Sliabh Aughty Vol.1 (no date)

Madden, Patrick: Graves without grace: a look at some kyles in North East Clare, 3-5.

Noonan, Joe: Blessed Wells around Lough Graney, 6-7.

Collins, John: Fishing around Whitegate and Lough Derg, 8-9.

O'Gorman, Michael: Drewsboro, 10-14.

Leonard, Nora T. Goonane: Just over the road, 15-16.

O'Brien, Margaret: Primary education patterns in Whitegate 1808–1908, 17-20.

Madden, Gerard: Tuamgraney Heritage Centre, 21.

Gleeson, Paddy: The Caisaoireach at Callaghy, Bodyke, 22.

Halpin, Sean: The Tomeen Caves of Kiltannon, 23.

O'Gorman, Michael: Raheen, 24-25.

McCaffrey, Sean: Folklore of Feakle, 26.

Madden, Gerard: Some interesting features in Clonrush churchyard, 27-29.

Halpin, Sean: Bishop John O'Molony of Killaloe (1617–1702).


Sliabh Aughty Vol.2 (1990)

Madden, Patrick: Wisdom in words, 3-4.

O'Dea, Seamus: An O'Gonnelloe link with Australia, 5-7.

Talbot, Edgar: The Church of the Wounded Men, 8-9.

Leonard, Nora T. Goonane: The roadmen and the wren dance, 10-11.

Madden, Gerard: FAS assisted conservation projects in East Clare, 12-15.

Macnamara, Thomas V.: Extract from an address on the occasion of the bicentenary of St. Caimin's Church of Ireland (1789–1989), 15-17.

Gleeson, Paddy: The Heritage Centre, 18.

McMahon, Mary: The Lough Graney valley, 19.

Bothwell, Kay: The Bloxham/Bloxsom story, 20-22.

Perrill, Martin: What's in a place name? 23-26.

Mahon, Patrick: Before the curtain comes down, 27-30.

O'Gorman, Michael: The Scariff Pipers, 31-32.

Nugent, Martin: Extract from "Gortaderra", a Clare townland, 33.


Sliabh Aughty Vol.3 (no date)

McNamara, Patrick: The life and times of Johnny Patterson, "The Rambler from Clare", 5-7.

Kelly, John S.: Bodyke in history, 8-10.

Callaghan, Patrick: The Rochfords of Tulla and Australia, 1798 to 1920, 11-12.

Leonard, Nora T. Goonane: Turf cutting time, 13-14.

Leonard, Nora T. Goonane: Christmas Eve, 1920s, 14-15.

Leavy, Jonathan: Raheen Oakwood-natural or man-made? 16-18.

Noonan, Joe: The houses around Lough Graney, 19-20.

McCarthy, Karen: A preliminary account of the excavation of Clonrush Church, Co. Clare, 22-24.

Madden, Patrick: Schooling after school, 27-28.

Mahon, Patrick: Fairies, ghosts and the "Clonmel Witch Burning", 29-30.

Gorman, Tom: O'Callaghan Westropp papers, 31-34.

O'Sullivan, Gerard: Scariff Union Workhouse, 35-37.

Madden, Gerard: Dr. Edward McLysaght 'The Poet', 38-39.

O'Gorman, Michael: Lime kilns, 40-41.

O'Brien, Pat: Fenian and famous war correspondent, Edmond O'Donovan, 42-44.

Hogan, Michael: Stained glass window by Alfred Ernest Child, 1906, 45.

anonymous: Holy Island-take a voyage into our illustrious past, 46.

document: Map of County Clare, 1836, 47.


Sliabh Aughty Vol.4 (1993)

Leonard, Nora T. Goonane: A place called The Mountain, 3.

Madden, Gerard: The attempted murder of Philip Reade, Mountshannon, March 17th, 1824, and a Brogan muster in Goulburn, Australia, March 5th, 1988, 4-7.

Nugent, Martin: A historical and social study of Gurtaderra, a Clare townland, 8-11.

Madden, Gerard: East Clare agricultural museum, 12-13.

O'Gorman, Michael: Scariff flour mills and Charles Walnutt, 14-16.

Leonard, Nora T. Goonane: Potato planting, 17-18.

Moroney, Bernadette: Padraig O'Beachain (1912–1922), 19-20.

Mahon, Oliver: The Kilbeacanty skull, 21-22.

Perrill, Martin: Our heritage: rape and Red Indians in East Clare, 23-24.

O'Brien, Pat: The Famine in Broadford Parish, 25-26.

MacConmara, Padraig: Drama at Scariff, 27-30.

McInerney, Raymond: Souper school in Tulla, 32-33.

O'Cathaoir, Brendan: The East Clare by-election of 1917, 34-36.

Madden, Patrick: A school for all seasons, 37-39.

Leonard, Nora T. Goonane: Tinkers at the Blackroad, 40.

Bourke, Fred: Survey of townlands in the parish of Clonlara, 1840–1851, 41- 44.

MacConmara, Michael: Leachta Teampall Mochulla: Memorials of the dead in Teampall Mochulla, parish of Clonlara, Co. Clare, 45-48.


Sliabh Aughty Volume 5 (1994)

Goonane Leonard, Nora T.: The mailman & the letter, 3-4.

Maden, Gerard: Shameful neglect of a historic place: Tuamgraney, 5-8.

McNamara, Pakie: Marriage customs in East Clare, 9-11.

O'Brien, Pat: Desmond Arthur, "The Montrose Ghost", 12-14.

Mahon, Patrick: From Gort to Australia & a letter home, 15-16.

Burke, Freddie: Saint Senan's Well at Doonass, 17-18.

O'Gorman, Michael; For whom the bell tolls, 19-20.

Madden, Gerard: The Parkers of Tuamgraney, 21-23.

Mahon, Oliver: A school photograph examined, 24-26.

Madden, Patrick: The "Auld Road", 27-30.

O'Gorman, Michael: National School education in Scariff Parish, 31-35.

Perrill, Martin: Samuel Lewis's description of some East Clare parishes in 1837, 36-38.

Callaghan, Patrick: Bodyke man transported to New South Wales 1832: the story of an East Clare convict, 39-41.

MacConmara, Michael: Kilquane Graveyard, Parteen, 42-48.

anonymous: Where is it?


Sliabh Aughty volume 6 (1995)

Daly, Gordon: Our neglected architectural heritage, 5-10.

Leonard, Nora T.: The parting, 11-12.

Sheedy, Kieran: Burke, Freddie: The shooting at Joseph Wallplate and the trial and conviction of Matthew Kilkelly, 1847, 13-14.

The private letter books of William Vesey Fitzgerald, 1812–1822, 15-20.

Willcox, Suzanne: County Clare to Dederang, 21-22.

Callaghan, Patrick: The parish and village of Tulla, 600AD–1900AD, 24-28.

Madden, Patrick: The games we played, 29-30.

Culloo, Brian: Dr. Hugh Quigley, Tulla: scholar, priest, patriot, 31-32.

Griffin, Kevin A.: A brief account of passenger transport on the River Shannon in the 18th and 19th centuries, 33-36.

Madden, Gerard: A Living Churchyard Project in commemoration of the Great Hunger 1845–1852, 37-39.

Collins, Jim: Some field monuments In Mountshannon, 40-42.

Diviney, Tony: Christianity in the parish of Beagh, 43-44.

McNamara, Michael: The church of St. John the Baptist, Meelick, Co. Clare—graveyard inscriptions, 45-46.


Sliabh Aughty volume 7 (1997)

Leonard, Nora T. Goonane: And the clock struck none, 3-4.

Daly, Gordon: Church of Ireland church architecture in East Clare: the 'First Fruits Gothic' legacy, 6-10.

Graham, Colin: Desolate and far from home, 11-13.

Logan, John: From Mountshannon to Queensland, the Logan story, 14-16.

Perrill, Martin: Local development, new and old, 17-18.

Sherlock, Rory: Notes on the architectural eatures of a number of East Clare tower houses, 19-22.

Coffey, Michael J.: Ballyvannon before 1840, 23-27.

Durack, Susan: A study of migration: Scariff, Co. Clare, 1901–1911, 28-30.

O'Reilly, Fiona: Medieval parish churches of North-East Clare, 31-37.

Nolan, Dermot: The life and times of Micheal Augustine Brady. Currakyle, Flagmount, Co. Clare, 29th September, 1883–9th October, 1973, 38-44.

McNamara, Michael: Inscriptions in Punchbowl, Meelick Graveyard, Co. Clare, 45-47.

Madden, Gerard: The iron works of Sliabh Aughty, 48-51.


Sliabh Aughty Vol.8 (1998)

O'Gorman, Michael: The Fair Day in Scariff, 3-6.

Westropp, Frances Dorothea (1862): Old cures, 6.

Madden, Gerard: "Lest We Forget"-the Famine Memorial park in Tuamgraney, Co. Clare, 7-8.

Griffin, Nicki: Seeds, apples and old cabbages, 10-12.

Leonard, Nora T. Goonane: The penny candle, 13.

Coffey, Michael J.: Ballyvannon 1840-1870, a Tuamgraney townland, 14-19.

Cody, Pat: Castlebawn, 20-22.

O'Brien, Alfie: Rush-lights in country homes, 23-24.

Madden, Gerard: The autograph book, 25-26.

Sheedy, Kieran: The East Clare Railway, 27-31.

Daly, Gordon: Notes on some vernacular buildings in north-east Clare, 30-35.

Madden, Paddy: Ownership and occupancy of land: Clonrush parish (Whitegate), Co. of Galway, Barony of Leitrim, 1830–1855, 36-42.

Coffey, Michael J.: 'I'll buy Ireland and make it a present to Parnell'—the story of James Crotty, gold prospector, 43-45.

Ringrose, Des: Hurling cost him his life: the death of Captain Patrick White on Spike Island, June 1, 1921, 46-47.

McNamara, Michael: The parish of Truagh and Clonlara, 48-54.


Sliabh Aughty Vol.9 (2000)

Hogan DeCamp, Irene: The life and times of Patrick J. Hogan, 1-4.

O'Gorman, Michael: Come to the mountain—to the handball alley, 5-6.

Woods, Jim: For Valour: County Clare holders of the Victoria Cross, 7-10.

Ryan, Jack: Inis Cealtra, 11-12.

Leonard, Nora T. Goonane: Sunset over the bog land, 12.

O'Donnell, Denis & McNamara: Extinction—can we stop it? 13-16.

Madden, Ger: Upstairs Downstairs: some East Clare servants and farm workers from about 1869 to 1940, 17-21.

Coffey, Michael J.: The Will of James Crotty (c.1845–1898)—a postscript, 22-23.

Coffey, Michael J.: The trial and transportation of John McNamara for soliciting to murder the Reverend Thomas Brown Brady of Tuamgraney, 24-27.

anonymous: Old naming patterns, 27.

Madden, Gerard: Patrick Gleeson, Kealderra, O'Callaghan's Mills *1904, 28-29.

Madden, Richard Robert: An Eviction Lay (1851), 29.

anonymous: The Poetry of Pat McKenna 1938–1993 [including poem by his son Eamonn], 30-39.

McNamara, Michael: Moneennagliggin graveyard, Meelick Parish, 40-42.

Daly, Gordon: Killaloe Slate, 43-48.


Sliabh Aughty Vol.10 (2002)

Griffin, Kevin A.: Brian Boru, High King of Ireland 1002–1014, 1-4.

Griffin, Kevin A.: Tulla, Co. Clare: ancient church site? 5-9.

O’Brien, Alfie: The survivor, 11-14.

Madden, Gerard: On the road to sainthood: Edel Quinn, 1907–1944. Her Clare and O Grady connections, 15-17.

Mahon, Oliver: "An endless line of useless hills". In memoriam Thomas Slattery, 18-22.

Larkin, Susan Cavanagh: A short history of the Miniter and Macmahon family of Feakle and Whitegate, 23-25.

anonymous: Dedication to Sister Bonaventure (note re poet), 25.

Maher, Lorrie: The elusive Molonys: an early nineteenth century East Clare family, 26-30.

O’Reilly, Bill: Thomas Reilly–a Crimean veteran from Tulla, Co. Clare, 31-32.

O Riain, Donal: Address delivered at the Jubilee Year celebrations in St. Patrick’s Church, Parteen—31 Dec 1999, 33-36.

Bugler, Paul: Willie Redmond 1861–1917, "a forgotten hero", 37-38.

Madden, Paddy: The history of the area around Whitegate and Mountshannon. 1860–1865 from contemporary books, 39-40.

McNamara, Michael: Kilmore church graveyard, parish of Broadford, Co Clare, Diocese of Killaloe, 41-43.


Sliabh Aughty Vol.11 (2003)

Moloney, Denis: Confiscation and transplantation. Changes in land ownership in Coolreagh, Bodyke in the late seventeenth century, 1-4.

Coffey, Michael J.: The Irish in Scotland: North-East Clare migration to Renfrewshire, 5-10.

Sheedy, Kieran: Bodyke to Botany Bay—the transportation of James Sheedy, 11-15.

Fallon, Willie: Tha Carolans of Glenvaunish, Mountshannon 16-19.

McNamara, Pakie: Musical interludes in Scariff over 70 years ago, 20-21.

Leonard, Nora T. Goonane: Any Sunday of youth in Dereney, 22-23.

Ivis, John: Ivis family of Killaloe (note), 23.

Bugler, Paul: William Smith O'Brien 1803–1864, 24-26.

Madden, Gerard: Dr. Richard Robert Madden, 1798-1887. 'A man who loved his country', 27-30.

MacNamara, Michael: Teampall na hEaglais graveyard, Ogonnelloe Parish, Co. Clare, 31-36.

McMahon, Anne & Owen, K.M.: Transported to life in Australia. The story of William McMahon—convicted at the Clare Spring Assizes 1849 and sentenced to ten years transportation to Van Diemen's Land, 37-41.

Madden, Gerard: Saint Patrick's Boys Band, Tuamgraney, 42-43.

Rattigan, John: County Clare archives in the Irish Antiquities Division of the national Museum of Ireland. Objects from the parish of Tuamgraney, 44-46.


Sliabh Aughty Vol.12 (2005)

Moloney, Denis: Population change and poverty in Bodyke around the Great Famine, 3-7.

Coffey, Michael J.: British soldiers from East Clare discharged to pension 1760–1854, 8-19.

Rattigan, John & MacConmara, Tomás: County Clare Archives in the Irish Antiquities Division of the National Museum of Ireland. Objects from the parish of O’Brien’s Bridge, 20-22.

Burke, Brendan: An East Clare priest: Fr. John Burke 1805–1881, 23-27.

McNamara, Pakie: Memories of events in Scariff and rural Ireland in bygone days, 28-29.

Fallon, Willie: The O’Mearas of Illaunmore (Islandmore) on Lough Derg, 30-34.

Madden, Gerard: Ogonnelloe townlands, 35-40.

Moloney, Lorna: Conquered lands: Macnamaras Clare, 41-46.

Sheedy, Kieran: The fair of Spancilhill, 47-51.

MacNamara, Michael: Kiltenanlea, or Clonlara Parish. Doonass Cemetery, 52-62.


Sliabh Aughty Vol.13 (2007)

Moloney, Lorna: Gaelic women of East Thomond: ‘More than Queen’s, Old Women and Mouth Pieces’, 3-8.

Madden, Paddy, O’Brien, Alfie & Crawford-Oppenheimer, Christine: The Burkes of Tintrim House, Whitegate: what happened to the son and heir, Edmund Burke? 9-14.

Madden, Gerard: The Morelands of Raheen and a mixed marriage, 15-17.

Moloney, Denis: Tulla Union Workhouse in June 1851, 18-20.

Rattigan, John & Greene, Edel – County Clare archives in the Irish Antiquities Division of the National Museum of Ireland: objects from the Parish of Feakle, 21-24.

Davoren, Richard: A road to Australia: the story of pioneer James Davoren’s settlement in Australia, 25-27.

Sheedy, Kieran: Mails from Botany Bay. First reports from the new penal colony, as published in the Ennis Chronicle, April-May 1789, 28-32.

Coffey, Michael J.: Ellis Island and immigrants from Bodyke – 1892–1924. 33-45.

Burke, Brendan: A brief history of the Meelick Burkes, 1722–1844, 46-49.

McNamara, Michael: Croaghaun (Croaghane) old cemetery [also Kilfintanan Churchyard, townland of Ballybrogan], 51-57.