, 1914-15, 205-219.

Hollick, Clive: Owen Roe O'Neill's Ulster army of the confederacy, May-August 1646, 220-226.

Brunicardi, Niall: Military memories of Ireland, 1881-2, 227-231.

Doherty Richard: Robert Lundy, 232-234.

Ferguson, Kenneth: Writings on Irish military history in other journals, 234.

Ó Snodaigh, Aengus: The R.A.F. and Ireland, 234-236.

Kinsella, A.: The Dublin 'She Barracks', 236.

Scanell, James: Farewell to the no. 4 rifle, 236-237.

Doherty, Richard: Supplementary reserve regiments, 237-238.

O'Hanlon, E.: A Danish connection, 238.

Ferguson, Kenneth: Army Records Society: The Bagshawe papers, 238-239.

O'Snodaigh, P.: The flag of Napoleon's Irish legion, 239.

Denman, T.J.: Portlaoise war memorial, 239-240.


Irish Sword, Vol.XVIII, No.73 (Summer 1992)

Van Brock, F.W.: New colours for old regiments, 245-247.

Waller, Hardress: Robert Waller-a Kabul hostage of 1842, 248-254.

Gallaher, John G.: Irish patriot and Napoleonic soldier: William Lawless, 255-263.

Mulloy, Sheila: John Moore of Moorehall (1767-99): the general who wasn't, 264-270.

Berresford Ellis, Peter and King, Joseph A.: Fenian casualties and prisoners: Fenian invasion of British North America, June 1866, 271-285.

O'Brien, G. (ed., 1923): State of the army in Ireland, 1623, 285.

Denman, Terry: 'A voice from the lonely grave': the death in action of Major William Redmond, M.P., 7 June 1917, 286-296.

McAuliffe, Mary: The tower house and warfare in Ireland in the 14th and 15th centuries, 297-302.

Parks, Edwin: Guernsey's contribution to the 16th (Irish) Division, 303-305.

Clark, Brian: Lieutenant Henry Desmond O'Hara D.S.O., The Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 305-306.

Kinsella, A.: The Dublin Barracks, 1708, 306.

Ó Snodaigh, Pádraig: Pennons and the Onchú, 306-308.

Casteleyn, Mary: George Browne of Camas (1698-1792), 308-309.

Wauchope, Piers: Some Irishmen abroad, 309-310.

Garland, J.L.: Query: The Sixty Ninth Regiment (New York State Militia), 311.


Irish Sword, Vol.XVIII, No.74 (Winter 1992)

Bishop, A.W. and Ferguson, Kenneth: Index to The Irish Sword, vols I to XVIII, 1949-1992, i-xcvi.