PRIA Volume XXIX (1911-1912), Section C

Hemphill, Samuel: The Gospels of MacRegol of Birr: a study in Celtic illumination, 1-10. (I, January 1911)

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Notes on the larger cliff forts of the west coast of County Mayo, 11-33. (II,January 1911)

Westropp, M.S.D.: Glass-making in Ireland, 34-58. (III, April 1911)

MacNeill, John: Early Irish population groups: their nomenclature, classification and chronology, 59-114. (IV, April 1911)

Gwynn, E.J. & Purton, W.J.: The monastery of Tallaght, 115-179. (V, July 1911)

Dix, E.R. McC: The first printing of the New Testament in English at Dublin, 180-185. (VI, July 1911)

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Types of the ringforts remaining in eastern Clare. (Killaloe: its royal forts and their history), 186-212. (VII, August 1911)

Lawlor, H.J.: A calendar of the Register of Archbishop Sweteman, 213-310. (VIII, September 1911)

MacAlister, R.A.S., Armstrong, E.C.R. & Praeger, R.L.: report on the exploration of Bronze-age cairns on Carrowkeel mountain, Co. Sligo, 311-347. (IX, June 1912)


PRIA Volume XXX (1912-1913), Section C

Esposito, Mario: Hiberno-Latin manuscripts in the libraries of Switzerland (Part II), 1-14. (I, March 1912)

Berry, R.G.: The Sierra Leone cannibals, with notes on their history, religion and customs, 15-70. (II, May 1912)

Dix, E.R.McClintock: List of all pamphlets, books, &c., printed in Cork during the seventeenth century, 71-82. (III, June 1812)

Coffey, George: Recent prehistoric finds acquired by the Academy, 83-93. (IV, July 1912)

Lawlor, H.J.: A calendar of the Register of Archbishop Fleming, 94-190. (V, August 1912)

Armstrong, E.C.R.: A note on four armorial pendants in the Academy's collection, 191-124. (VI, July 1912)

Knowles, W.J.: Prehistoric stone implements from the River Bann and Lough Neagh, 195-222. (VII, August 1912)

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Brasil and the legendary islands of the north Atlantic: their history and fable. A contribution to the "Atlantis" problem, 223-260, corrigenda 428. (VIII, August 1912)

O'Nolan, T.P.: Mór of Munster and the tragic fate of Cuanu son of Cailchin, 261-282. (IX, August 1912)

Windle, Bertram C.A.: On certain megalithic remains immediately surrounding Lough Gur, County Limerick, 283-306. (X, September 1912)

Esposito, Mario: On the earliest Latin life of St. Brigid of Kildare, 307-326. (XI, September 1912)

Dix, E.R.McClintock: A Dublin almanack of 1612,, 327-330. (XII, January 1913).

Murray, Robert M.: the diary of Bonnivert, 1690, 331-341. (XIII, )

Macalister, R.A.S.: An attempt to determine the contents of the inscription on the Phaestos Disc, 342-350. (XIV, January 1913)

Macalister, R.A.S., Armstrong, E.C.R. & Praeger, R.Loyd: On a Bronze-Age interment, with associated standing stone and earthen ring, near Naas, Co. Kildare, 351-360. (XV, January 1913)

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Early Italian maps of Ireland from 1300 to 1600, with notes on foreign settlers and trade, 361-428. (XVI, February 1913)

Mahaffy, J.P.: On the origins of learned Academies in modern Europe. An address delivered to the Academy, November 30, 1912, 429-444. (XVII)

Coffey, George: Ornamented bronze spear-heads with apertures in the blades, 445-448. (XVIII, February 1913)

Coffey, George: Two unpublished lunulae and other objects, 449-450. (XIX, February 1913)

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Some matrices of Irish seals, 451-476. (XX, February 1913)

Berry, Henry F.: Minute book of the Corporation of Dublin, known as the "Friday Book", 1567-1611, 477-514. (XXII, February 1913)


PRIA Volume XXXI (1911-1915) Clare Island Survey. Section 1 includes some papers of antiquarian interest:

Praeger, R. Lloyd: General introduction and narrative. (Part 1; twelve pages, 1-12. April 1915).

Westropp, T.J.: History and archaeology (Part 2; seventy-eight pages, 1-78, & corrigenda on p vii. December 1911).

MacNeill, John: Place names and family names (Part 3; forty-two pages, 1-42. April 1913).

Colgan, Nathaniel: Gaelic plant and animal names and associated folk-lore (Part 4; thirty pages 1-30, & corrigenda vii-ix. April 1911).

Wilson, James: Agriculture and its history (Part 5; forty-six pages 1-46. May 1911).


PRIA Volume XXXII (1914-1916), Section C

Westropp, M.S. Dudley: Notes on the pottery manufacture in Ireland, 1-27. (I, May 1913)

Lawlor, H.J.: A charter of Cristin, Bishop of Louth, 28-40. (II, June 1913)

Orpen, Goddard H.: Rathgall, County Wicklow: Dún Galion and the "Dunum" of Ptolemy, 41-57. (III, June 1913)

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Types of the ring-forts of eastern Co. Clare. Part IV (Conclusion), Clonlara, Broadford, Cullaun, and Clooney, 58-77. (IV, August 1914)

Esposito, M.: On the so-called Psalter of St. Caimin, 78-88. (V, September 1913)

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Fortified headlands and castles on the south coast of Munster. Part I, from Sherkin to Youghal, Co. Cork, 89-124. (VI, January 1914)

Dix, E.R.McClintock: Printing in the city of Kilkenny in the seventeenth century, 125-137. (VII, January 1914)

Macalister, R.A.S.: On some recently discovered Ogham inscriptions, 138-146. (VIII, January 1914)

Macalister, R.A.S., Armstrong, E.C.R. & Praeger, R.Lloyd: The excavation of Lochpairc Crannog, near Tuam, 147-151. (IX, January 1914)

Wood, Herbert: The Court of Castle Chamber or Star Chamber of Ireland, 152-170. (X, March 1914)

Coffey, George & Armstrong, E.C.R.: Find of bronze objects at Annesborough, Co. Armagh, 171-175. (XI, May 1914)

Macalister, R.A.S.: On a hoard of remarkable objects recently found in Ireland, 176-187. (XII, July 1914)

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Fortified headlands and castles on the south coast of Munster. Part II. From Ardmore to Dunmore, Co. Waterford, 188-226. (XIII, August 1914)

Macalister, R.A.S.: The "Druuides" inscription at Killeen Cormac, Co. Kildare, 227-238. (XIV, December 1914)

Lawlor, H.C.: Investigation of the Cairne Grannia cromlech near Mallusk, Co. Antrim, 239-242. (XV, January 1915)

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Four brooches preserved in the library of Trinity College, Dublin, 243-248. (XVI, January 1915)

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Fortified headlands and castles in western County Cork, Part I, from Cape Clear to Dunmanus Bay, 249-286. (XVII, May 1915)

Armstrong, E.C.R. (ed.): Catalogue of the silver and ecclesiastical antiquities in the collection of the Royal Irish Academy, by the late Sir William Wilde, M.D., M.R.I.A., 287-312. (XVIII, August 1915)

Lawlor, H.J.: A charter of Donatus, Prior of Louth, 313-323. (XIX, August 1915)

Kane, W.F. de V.: The Dun of Drumsna—a frontier fortification between the kingdoms of Aileagh and Cruaghan, 324-332. (XX, August 1915)

Dix, E.R. McClintock: Printing in the city of Waterford in the seventeenth century, 333-344. (XXI, January 1916)


PRIA Volume XXXIII (1916-1917), Section C

Bigger, Francis Joseph: Some recent archaeological discoveries in Ulster, 1-8. (I, February 1916)

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: On certain typical earthworks and ring-walls in County Limerick. Part I, 9-42. (II, March 1916)

Westropp, M.S. Dudley: Notes on Irish money weights and foreign coin current in Ireland, 43-72. (III, March 1916)

Dix, E.R. McClintock: List of books and tracts printed in Belfast in the seventeenth century, 73-80. (IV, March 1916)

Macalister, R.A.S.: Notes on certain Irish inscriptions, 81-92. (V, April 1916)

Macalister, R.A.S.: The history and antiquities of Inis Cealtra, 93-174. (VI, June 1916)

Robinson, John L.: On the ancient deeds of the parish of St. John, Dublin, 175-224. (VII, July 1916)

Dix, E.R. McClintock: An early Dublin Almanack, 225-229. (VIII, August 1916)

Macalister, R.A.S.: On an Ogham inscription recently discovered in County Wicklow, 230-232. (IX, August 1916)

Murray, R.H.: Unpublished letters of William Penn, 233-240. (X, August 1916)

Lawlor, H.J.: The Cathach of St. Columba, 241-443. (XI, September 1916)

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: On certain typical earthworks and ring-walls in County Limerick, Part II, the royal forts in Coshlea, 444-492. (XII, February 1917)

Macalister, R.A.S.: On a runic inscription at Killaloe cathedral, 493-498. (XIII, March 1917)

Macalister, R.A.S.: Robert Downing’s history of Louth, 499-504. (XIV, March 1917)

Macalister, R.A.S.: A report on some excavations recently conducted in Co. Galway, 505-510. (XV, March 1917)

Armstrong, E.C.R.: On some associated finds of bronze celts discovered in Ireland, 511-526. (XVI, March 1917)

Bernard, J.H.: The foundation of Tintern Abbey, Co. Wexford, 527-529. (XVII, March 1917)

Mahaffy, J.P.: On the introduction of the ass as a beast of burden into Ireland, 530-538. (XVIII, March 1917)

Kane, W.F. de V.: Additional researches on the Black Pig’s Dyke, 539-563. (XIX, April 1917)


PRIA Volume XXXIV (1917-1919), Section C

Power, Patrick: Place-names and antiquities of S.E. Cork, 1-32. (I, May 1917)

Mahaffy, J.P.: The post-assaying found on dated pieces of plate in the collection of Trinity College, Dublin, 33-46. (II, May 1917)

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: The ancient sanctuaries of Knockainey and Clogher, County Limerick, and their goddesses, 47-67. (III, August 1917)

Macalister, R.A.S. and Holtby, J.R.D.: On some interments at Mooretown, Co. Meath, 68-71. (IV, August 1917)

Westropp, M.S. Dudley: The discrepancies between the dates of gift and hall-mark dates found on pieces of plate belonging to Trinity College, Dublin, 72-80. (V, January 1918)

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Associated finds of Irish Neolithic Celts, 81-95. (VI, February 1918)

Armstrong, E.C.R. & Lawlor, Rev. H.J.: The Domnach Airgid, 96-126. (VII, March 1918)

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: The earthworks, traditions, and the gods of south-eastern Co. Limerick, especially from Knocklong to Temair Erann, 127-183. (VIII, August 1918)

Power, Patrick: Place-names and antiquities of S.E. Cork—Part II, 184-230. (IX, September 1918)

Macalister, R.A.S.: Temair Breg: a study of the remains and traditions of Tara, 231-399. (X, January 1919)

Macalister, R.A.S.: Notes on some Ogham inscriptions, including two recently discovered, 400-404. (XI, January 1919)


PRIA Volume XXXV (1918-1920), Section C

Butler, Constance Mary and Bernard, John Henry: The Charters of the Cistercian Abbey of Duiske in the County of Kilkenny, 1-188. (I, July 1918)

Esposito, M.: On the pseudo-Augustinian treatise, "De Mirabilibus Sanctae Scripturae" written in Ireland in the year 655, 189-207. (II, March 1919)

Esposito, M.: The "Secrets of Salerno": an ancient French manuscript in the possession of the Royal Irish Academy, 208-213. (III, March 1919)

Lawlor, H.C.: Some investigations on the souterrain, 214-217. (IV, March 1919)

Bernard, John Henry: Richard Talbot, Archbishop and Chancellor (1418–1449), 218-229. (V, March 1919)

Lawlor, H.J.: Notes on St. Bernard’s life of St. Malachy, and his two sermons on the passing of St. Malachy, 230-264. (VI, April 1919)

Twiss, Henry F. Some ancient deeds of the parishes of St. Catherine and St. James, Dublin, 1296-1743, 265-281. (VII, May 1919)

Twiss, Henry F.: Some ancient deeds of the parish of St. Werburgh, Dublin, 1243-1676, 282-315. (VIII, May 1919)

Lawlor, H.J. and Best, R.I.: The ancient list of the Coarbs of Patrick, 316-362. (IX, December 1919)

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: The assembly-place of ´Oenach Cairbre and Síd Asail at Monasteranenagh, County Limerick, 363-377. (X, April 1920)

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: Dun Crot and the "Harps of Clíu", on the Galtees, County Limerick, 378-384. (XI, April 1920)

Kerry, Earl of: The Lansdowne maps of the Down Survey, 385-407. (XII, August 1920)


PRIA Volume XXXVI (1921-1924), Section C

Breuil, H. and Macalister, R.A.S.: A study of the chronology of Bronze-Age sculpture in Ireland, 1-9. (I, August 1921)

Dix, E.R.McC.: Printing in Cork in the first quarter of the Eighteenth Century (1701–1725), 10-15. (II, August 1921)

Lawlor, H.J.: A fresh authority for the Synod of Kells, 1152, 16-22. (III, February 1922)

Dalton, John P.: Cromm Cruaich of Magh Sleacht, 23-67. (IV, February 1922)

Westropp, Thomas Johnson: The "mound of the Fiana" at Cromwell Hill, Co. Limerick, and a note on Temair Luachra, 68-85. (V, March 1922)

O’Rahilly, Thomas F.: Irish poets, historians, and judges in English documents, 1538–1615, 86-120. (VI, June 1922)

Seymour, St. John D.: The Book of Adam and Eve in Ireland, 121-133. (VII, July 1922)

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Some Irish Bronze-Age finds, 134-149. (VIII, August 1922)

MacAlister, R.A.S.: A Bronze-Age burial near Galbally, Co. Tyrone, 150-153. (IX, August 1922)

Seymour, St.John D.: The signs of Doomsday in the Saltair na Rann, 154-163. (X, January 1923)

Power, Rev.Patrick: Place-names and antiquities of S.E. County Cork—Barony of Barrymore. Part III, 164-205. (XI, February 1923)

Wood, Herbert: The office of Chief Governor of Ireland, 1172–1509, 206-238. (XII, February 1923)

Kirkpatrick, T. Percy C.: Charles Willoughby, M.D., 249-255. (XIII, March 1923)

MacNeill, Eoin: Silva Focluti, 249-255. (XIX, March 1923)

Armstrong, Olive: Manuscripts of the "Modus tenendi Parliamentum" in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, 256-264. (XX, July 1923)

MacNeill, Eoin: Ancient Irish law : the law of status or franchise, 265-316. (XXI, December 1923)

Longfield, Ada: Anglo-Irish trade in the sixteenth century as illustrated by the English customs accounts and port books, 317-332. (XXII, February 1924)

Starkie,Walter: The "Commedia dell’ Arte" and the Roman Comedy, 333-350. (XXIII, April 1924)

Lawlor, H.J.: The Biblical text in Tundal’s Vision, 351-375. (XXIV, June 1924)


PRIA Volume XXXVII ( 1924-1927), Section C

Purser, Louis C.: Classical inscriptions at Shanganagh Castle, Co. Dublin, 1-34. (I, January 1925)

Purser, Olive: Ancient pottery at Shanganagh Castle, County Dublin, 36-52. (II, July 1925)

Starkie, W.: Carlo Goldoni and the "Commedia dell’ Arte", 53-86. (III, August 1925)

Seymour, St. John D.: Studies in the Vision of Tundal, 87-106. (IV, January 1926)

Seymour, St. John D.: Notes on apocrypha in Ireland, 107-117. (V, January 1926)

MacNeill, E. : The native place of St. Patrick, 118-140. (VI, March 1926)

Wood, Herbert : Letter from Domnal O’Neill to Fineen MacCarthy, 1317, 141-148. (VII, August 1926)

Gwynn, E.J.: Fragmentary annals from the west of Ireland, 149-157. (VIII, September 1926)

The Marquis Macswiney of Mashanaglass,: Notes on some Irish regiments in the service of Spain and of Naples in the eighteenth century, 158-174. (IX, January 1927)

Moss, Richard J.: A chemical examination of the crucibles in the collection of Irish antiquities in the Royal Irish Academy, 175-193. (X, January 1927)

Somerfelt, Alf: Munster vowels and consonants, 195-244. (XI, May 1927)

Macalister, R.A.S.: Some unsolved problems in Irish archaeology: an address delivered to to the Academy, 28th February, 1927, 245-262. (XII, June 1927)

Le Fanu, T.P.: Catalogue of Dean Swift’s library in 1715, with an inventory of his personal property in 1742, 263-275. (XIII, July 1927)

Curtis, Edmund: Unpublished letters from Richard II in Ireland, 1394–5, 276-303. (XIV, July 1927)

Seymour, St. J.D.: The vision of Adamnan, 304-312 (XV, December 1927)


PRIA Volume XXVIII (1928-1929), Section C

Ball, F. Elrington: Some notes on the households of the Dukes of Ormonde, 1-20. (I, February 1928)

Bremer, Walther: Notes on some objects in the national collection of Irish antiquities, 21-30. (II, March 1928)

The Marquis Macswiney of Mashanaglass: Notes on the history of the Book of Lecan, 31-50. (III, April 1928)

Wood, Herbert: The office of Secretary of State for Ireland and Keeper of the Signet or Privy Seal, 51-68. (IV, May 1928)

Macalister, R.A.S and Praeger ,R. Lloyd: Report on the excavation of Uisneach, 69-127. (V, November 1928)

Richardson, H.G. and Sayles, G.O.: The Irish parliaments of Edward I, 128-147. (VI, January 1929)

Hogan, James: The Tricha Cét and related land-measures, 148-235. (VII, August 1929)

Macalister, R.A.S.: Further notes on the Runic inscription in Killaloe Cathedral, 236-239. (VIII, September 1929)

Macalister, R.A.S.: On some antiquities discovered upon Lambay, 240-246. (IX, September 1929)

Macalister, R.A.S. and Praeger, R. Lloyd: Report on excavation recently conducted in Killeen Cormac, Co. Kildare, 247-261. (X, September 1929)


PRIA Volume XXXIX (1929-1931), Section C

Curtis, Edmund: Sheriffs’ accounts of the Honor of Dungarvan, of Tweskard in Ulster, and of County Waterford, 1261–63, 1-17. (I, November 1929)

Charlesworth, J.K. and Macalister, R.A.S.: The alleged Paleolithic implements of Sligo: a summary, 18-32. (II, April 1930)

MacNeill, Eoin: Archaisms in the ogham inscriptions, 33-53. (III, January 1931)

Macalister, R.A.S. and Praeger, R. Lloyd: The excavation of an ancient structure on the townland of Togherstown, Co. Westmeath, 54-83. (IV, March 1931)


PRIA Volume XL (1931-1932), Section C

The Marquess of Landsdowne: An early rental of the Lord of Lixnaw, 1-18. (I, August 1931)

Macalister, R.A.S.: A catalogue of the Irish traders’. tokens in the collection of the Royal Irish Academy, 19-185. (II, December 1931 )

Hogan, James: The Irish law of kingship, with special reference to Ailech and Cenél Eoghain, 186-254. (III, March 1932 )

Webster, Charles A.: The diocese of Ross and its ancient churches, 255-295. (IV, February 1932)

The Marquis Macswiney of Mashanaglass: Some unpublished letters of the Count d’Avaux in the National Library of Ireland, 296-307. (V, April 1932 )

Macalister, R.A.S. and Murray, Ruby M.: The excavation of a burial tumulus near Bunbrosna, Co. Westmeath, 308-311. (VI, April 1932)

Wood, Herbert: The muniments of Edmond de Mortimer, third earl of March, concerning his liberty of Trim, 312-355. (VII, May 1932 )

Meissner, John L. Gough: The British tradition of S. Patrick’s life, 356-384. (VIII, June 1932)

Macalister, R.A.S.: Note on the Runic inscription at Killaloe. Abstract of Minutes, Session 1930-31, 2-4.


PRIA Volume XLI (1932-1934), Section C

Gwynn, Aubrey: An Irish settlement on the Amazon (1612-1629), 1-54. (I, July 1932)

Clarke, Maude V.: William of Windsor in Ireland, 1369–1376, 55-130. (II, August 1932)

Meissner, John L. Gough: The place of S. Patrick’s captivity, 131-140. (III, August 1932)

Luce, A.A.: Some unpublished Berkeley letters with some new Berkeleiana, 141-161. (IV, April 1933)

Leask, H.G.: Inscribed stones recently discovered at Dowth tumulus, Co. Meath, 162-167. (V, April 1933)

Forbes, A.C.: Tree planting in Ireland during four centuries, 168-199. (VI, August 1933)

The Lady Dorothy Lowry-Corry: The stones carved with human effigies on Boa Island and on Lustymore Island in Lower Lough Erne, 200-204. (VII, September 1933)

Seymour, St. John D.: Three medieval poems from Kilkenny, 205-209. (VIII, September 1933)

Waterhouse, Gilbert : Goethe, Giesecke, and Dublin, 210-218. (IX, September 1933)

Seymour, St. John D.: The coarb in the medieval Irish Church, 219-231. (X, December 1933)

Hencken, H.O’Neill and Movius, Hallam L. Jr.: The cemetery cairn of Knockast, 232-284. (XI, March 1934)

Chart, D.A.: on protection of monuments in private possession in Northern Ireland. Abstract of minutes, Session 1931-32, 13-18.

Macalister, R.A.S.: An appendix to the report on recent discoveries on Lambay. Abstract of minutes, Session 1931-32, 19-21.

Mahr, A.: Bronze Age burial at Blackhill,e Co. Kildare. Abstract of minutes, Session 1931-32, 21-24.


PRIA Volume XLII (1934-1935), Section C

Bodkin, Thomas: Orazio and the other Grevenbroecks, 1-5. (I, February 1934)

Bodkin, T.: Variations on a pictorial theme by Marco Ricci, 6-10. (II, February 1934)

Mahr, A.: A wooden cauldron from Altartate, Co. Monaghan, 11-29. (III, May 1934)

Price, Liam: The ages of stone and bronze in County Wicklow, 31-64. (IV, May 1934)

Curtis, Edmund: Sheriff’s accounts for County Tipperary 1275–6, 65-95. (V, July 1934)

Luce, A.A.: Berkeley’s Bermuda project and his benefactions to American Universities, with unpublished letters and extracts from the Egmont papers, 97-120. (VI, August 1934)

Whelan, C. Blake: Studies in the significance of the Irish Stone Age: The Campignian question, 121-143. (VII, August 1934)

Ó Ríordáin, Seán P.: Recent acquisitions from County Donegal in the National Museum. With addendum: Chemical examination of ancient Irish bronze and silver objects, by K.C. Bailey), 145-191. (VIII, February 1935)

Ronan, Myles V.: A contemporary English transcript of the Analecta Sacra of David Rothe, Bishop of Ossory (1618–1650), 193-198. (IX, February 1935)

Tierney, M.: The Parodos in Aristophanes’ Frogs, 199-218. (X, March 1935)

Quinn, David B.: The Irish parliamentary subsidy in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, 219-246. (XI, July 1935)


PRIA Volume XLIII (1935-1937), Section C

Macalister, R.A.S.: The excavation of Kiltera, Co. Waterford, 1-16. (I, September 1935)

Movius, Hallam L. Jr.: A Neolithic site on the River Bann, 17-40. (II, February 1936)

Curtis, Edmund: Rental of the manor of Lisronagh, 1333, and notes on "Betagh" tenure in medieval Ireland, 41-76. (III, February 1936)

Leask, H.G. and Price, Liam: The Labbacallee megalith, Co. Cork, 77-101. (IV, January 1936)

Hencken, H. O’Neill: Ballinderry crannog No. 1, with sections by Gwyneth Harrington; H.L. Movius Jr. A.M.; A.W. Stelfox, M.R.I.A.; and Geraldine Roche, M.Sc., 103-239. (V, April 1936)

Tierney, M.: Aristotle and Menander, 241-254. (VI, March 1936)

Martin, C.P., Price, L and Mitchell, G.F.: On two short cist interments found at Ballybrew, Co. Wicklow, 255-270. (VII, September 1936)

Luce, A.A.: Two sermons by Bishop Berkeley, 271-290. (VIII, September 1936)

Waterhouse, G.: Sir Charles Giesecke’s autograph albums, 291-306. (IX, November 1936)

Lawlor, H.C.: Dunluce and its owners prior to the Norman invasion, 307-311. (X, November 1936)

Brooks, Eric St. John: Unpublished charters relating to Ireland, 1177–82, from the archives of the city of Exeter, 313-366. (XI, December 1936)

Parke, H.W.: On Inscriptiones Graecae, II2 , 207 (= I.G. II, 108), 367-378. (XII, December 1936)

Kilbride-Jones, H.E.: The evolution of penannular brooches with zoomorphic terminals in Great Britain and Ireland, 379-455. (XIII, April 1937)

Webster, Charles A.: Stephen Brown, a mediaeval Bishop of Ross. Minutes of proceedings, Session 1935-36, 16-18.


PRIA Volume XLIV (1937-1938), Section C

Gwynn, Aubrey: The sermon-diary of Richard Fitzralph, Archbishop of Armagh, 1-57. (I, October 1937)

Tierney, Michael: The Hippolytus of Euripides, 59-74. (II, December 1937)

Leyburn, Ellen Douglass: Bishop Berkeley: The Querist, 75-98. (III, December 1937)

Curtis, Edmund: The MacQuillan or Mandeville Lords of the Route, 99-113. (IV, January 1938)

Whelan C. Blake: Studies in the significance of the Irish Stone Age: the culture sequence, 115-137. (V, January 1938)

Price, Liam: The Place-names of the barony of Newcastle, County of Wicklow. Their early forms collected, 139-179. (VI, February 1938)

Maryon, Herbert: The technical methods of the Irish smiths in the Bronze and Early Iron Ages, 181-228. (VII, April 1938)

Stanford, W.B.: Traces of Sicilian influence in Aeschylus, 229-240. (VIII, May 1938)

Macalister, R.A.S.: The Ogham inscription at Maumanorig, Co. Kerry, 241-247. (IX, May 1938)

Macalister, R.A.S.: On an excavation conducted on Cro-Inis, Loch Ennell, 248-252. (X, May 1938)


PRIA Volume XLV (1939-1940), Section C

Evans, E. Estyn: Excavations at Carnanbane, County Londonderry: a double horned cairn, 1-12. (I, March 1938)

Macalister, R.A.S.: Recent epigraphic discoveries in Co. Kerry, 13-20. (II, April 1939)

Macalister, R.A.S.: A monument with Bronze-Age scribings in Co. Kerry, 21-23. (III, April 1939)

Power, Rev. P.: A decorated quern-stone, and its symbolism, 25-50. (IV, October 1939)

Beazley, J.D.: A Greek mirror in Dublin, 31-39. (V, November 1939)

Moody, T.W.: The Irish parliament under Elizabeth and James I: a general survey, 41-81. (VI, December 1939)

Ó Ríordáin, Seán P.: Excavations at Cush, Co. Limerick, 83-181. (VII, March 1940)

Gwynn, Aubrey: Ireland and the English nation at the Council of Constance, 183-233. (VIII, February 1940)

Chart, D.A.: Carrickfergus Castle: exploration, repair and other works at, 1928-39. Minutes of proceedings, Session 1938-39, 19-24.


PRIA Volume XLVI (1940-1941), Section C

Movius, Hallam L. Jr.: An early post-glacial archaeological site at Cushendun, County Antrim, 1-84. (I, August 1940)

Richardson, L.J.D.: Facilis iactura sepulchri, with a note on the character of Anchises in the Aeneid, 85-101. (II, July 1940)

Howells, W.W.: The early Christian Irish: the skeletons at Gallen Priory, 103-219. (III, March 1941)

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PRIA Volume XLVII (1941-1942), Section C

Hencken, H. O’Neill: Ballinderry Crannog No. 2, 1-76. (I, May 1942)

Ó Ríordáin, Seán P.: The excavation of a large earthen ring-fort at Garranes, Co. Cork, 77-150. (II, February 1942)

Quinn, David B.: 'A Discourse of Ireland' (circa 1599): a sidelight on English colonial policy, 151-166. (III, February 1942)


PRIA Volume XLVIII (1942-1943), Section C

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PRIA Volume XLIX (1943-1944), Section C

Ó Ríordáin, Seán P. and Hartnett, P.J.: The excavation of Ballycatteen Fort, Co. Cork,

Quinn, David B.: Government printing and the publication of the Irish Statutes in the sixteenth century,

Macalister, R.A.S.: Preliminary report on the excavation of Knowth,

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Went, Arthur E.J.: The Galway fishery. An account of the modes of fishing together with notes on other matters connected with the fishery,

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PRIA Volume L (1944-1945), Section C

Mitchell, G.F. : The relative ages of archaeological objects recently found in bogs in Ireland, 1-19. (I, April 1945)

Tierney, James J.: Some Attic elements in Plautus, 21-61. (II, May 1945)


PRIA Volume LI (1945-1948), Section C

Leask, H.G. and Macalister, R.A.S. : Liathmore-Mochoemóg (Leigh), County Tipperary, 1-14. (I, March 1946)

Best, R.I.: On recent Irish studies in the Academy. An address delivered to the Academy, February 25, 1946, 15-34. (II, September 1946)

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PRIA Volume 52 (1948-1950), Section C

Adams, G.B.: An introduction to the study of Ulster dialects, 1-26. (I, June 1948)

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PRIA Volume 53 (1950-1951), Section C

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Kilbride-Jones, H.E.: The excavation of a composite early Iron Age monument with "henge" features at Lugg, Co. Dublin, 311-332. (5, September 1950)


PRIA Volume 54 (1951-1952), Section C

Dillon, Myles: The taboos of the kings of Ireland, 1-36. (I, May 1951)

Ó Ríordáin, Seán P.: Lough Gur excavations: the great stone circle (B) in Grange townland, 37-74. (2, November 1951)

Kilbride-Jones, H.E.: Double horned cairn at Cohaw, County Cavan, 75-88. (3, December 1951)

Ó Ríordáin, Seán P. and MacDermott, Máire: The excavation of a ring-fort at Letterkeen, Co. Mayo, 89-119. (4, April 1952)

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PRIA Volume 55 (1952-1953), Section C

Sayles, G.O.: Ecclesiastical process and the parsonage of Stabannon in 1351. A study of the medieval Irish church in action, 1-23. (1, March 1952)

O’Kelly, Michael J.: Three promontory forts in Co. Cork, 25-59. (2, May 1952)

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PRIA Volume 56 (1953-1954), Section C

Movius, Hallam L. Jr.: Curran Point, Larne, County Antrim: the type site of the Irish Mesolithic. With sections by Knud Jessen, W.S. Benninghof (Mrs.), N.F.McMillan, Arthur Earland and Mme. Paul Lemoine. 1-194. (1, October 1953)

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Mitchell, G.F.: A Pollen-Diagram from Lough Gur, County Limerick (Studies in Irish quaternary deposits: No. 9), 481-488. (7, November 1954)


PRIA Volume 57 (1955-1956), Section C

Szövérffy, J.: Gaude Roma… marginal notes on some St. Peter sequences attributed to Adam of St. Victor, 1-27. (1, May 1955)

Kearney, H.F.: The Court of wards and liveries in Ireland, 1622–1641, 29-68. (2, July 1955)

Adams, G.B.: The phonology of the Antrim dialect, 69-152. (3, January 1956)

Hunt, John: On two "D"-shaped bronze objects in the St. Germain museum, 153-157. (4, February 1956)

0’Kelly, Michael J.: An island settlement at Beginish, Co. Kerry, 159-194. (5, February 1956)


PRIA Volume 58 (1956-1957), Section C

Sheldon-Williams, I.P.: An epitome of Irish provenance of Erivgena’s De divisione naturae, (MS. Bodl. Auct. F.3.15.), 1-20. (1, June 1956)

Brooks Eric St.J.: Irish possessions of St. Thomas of Acre, 21-44. (2, June 1956)

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MacDermott, Máire: The crosiers of St. Dympna and St. Mel and tenth-century Irish metal-work, 167-195. (4, February 1957)

Hartnett, P.J.: Excavation of a passage grave at Fourknocks, Co. Meath, 197-277. (5, May 1957)


PRIA Volume 59 (1957-1959), Section C

Johnston, Edith M. The state of the Irish House of Commons in 1791, 1-56. (1, March 1957)

O’Kelly, Michael J.: Church Island near Valencia, Co. Kerry, 57-136. (2, April 1958)

Gleeson, G. & MacAirt, S.: The Annals of Roscrea, 137-180. (3, September 1958)

Bieler, L.: Studies on the text of Muirchú—II The Vienna fragments and the tradition of Muirchú’s text, 181-195. (4, January 1959)


PRIA Volume 60 (1959-1960), Section C

Raftery, Joseph: A travelling-man’s gear of Christian times, 1-8. (1, April 1959)

de Valera, R.: The court cairns of Ireland, 9-140. (2, February 1960)

Johnson, James H.: Population movements in County Derry during a pre-famine year, 141-162. (3, December 1959)

Lamont, W.D.: The Islay Charter of 1408, 163-187. (4, January 1960)

Tierney, J.J.: The Celtic ethnography of Posidonius, 189-275. (5, March 1960)


PRIA Volume 61 (1960-1961), Section C

Ó Cuív, Brian: A Contemporary account in Irish of a nineteenth century tithe affray, 1-21. (1, July 1960)

Henry, Françoise: Remarks on the decoration of three Irish psalters, (British Museum, Cotton MS. Vitellius F.XI, St. John's College, Cambridge, MS. C.9 (I.59), Rouen, Bibliothèque Municipale, MS. 24 (A.41)), 23-40. (2, August 1960)

Stephens, N., and Collins, A.E.P.: The quaternary deposits at Ringneill Quay and Ardmillan, Co. Down, 41-77. (3, September 1960)

Raftery, Joseph: A Bronze Age tumulus at Corrower, Co. Mayo, 79-93. (4, September 1960)

Lionard, Pádraig.: Early Irish grave slabs, 95-169. (5, July 1961)

Morrison, M.E.S.: The palynology of Ringneill Quay, a new Mesolithic site in Co. Down, Northern Ireland, 171-182. (6, August 1961)


PRIA Volume 62 (1961-1963), Section C

Furlong, E.J.: Two notes on Berkeley’s Philosophical Commentaries, 1-8. (1, December 1961)

Hand, Geoffrey J.: Procedure without writ in the court of the Justiciar of Ireland, 9-20. (2, March 1962)

Ó Conbhuí, Rev. C.: The lands of St. Mary’s Abbey, Dublin, 21-84. (3, May 1962)

Richardson, H.G. and Sayles, G.O.: Irish revenue 1278–1384, 87-100. (4, May 1962)

Henry, F. and Marsh Micheli, G.L.: A century of Irish illumination (1070–1170), 101-164. (5, June 1962)

Hillgarth, J.N.: Visigothic Spain and Early Christian Ireland, 167-194. (6, August 1962)

Went, A.E.J.: Historical notes on the oyster fisheries of Ireland, 195-223. (7, August 1962)


PRIA Volume 63 (1962-1964), Section C

Nicol, D.M.: The Greeks and the union of the churches. The report of Ogerius, protonotarius of Michael VIII Palaiologos, in 1280, 1-16 (1, September 1962).

O’Kelly, Michael J.: Two ring-forts at Garryduff, Co. Cork, 17-125. (2, January 1963)

Cousens, S.H.: The regional variation in mortality during the Great Irish Famine, 127-149. (3, February

Tierney, J.J.: The map of Agrippa, 151-166. (4, April 1963)

Werckmeister, O.K.: Three problems of tradition in pre-Carolingian figure style. From Visigothic to Insular illumination, 167-189. (5, September 1963)

Went, Arthur E.J.: The pursuit of salmon in Ireland, 191-244. (6, February 1964)

Rynne, Etienne: Some destroyed sites at Shannon Airport, County Clare, 245-277. (7, August 1964)


PRIA Volume 64 (1965-1966), Section C

Bieler, Ludwig: The Text tradition of Dicuil’s Liber de mensura orbis terrae, 1-31. (1, March 1965)

Bliss, A.J.: The inscribed slates at Smarmore, 33-60. (2, June 1965)

Rynne, Etienne and Ó hÉailidhe, Pádraig: A group of prehistoric sites at Piperstown, Co. Dublin, 61-84. (3, July 1965)

Cousens, S.H.: The restriction of population growth in pre-famine Ireland, 85-99. (4, March 1966)

Archaeological Exploration Committee: report, including Behy (court cairn, Mayo), Knowth, Lurgankeel (motte & bailey, Louth), Newgrange. Minutes of proceedings, Session 1964-65, 34-37.


PRIA Volume 65 (1966-1967), Section C

Lydon, J.F.: Three exchequer documents. from the reign of Henry the Third, 1-27. (1, July 1966)

Gardiner, M.J. and Walsh, T.: Comparison of soil materials buried since Neolithic times with those of the present day, 29-35. (2, July 1966)

Stenberger, Mårten: A. ring-fort at Raheennamadra, Knocklong, Co. Limerick, 37-54. (3, August 1966)

Treadwell, V.: The Irish parliament of 1569–71, 55-89. (4, December 1966)

Went, Arthur E.J and Ó Súilleabháin, Seán: Fishing for the sun-fish or basking shark in Irish waters, 91-115. (5, March 1967)

Oskamp, H.P.A.: Notes on the history of Lebor na hUidre, 117-137. (6, November 1967)

Archaeological Exploration Committee: report,—Knowth, Bavan (court cairn, Donegal), Coom (wedge-tomb, Kerry), and Newgrange. Minutes of proceedings, Session 1965-66, 36-40.


PRIA Volume 66 (1967-1968), Section C

Carrigan, E.: Structure and thematic development in Beowulf, 1-51. (1, November 1967)

Liversage, G.D.: Excavations at Dalkey Island, Co. Dublin 1956–1959, 53-233. (2, February 1966)

Dolley, R.H.M.: The Irish mints of Edward I in the light of the coin-hoards from Ireland and Great Britain, 235-297. (3, January 1968)

Eogan, G.: Excavations at Knowth, Co. Meath 1962–65, 299-400. (4, July 1968)

Otway—Ruthven, A.J.: The partition of the. de Verdon lands in Ireland in 1332, 401-455. (5, April 1968)

Archaeological Exploration Committee: report,—Knowth, Shalwy (court cairn, Donegal) and Newgrange. Annual report for the year ending 16th March 1967, 22-25.


PRIA Volume 67 (1968-1969), Section C

Stanford, W.B.: On the zeta/sigma-delta variation in the dialect of Theocritos; a literary approach, 1-8. (1, June 1968)

Herity, M.; Evans, E.E. & Megaw, B.R.S.: The ‘Larne’ material in Lord Antrim’s collection at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 9-34. (2, October 1968)

Harbison, P.: Catalogue of Irish Early Bronze Age associated finds containing copper and bronze, 35-91. (3, December 1968)

Eogan, G.: ‘Lock-rings’ of the Late Bronze Age, 93-148. (4, March 1969)

Cullen, L.M.: The smuggling trade in Ireland in the eighteenth century, 149-175. (5, March 1969)

Archaeological Exploration Committee: report,—Knowth, Shalwy (court cairn, Donegal), Coomatloukane (wedge tomb, Kerry) and Newgrange. Annual Report 1967-68, 21-25.


PRIA Volume 68 (1969), Section C

Raftery, Barry: Freestone Hill, Co. Kilkenny: an Iron Age hillfort and Bronze Age cairn, 1-108. (1, December 1969)

De Paor, Liam: Excavations at Mellifont Abbey, Co. Louth, 109-164. (2, December 1969)

Archaeological Exploration Committee: report,—Knowth, Dunboy Castle (Cork), Shalwy (court cairn, Donegal), Liathmore-Mochoemóg (mediaeval monastic site, Tipperary), Ballyglass (court cairn, Mayo) and Newgrange. Annual Report 1968-69, 16-22.


PRIA Volume 69 (1970), Section C

Rae, E.C.: The Rice monument in Waterford Cathedral, 1-43. (1, February 1970)

Tuck, Anthony: Anglo-Irish relations 1382–1393, 15-31. (2, March 1970)

Tipton, Charles L.: The Irish Hospitallers during the Great Schism, 33-43. (3, June 1970)

Hennig, J.: Studies in the Latin texts of the Martyrology of Tallaght, of Félire Oengusso and of Félire húi Gormain, 45-112. (4, July 1970)

Archaeological Exploration Committee: report,—Breany (ringfort, Longford), Behy (court cairn, Mayo), Knowth, Dunboy Castle (Cork), Shalwy & Croaghbeg (court cairns, Donegal), Liathmore-Mochoemóg (mediaeval monastic site, Tipperary), Carrownaglogh & Behy (prehistoric enclosures under peat, Mayo), Ballyglass (court cairn, Mayo), Rathgall (hillfort, Wicklow), Carrowbrack (mound, Mayo), and Rinmore (non-archaeological), Galway. Annual Report 1969-70, 16-27.


PRIA Volume 70 (1970), Section C

Waterhouse, G.: Sir Charles Giesecke’s autograph albums, 1-2.

Weingreen, J.: A new approach to Old Testament studies, 3-12.

Stanford, W.B.: Towards a history classical influences in Ireland, 13-91. (1 December 1970)


PRIA Volume 71 (1971), Section C

Hand, G.: Two hitherto unpublished membranes of Irish petitions presented at the Midsummer parliament of 1302 and the Lent parliament of 1305, 1-18. (1)

Dolley, Michael and Goddard, K.A.: The A.N. spellings ‘Stifne’, ‘Stefne’ and ‘Stiefne’ found in the obverse legends of English coins of Stephen’s first substantive type, 19-34. (2)

Hartnett, P.J.: The excavation of two tumuli at Fourknocks (Sites II and III), Co. Meath, 35-89. (3)

Roberts, Jane: A metrical examination of the poems Guthlac A and Guthlac B, 91-137. (4)

Johnston, Edith M.: Members of the Irish parliament 1784–7, 139-246. (5)

Cross, J.E.: ‘De signis et prodigiis’ in Versus Sancti Patricii episcopi de mirabilibus Hibernie, 247-254. (6)

Interim reports on excavations financed by grants recommended by the Academy's Archaeological Exploration committee. Appendix II of the Annual Report, 1970-1971, 32-42.


PRIA Volume 72 (1972), Section C

Smyth, A.P.: The earliest Irish annals: their first contemporary entries, and the earliest centres of Recording, 1-48. (1)

MacWhite, Eóin: Thomas Moore and Poland, 49-62. (2)

Bliss, A.J.: Languages in contact: some problems of Hiberno-English, 63-82. (3)

O’Dwyer, B.W.: The annals of Connacht and Loch Cé and the monasteries of Boyle and Holy Trinity, 83-101. (4)

Round, Nicholas G.: The Mediaeval reputation of the Proverbia Senecae: a partial survey based on recorded MSS, 103-152. (5)

Raftery, Joseph: Aspects of George Petrie. I. George Petrie 1789–1866: a re-assessment, 153-157. (6)

Greene, David: Aspects of George Petrie. II.—George Petrie and the collecting of Irish manuscripts, 158-161. (7)

Dolley, Michael: Aspects of George Petrie. III.—George Petrie and a century of Irish numismatics, 165-193. (8)

Fleischmann, Aloys: Aspects of George Petrie. IV.—Petrie’s contribution to Irish music, 195-218. (9)

Petrie, George: Aspects of George Petrie, V.—An essay on military architecture in Ireland previous to the English invasion. Notes and explanatory appendix by D.J.S. O'Malley, 219-269. (10)

Malcolmson, A.P.W.: John Foster and the speakership of the Irish House of Commons, 271-303. (11)


PRIA Volume 73 (1973), Section C

McCourt, D.: Innovation diffusion in Ireland: an historical case study, 1-19. (1)

Bateson, J.D.: Roman material from Ireland: a re-consideration, 21-97. (2)

Went, Arthur E.J.: The Cunningham medal of the Royal Irish Academy, 99-105. (3)

Ryan, M. Fitzg.: The excavation of a Neolithic burial mound at Jerpoint West, Co. Kilkenny, 107-127. (4)

O’Brien, A.F.: Episcopal elections, in Ireland, c. 1254–72, 129-176. (5)

Boyle, P.: The text of St. Luke’s Gospel in the Book of Mulling, 177-200. (6)

McNamara, Martin: Psalter text and Psalter study in the Early Irish Church (A.D. 600–1200), 201-296. (7)

Dumville, D.N.: Biblical apocrypha and the Early Irish: a preliminary investigation, 299-338. (8)

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Kennedy, Kieran A.: The role of social science in relation to public policy, 647-668. (12)

Kennedy, K.A.; Walsh, B.M. & Ebrill, L.P.: The demand for beer and spirits in Ireland, 669-711. (13)


PRIA Volume 74 (1974), Section C

Raftery, Barry: A decorated Iron Age horse-bit fragment from Ireland, 1-10. (1)

Eogan, George: Report on the excavations of some passage graves, unprotected inhumation burials and a settlement site at Knowth, Co. Meath, 2-112. (2)

Burke, Nuala: Dublin’s north-eastern city wall: Early reclamation at the Poddle-Liffey confluence, 113-132. (3)

Andrews, J.H.: The maps of the escheated counties of Ulster, 1609–10, 133-170. (4)

Kilbride-Jones, H.E.: The excavation of a cairn with kennel-hole entrance at Corracloona, Co. Leitrim, 171-182. (5)

Murphy, A.B.: Aspectual usage of the present tense in Serbo-Croat, 183-236. (6)

Woodman, P.C.: The chronological position of the latest phases of the Larnian, 237-258. (7)

Berman, David: Francis Hutcheson on Berkeley and the Molyneux problem, 259-265. (8)

Rynne, Etienne: Excavations at "Madden’s Hill", Kiltale, Co. Meath, 267-275. (9)

Raftery , Barry: A prehistoric burial Baunogenasraid, Co. Carlow, 277-312. (10)

Wijngaarden-Bakker, Louise, H. VAN.: The animal remains from the Beaker settlement at Newgrange, Co. Meath: first report, 313-383. (11)


PRIA Volume 75 (1975), Section C

Minnis, A.J.: "Authorial intention" and "literal sense" in the exegetical theories of Richard FitzRalph and John Wyclif: an essay in the medieval history of Biblical hermeneutics, 1-31. (1)

Dahrendorf, Ralf: Science, policy and science policy, 33-44. (2)

Christophersen, Paul: Has linguistics a part to play in the teaching of foreign 1anguages at university level? Some points suggested by the teaching of English as a foreign language, 45-59. (3)

Cooke, A.B.: A Conservative party leader in Ulster: Sir Stafford Northcote’s diary of a visit to the province, October 1883, 61-84. (4)

Berman, David : Anthony Collins and the question of atheism in the early part of the eighteenth century, 85-102. (5)

Fanning, T. and Hurst, J.G.: A mid seventeenth-century pottery group and other objects from Ballyhack Castle, Co. Wexford, 103-118. (6)

Hennig, J.: The notes on non-Irish Saints in the manuscripts of Félire Oengusso, 119-159. (7)

Empey, C.A. and Simms, Katharine: The ordinances of the White Earl and the problem of coign in the later Middle Ages, 161-187. (8)

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Graham, B.J.: Anglo-Norman settlement in County Meath, 223-248. (11)

Sanderlin, Sarah: The date and provenance of the "Litany of Irish Saints—II" (The Irish litany of pilgrim saints), 251-261. (12)

Long, Joseph: Dermot and the earl: who wrote "the song"? 263-272. (13)


PRIA Volume 76 (1976), Section C

Weingreen, J.: The concepts of retaliation and compensation in biblical law, 1-11. (1)

Longfield, A.K. (Mrs. Leask): Irish linen for Spain and Portugal: James Archbold’s letters 1771–79, 13-22. (2)

Sweetman, P. David: An earthen enclosure at Monknewtown, Slane, Co. Meath, 25-73. (3)

Hanson, R.P.C.: Eucharistic offering in the pre-Nicene Fathers, 75-95. (4)

Fanning, Thomas: Excavations at Clontuskert Priory, Co. Galway, 97-169. (5)

Colloquium on Hiberno-Roman relations and material remains:

Bateson, J.D.: Further finds of Roman material from Ireland, 171-180. (6)

Dolley, Michael: Roman coins from Ireland and the date of St. Patrick, 181-190. (7)

Fowler, P.J.: Small settlements and their context in Western Britain first to fifth centuries A.D., 191-206. (8)

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Lloyd-Morgan, Glenys: A note on some Celtic discs from Ireland and the province of Lower Germany, 217-222. (10)

Rahtz, Philip: Irish settlements in Somerset, 223-230. (11)

Rynne, Etienne: The La Tène and Roman finds from Lambay, County Dublin: a re-assessment, 231-244. (12)

Thomas, Charles: Imported Late-Roman Mediterranean pottery in Ireland and western Britain: chronologies and implications, 245-265. (13)

Tierney, J.J.: The Greek geographic tradition and Ptolemy’s evidence for Irish geography, 257-265. (14)

Warner, R.B.: Some observations on the context and importation of exotic material in Ireland, from the first century B.C. to the second century A.D., 267-292. (15)

Kavanagh, R.M.: Collared and cordoned cinerary urns in Ireland, 293-403. (16)


PRIA Volume 77 (1977), Section C

Sainty, J.C.: The secretariat of the Chief Governors of Ireland, 1690–1800, 1-33. (1)

Carson, R.A.G. and O’Kelly, Claire: A catalogue of the Roman coins from Newgrange, Co. Meath and notes on the coins and related finds, 35-55. (2)

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O’Connor, R.: Economics and the environment, 193-211. (4)

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