CLAHJ volume I number 1 (1904)

Garstin, John Ribton: Inaugural address, 5-12.

Dolan, J.M.: The early legends of Louth, 13-21.

Morris, Henry: The Tara Brooch, 21-22.

McCarte, J.: Bellew inscriptions-Bellew's Bridge, 22.

Murray, Laurence: Monasteries of Louth, Part I-The pre-Norman monasteries, 23-36.

Ua Cuinn, S. (Quinn, J.): Souterrains of Louth, 37-40.

Barry, Thomas: Castle Guard, Ardee, 43-45.

Enda (Lawless, N.): Where is the Gap of the North? 46.

Morris, Henry: Kilnasaggart Stone, 47-49.

McCarte, James: County Louth election medal, 1755, 50-51.

McCarte, James: Notes and queries: inscribed stone from Castletown, John Bell's articles on local scenes and places, William Shaw Mason's notes in the Public Record Office, Dublin, 51.

Dix, E.R. McClintock: Earliest printing in County Louth, 52-3.

Morris, Henry: The modern Irish poets of Oriel, Breffni and Meath, 54-59.

McCarte, James: John D'Alton's manuscripts [note], 60.

Morris, Henry: Duleek: the Cianachta; and the Battle of Killineer [note], 61.

McCarte, J.: Old Borough records [note], 62.

anonymous: Mr. Redmond McGrath's collection of antiquities, 63-64.


CLAHJ volume I number 2 (1905)

Bigger, Francis Joseph: Annual Address, 5-16.

Morris, Henry: Louthiana: ancient and modern, 17-22.

Garstin, John Ribton: Bellew's Bridge, 23-24.

'Sinn Fein' (Gogarty, T.): Early printing in County Louth, 25-31.

newspaper article: Dublin Penny Magazine, 1833: The Bathe House, Drogheda, 32.

'Enda' (Lawless, N.): Ath-Na-Carpat, 33-35.

Quinn, James: Toigh-An-Alluis: ancient Irish bath houses, 36-37.

Morris, Henry: Relics of the Dundalk Volunteers of 1782, 37-38.

Murray, Lawrence: The early legends of County Louth, 39-44.

Dolan, J.T. (ed.): Colonel Thomas Bellingham's diary [1689], 45-60.

St. Mochta's House, Louth: photo and note (anonymous, but probably by Laurence Murray), facing page 60.

M'Carte, J.: Census of Louth County and Drogheda City, in 1659-60, 61-73.

M'Carte, James: Ordnance Survey manuscripts relating to County Louth, 74-76.

Morris, Henry: An Irish account of Bruce's invasion; entitled "The Battle of Fochart of St. Bridget", 77-91.

(probably Morris, Henry): Kilnasaggart stone [note], 92.

Morris, Henry: Barne's Vave [note], 92.

Tempest, H.G.: Barnavave [note], 92-3.

O'Laverty, Rt. Rev. Mgr.: New Grange [quotation from Ulster Journal of Archaeology], 93.

Morris, Henry: Mr. Owen Smith's Antiquities, 93.

Skelly, A.M. & Barry, Thomas: Correspondence-Castle Guard, Ardee, 94-95.


CLAHJ volume I number 3 (1906)

Bellingham, Sir Henry: Annual address [about the Ardagh Chalice], 5-14.

Buckley, James (ed.): Military operations in the County Louth, in 1689-90, as described in the journal of Captain John Stevens, 15-35.

Buckley, James (ed.): A contemporary letter descriptive of military operations in County Louth in 1689, 36-37.

Morris, Henry (ed.): Louthiana: ancient and modern, 38-45.

Lloyd, J.H.: The legend of Proleek, 46-48.

Gogarty, T: County Louth bye-election in 1767, 49-53.

'Enda' (Lawless, N.): Killaine in Slieve Breagh, 54-58.

O'Connell, V.J.: Window in church in Castletown graveyard, Dundalk, facing page 56.

MacCarte, James: Notes on County Louth regiments of the Irish Volunteers of 1782, 59-63.

Murray, Laurence: Family names in Louth, 64-76.

Morris, Henry: The Magdalene Tower, Drogheda, 77.

Henry Morris: Dunmahon Castle, 78-83.

Cooke, John: digest of lecture on Irish archaeology, 84-87.

Morris, Henry: Some place-names in the Tain, 88-90.

Morris, Henry: Collection of antiquities belonging to Mr. Henry Morris, 93-94.

anonymous: Antiquities in the possession of Mr. Joseph T. Dolan, Ardee, 94.

anonymous: Barne's Vave [note], 95.

'Enda' (Lawless, N.): Bridge-â-Fein [note], 95.

anonymous: Ath Cruithne [note], 96.

Crossle, Francis C.: Stone circle in Ravensdale Park [note], 96.

Morris, Henry: Steven's diary [note], 96-97.

Morris, Henry: Slieve Gullion cairn [note], 97.

Morris, Henry: Querns [note], 97.

Morris, Henry: Finds in bogs [note], 97.

Tempest, H.G.: photograph of St. Mochta's House, facing page 99.


CLAHJ volume I number 4 (1907)

Fitzgerald, Lord Walter: Notes on the Feena-Erin, Finn MacCoole, and the latter's principal abode-the Hill of Allen in the County Kildare, 5-22.

'Enda' (Lawless, N.): Lughmagh-Cluain-Caoin, Knock-na-Seangan, 23-27.

Morris, Henry: The shrine of St. Patrick's bell, 28.

Laverty, Charles: The old name of Castleblayney, 29-33.

Gogarty, T: The burial place of St. Fanchea, 34-46.

document: Map of Drogheda in 1749, facing page 40.

Morris, Henry: Cuchulainn's pillar stone, 47-50.

Dolan, Joseph T.: Early legends of Louth, 51-52.

Tempest H.G.: Cast bronze pot, recently found in Dundalk, 53-56.

Morris, Henry (ed.): Louthiana: ancient and modern, 57-61.

Dix E.R., M'C.: Some Dundalk song books, 62-63.

Henry Morris: Some local sheet ballads, 64.

Henry Morris: Family papers, 65-72.

O'Gorman, E.: Place names and legends, 73-74.

Murray, Laurence: The post-Norman monasteries of Louth, 75-99.

Henry Morris: Speech of Mr. King, professor of Irish, the day of the great Repeal organisation: Dundalk, 29th June, 1843. Delivered to the congregation at Stabannon chapel, 100-102.

Tempest, William: Origin of the Drogheda Argus, 103.

anonymous: List of Irish antiquities belonging to Sir Henry Bellingham, Bart., at Bellingham Castle, 104.

anonymous: Mr. Redmond MacGrath's second list of antiquities, 105-107.

MacCarte, James: County Louth ordnance in 1689, "from an abstract of all the ordnance in his Majesty's Kingdom of Ireland in 1685", 108-109.

Tempest, H.G.: Bellew inscriptions [note], 109.

M'Carte, J.: Correction [re Louth Volunteers article in Volume I, number 3], 110.

M'Carte, J.: Query ["Letter to the inhabitants of Newry"], 110.

MacCarte, James: Note on a gallaun, or pillar-stone, 110.

Horan, Mary J.: The O'Hanlons [note], 110.

Horan, Mary J.: The Kelly-Concannon vault in Louth old cemetery [note], 110.

Henry Morris: Coins [collection for sale], 111.

Henry Morris: Election medal [1755, for sale], 111.

Henry Morris: Joint stock companies (query), 111.

Evatt, G.J.H.: Place names in County Louth, 111.

anonymous [probably Quinn, J.]: Re-union and lecture in Drogheda [includes map of Drogheda in 1649].


CLAHJ volume II number 1 (1908)

MacCaffrey, James: Annual Meeting [lecture on Richard Fitzralph of Dundalk], 5-13.

Gogarty, Thomas: Footsteps of St. Feighin in Louth, 14-18.

Gogarty, T.: An interesting Drogheda inscription, 19-20.

"Enda" (Lawless, N.): Faughan and Proleek, 21-23.

Coleman, James: Bibliography of the counties of Louth, Meath, Westmeath and Longford, 24-26.

"Enda" (Lawless, N.): Killaine in Slieve Breagh, 27-28.

Stubbs, F.W.: Place names in the County of Louth, 29-39.

Stubbs, F.W.: Holy wells in County Louth, 40.

Stubbs, F.W.: Wells bearing Irish names, 40.

Morris, Henry: Motes and their origin, 41-44.

Kirwan, Patrick: The Byrnes Of County Louth, 45-49.

Orpen, Goddard H.: The origin of Irish motes, 50-56.

Ua Cuinn, Seumas: The O'Hanlon tomb and arms in Newtown cemetery, Lordship, 57-61.

Donnellan, L.: Carolaniana, 62-71.

O'Grady, Standish: quotation, 71

Ua Muireadhaigh, Lorcán P.: Danish Louth, 72-77.

D, L. & Q, J. [L. Donnellan & James Quinn?]: Words and music (traditional) of Úir Chille Creagan, 78-82.

Ua Cuinn, Seumas: Two memorial wayside crosses-Taaffes and MacMahons, 83-84.

W., M: Louthiana: ancient and modern-Mount Ash, 85.

Ua Cuinn, Seumas: Louthiana: ancient and modern-Rathdrumin, 86.

Tempest, H.G.: Louthiana: ancient and modern-Raskeagh, 88-89.

Gogarty, T.: Place names in County Louth [note], 89.

anonymous: Ballinlough [location of-note], 89.


CLAHJ volume II number 2 (1909)

John, 3rd Marquis of Bute: Brendan's fabulous voyage, 109-123.

"Enda" [Lawless, N.]: Faughan, Druimenna. Lerga, Dundealgan, 124-127.

Stubbs, F.W.: Place names in the County of Louth, (continued), 128-138.

Tempest, H.G.: Louthiana : ancient and modern-Dundugan Fort 139.

Leslie, J.B.: Louthiana : ancient and modern-Lisnarann, 141.

Donnellan, L.: Oriel songs and dances, 142-148.

Gogarty, Thomas: The Archbishop of Armachane's Opinion Toucheinge Irelande, delivered in julye, 1558, 149-164.

Buckley, J. (ed.): The journal of Thomas Wright, author of Louthiana (1711-1786), 165-185.

Quinn, J.: Kilnasagart, 186-190.

Ua Cuinn Seumas: The O'Hanlon tomb and arms, in Newtown Cemetery, Lordship, 191-192.

Dolan J.T.: Ardee Corporation, 193-197.

O'Kelly H.: The Moate, Dorsey or Dorsey Dun, 197-198.

Garstin, John Ribton: The arms and seal of Dundalk, 205-206.

Ashby, Thomas: Destruction of ancient monuments, 200.

anonymous; Burial place, Mullanstown, Ardee [note], 204-5.

anonymous: Inismot, position of [query], 207.

Bigger, F. J: Drogheda Harpist Society [note], 207.

D, L & Q, J. [L. Donnellan & James Quinn?]: Úir Cille Creagan [correction], 207.

"Enda" [Lawless, N.]: Dundealgan [correction], 207.


CLAHJ volume II number 3 (1910)

Murray, L.: St. Patrick and Louth, 213-236.

Gogarty, T. (ed.): Drogheda Corporation Book of Oathes, 1783, 237-246.

Hobson, Mary: The great burial mounds of Loughcrew, County Meath, 247-253.

Morris, Henry: Emania at the present day, 254-256.

Ua Taillamhain, Séamus: Duleek and its environs, 257-261.

Morris, Henry: Manaan Castle, 262-271.

Gogarty, T.: The form of penance to be performed at St. Patrick's Purgatory in Lough Derg, 272-274.

Murray, L.: The burial-place of St. Fanchea: Fuinsheog, Kilslaughtery or Killany, 275-284.

Stubbs, F.W.: Place names in the County of Louth (E to N), 285-298.

Tempest, H.G.: Louthiana: past and present-Mount or Moat Albani, 299-300.

"Enda" [Lawless, N.]: Dundealgain; Tomhas-Na-Luinge, 301-304.

Macardle, P.L.: Baptismal font at the Old Chapel, Dundalk, 305-306.

Morris, Henry: An Irish poem from County Down, 307-313.

anonymous: Dun Dealgan, 314-316,

anonymous: Death tokens, 323.

Morris, Henry: Marriage Customs, 323-324.

MacDonnell, Peter P.: Seatown Castle, 324.

MacDonnell, Peter P.: The word "Proleek", 324.

anonymous: Inscription on monumental slab in wall of the ancient cathedral of Aghold, County Wicklow, 324.

Tempest, H.G.: Cist and clay urn [Tankardsrock], 325.


CLAHJ volume II number 4 (1911)

Murray, L.: St. Columba in Louth, 337-346.

Stubbs, F.W.: Place names in the County of Louth (concluded), 350-362.

Gogarty, Thomas: Henry Jones, bricklayer and poet, 363-374.

"Enda" [Lawless, N.]: Killaine In Slieve Breagh, 375-381.

Gogarty, Thomas: The burial-place of St. Fanchea, 382-386.

MacDonnell, Peter: The Battle of Ballybregan or Braganstown, Co. Louth, 1328-39, 387-388.

Murray L., Dundealgan and its pillar-stone, the Lia Lingadan, 389-397.

Leslie, James B.: The Clinton family in County Louth, 398-412.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: The inaugural lecture: the Bronze Age in Ireland, 413-414.

MacDonnell, Peter: How was Edward Bruce killed? 415-416.

Donnellan, L.: Eibhlín a Rúin, 417-425.

O'C, S. [James Quinn]: Louthiana: Ancient and modern-Killanny Moat, 426-428.

Tempest, Harry G.: Louthiana: Ancient and modern-Fort at Ballinahattina, Dundalk, 428-429.

O'C, S. [James Quinn]: Louthiana: Ancient and modern-Castle Ring Moat, 429-430.

Murray, L.: The burial-place of St. Fanchea, 431-433.

Tempest, H.G.: Lisnachuggle, a County Louth cathair, 434-435.

Morris, Henry: Revue Celtique: note of the most important pieces bearing on Irish history and literature, 436.

Tempest, H.G.: Sweat house at Ravensdale [note], 440.

anonymous: Mount Bagnal Fort [note], 440.

Morris, Henry: Manaan Castle [note], 440.

anonymous: Old graves found at St. Leonard's, Dundalk [note], 441.

Leslie, J.B.: Hearth-Money Rolls of 1664 and 1667 [note], 441.

MacDonnell, Peter: Cloch Thógalta Cromlech [note], 441.

Leslie, J.B.: Rev. Patrick Dunkin [note], 442.

MacDonnell, Peter: Rath [note], 442.

Leslie, J.B.: Rev. Elliot Hudson [note], 442.

Leslie, J.B.: MSS. Relating to Co. Louth, 442.

Dolan, Joseph T.: Dun Dealgan and its opening, 451-452.


CLAHJ volume III number 1 (1912)

Donnellan, Luke: Traditional Irish and Highland airs, 5-15.

Élgeach, Fiachra: Patrick Dungin (note), 15.

Morris, Henry: The Adventure of St. Columba's clerics, 16-18.

Carolan, Francis: O'Neill's Castle in Dungooly, 19-20.

Tempest, Harry G.: Some further Louth Souterrains, 21-26.

Grattan Flood, W.H.: Eibhlin A Rúin, 27.

Morris, Henry: A Faughart Monument, 28-29.

M'Carte, James: County Louth Medals, 29-30.

Enda (Lawless, Nicholas): Rathcoole, Ui Segain, Leire, 31-35.

Muller, Max: The destruction of antiquities, 36.

Morris, Henry: The stone and bronze ages in our Museum (at Dun Dealgan, Dundalk), 37-46.

Enda (Lawless, Nicholas): Faughart, Crioch Ross and Smarmore, 47-50.

Kelly, Hugh: Conan's Grave, 51.

Murray, Laurence P.: The ancient territories Of Oirghialla, Uladh and Conaille Muirthemhne, 52-65.

Morris, Henry: Weavers' iron candle-holders, 66-67.

Tempest Harry G.: Bronze ring-pin, 67.

Gogarty, Thomas: County Louth depositions, 1641, 68-79.

Morris, Henry: Welcome to Viscount Townsend-Fáilte do'n Tighearna Townsend. Composed by Maurice O'Gorman, 80-82.

Dolan, Joseph T.: Drogheda trade and customs, 1683, 83-103.

Tempest, Harry G.: Bellew inscriptions, 104-106.

Ó Ceallaigh, Aodh: Sepulchral clay urn, 108.

Tempest, Harry G.: Pillar Stone at Belrobin, Barronstown (note), 109.

M'Carte, James: County Louth Token Coinage (note), 109.

"W.T." (William Tempest?): Wright's "Louthiana" and Boswell's "Historical antiquities of England and Wales" (note), 109.

M'Carte, James: The Stone of Decapitation, Faughart (note), 109.

Tempest, Harry G.: The name Proleek (note), 109.

M'Carte, James: "Letters to the inhabitants of Newry" (note), 110.

Tempest, Harry G.: John D'Alton's MS (note), 110.

M'Carte, James: MSS. relating to the County Louth (note), 110.

Parlin, H.: Louth Place Names (note), 110.

Power, P.: Cashel, historical sketch, 117-118.


CLAHJ volume III number 2 (1913)

MacSweeney, P.M.: Some phases of "Celtic" culture, 133-148.

Hurson, Charles: Annacloghmullion, 149-153.

Murray Laurence P.: Dundealgain in the eighteenth century, 154-155.

Enda (Lawless), Nicholas: Muirtheimhne, 156-166.

Gogarty, Thomas: County Louth depositions, 1641, 167-177.

Donnellan, Luke: Eibhlin a Rúin, 178-180.

Murray Laurence P.: Old times in Dundalk and its neighbourhood, 181-188.

Morris, H.: Welcome to the Primate Brian MacMahon, Archbishop of Armagh, 1738, 189-192.

Stubbs, Miss: Cahir Cuchulainn or "Cuchulainn's House", Co. Kerry (note), 193.

Tempest, Harry G.: Stone circle in Co. Louth (note), 194.

Morris, H.: Viscount Townsend, 194-5.

Tempest, Harry G.: Diagram of the inscription on the Bellew-Nugent 1588 cenotaph, 195.

?Tempest, Harry G.: Diagram of the inscription on the Mortimer-Brady tombstone, 1634, 196.


CLAHJ volume III number 3 (1914)

Dolan, Joseph T.: The Cross of Muiredach [summary of a lecture by R.A.S. Macalister] 209-212.

Murray, L.: Omeath, 213-231.

O'Dowd, Peadar: Place-names in Omeath, 232-236.

Henry, Augustine: Woods and trees of Ireland, 237-245.

Morris, Henry: "Cassidy's rag"-the growth of a superstition, 246.

Enda (Lawless, Nicholas): Magh Clochar, 247-249.

Dolan, Joseph T. & Lynch, Daniel: Exports from Drogheda in 1683, for the quarter July-September 1683, 250-258.

Carolan, Francis: Seven battles: Irish, Danes and Anglo-Normans, 259-260.

Dolan, Joseph T. & Lynch, Daniel: County Louth brewers and retailers, 1683, 261-266.

Morris, H.: Domhnall MacCiaigh, Easpog Dúin (Daniel Mackey, Bishop of Down, 1673), 267-272.

Tempest, H.G. (ed.): The roll of the sovereigns and burgesses of Carlingford, 1706-1828, 273-283.

Tempest, Harry G.: Notes on Carlingford Corporation, 283-287.

Carolan, Francis: Note on the Knights of St. George, 287.

Enda (Lawless, Nicholas): Liathross (note), 301.

Enda (Lawless, Nicholas): St. Fintan of Dromin (note), 301.


CLAHJ volume III number 4 (1915)

O'Connell, F.W.: The philosophy of Aodh MacDomhnaill, 311-317.

Murray, Laurence P.: A Louth Irish manuscript in New York, 318-322.

Enda (Lawless, Nicholas): Armagh, Cloghar and Louth, 323-329.

Murray, Laurence P.: Before Kinsale-and after, 330-338.

Morris, Henry: The "Ship Temple" near Dundalk, 339-346.

Garstin, John Ribton: List of documents transferred from Armagh Diocesan Registry to the Public Record Office, Dublin, 347-356.

Dolan, Joseph T.: The Minute Book of the Corporation of Ardee. A.D.1661 onwards, 357-362.

Dolan, Joseph T.: Seizures at Dundalk and Drogheda, 1795, 363-364.

Morris, Henry: Some Irish superstitions, 365-368.

Murray, L.P.: Poets and poetry of the parish of Kilkerley, Haggardstown, 369-384.

Macalister, R.A.S. & Dolan, Joseph T.: The Ogham inscription at Barnafeadog, County Louth, 385-387.

Morris, Henry: Fáilte Maighistir Ió Pluinceat, 388-393.

Tempest, H.G.: A hosting at Castle Roche, 1561, 394-395.

Morris, H. & Tempest, H.G. (query and reply): Dundalk Charter School, 396.

Morris, Henry: Church of Kilfursa (note), 396.

anonymous: Owen or Eugene MacMahon, Archbishop of Dublin (note), 396.

Tempest, H.G.: Old Dundalk names (note), 396.


CLAHJ volume IV number 1 (1916)

Lett, H.W.: The trench or "wall" of Ulster, 5-7.

Enda (Lawless, Nicholas): Armagh, Cloghar and Louth, 8-13.

Cole, Grenville A.J.: The County of Louth: its surface and its foundation-stones, 14-16.

Lawlor, H.J.: Lecture on Irish illuminated manuscripts, 17-25.

Bellew, the Hon. Mrs. Richard: Some notes on the family of Warrens of Warrenstown, County Louth, 26-34.

Dolan, Joseph T.: The minute book of the Corporation of Ardee. A.D. 1661 onwards, 35-41.

Murray, L.P.: The poets and poetry of Kilkerley (continued), 42-60.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Impression of the seal of the Chapter of Canons of St. Mary's, Louth, [between pp 60 and 61]

Macalister, R.A.S.: An ancient cemetery, Mooretown, Ardee, 61.

Gogarty, T.: The Abbey of SS. Peter and Paul, Knock, 62-69.

Ó Muirgheasa, Énrí: Lament for Brian, son of Coll MacMahon, 70-75.

document: Some extracts from Irish State Papers, 76-79.

Esposito, M.: The Cathach of St. Columba, 80-83.

Garstin, John Ribton: The Co. Louth Ordnance Survey Letters, 1835-6, preliminary memorandum, 84-87.

document: The Co. Louth Ordnance Survey Letters, 1835-6, 88-103.

Macalister, R.A.S.: Ancient inscribed tombstones at Drogheda and Dunleer, 104-105.

Ó Ceallaigh, Aodh: Find of bog butter (note), 106.

Murray, L.P.: "The Redshank's Galleys" (note), 106.

Murray, L.P.: Old Dundalk names (note), 106.

Murray, L.P.: Church of Kilfursa (note), 106.


CLAHJ volume IV number 2 (1917)

Lawlor H.J.: The genesis of the Diocese of Clogher,129-159.

Enda (Lawless, Nicholas): SS. Donnchadh, Sodeb and Teca, etc.,160-161.

Leslie, J.B.: Some notes on Dundalk, 162-168.

Gogarty, Thomas: St. Mary's Abbey, Louth, 169-189.

Murray, L.P.: Poets and poetry of Kilkerley (continued), 190-198.

Enda (Lawless, Nicholas): Le Camestreet, Le Campstreet Lane, The Big Bridge. etc., 199-201.

Morris, H.: Irish Annals, 202-204.

document: Louth Ordnance Survey Letters (continued), 205-206.


CLAHJ volume IV number 3 (1918)

Blake, R. Marlay: Folk lore, with some account of the ancient Gaelic leeches and the state of the art of medicine in ancient Erin, 217-225.

Lawlor H.J.: Fragments of a lost register of the Diocese of Clogher, 226-257.

Morris, Henry: Some Ulster proverbs, 258-272.

document: Louth Ordnance Survey Letters (continued), 273.


CLAHJ volume IV number 4 (1919-20)

Butler, W.F.: Some episodes of the Civil War of 1641-53 in Louth, 277-289.

Enda (Lawless, Nicholas): Barnesvave and Barr Neava, 290-291.

O'Murray, L.: Poets of Kilkerley and Neighbourhood (continued), 292-297.

Enda (Lawless, Nicholas): St. Sillan of Imbliuch Cassain in Cooley, 298-300.

Lawless, Nicholas: Dromiskin Celtic Cross, 301.

anonymous: A County Louth election of 1755, 302-303.

document: Disturbances in the County Louth, A.D. 1312, 304-307.

document: Gentlemen of County Louth, c. A.D. 1600, 308-310.

document: County Louth representatives in the Irish Parliament, 1613-1758, 311-317.

Morris, H.: Heating stones, 318-319.

Morris, H.: Some features of bronze swords, 320-323.

Enda (Lawless, Nicholas): Louth, Armagh And Cloghar, 324-329.

Enda (Lawless, Nicholas): The Wolf's Path in Cooley, 330-332.

document: Louth Ordnance Survey Letters (continued), 333-339.

Bigger, Francis Joseph: Drogheda and Boyne pictures, 340.

Parlin, Henry: St. Fintan, Abbot of Dromin, 341-343.

document: References to St. Colmcille in Louth (extract from Manus O'Donnell's Life of Colmcille, 1532), 344.

Garstin, J.R.: The east window of St. Nicholas' Parish Church, Dundalk. Notes on the stained glass and inscriptions, 345-348.

Stubbs, F.W.: A projected history of County Louth, 349-355.

Stubbs, F.W.: Stone monuments of Louth, 356-358.

Morris, Henry: The death of Patrick Fleming, 359-366.

Macardle, P.L.: The Coronation of Edward Bruce, 367-369.

Ó Dóláin, Seosimh: Early partitions of Ireland, 370-374.

document: Louth Members of the Irish Parliament, 375- 386.

Macardle, P.L.: Blessed Oliver Plunkett Church at Ballybarrack (note), 387.

Macalister, R.A.S.: Cloghafarmore pillar stone, Knockbridge (note), 387.

anonymous: Mr. Garstin's manuscript collections (note), 387.

anonymous: Drogheda pictures (note), 387.


CLAHJ volume V number 1 (1921)

Garstin, John Ribton: Some inscriptions in Irish in the County of Louth, 3-12.

Curtis, E.: The Fitz Rerys, Welsh Lords of Cloghran, Co. Dublin, 13-17.

McKenna, L. (ed.): Poem To O Conchobhair Sligigh, by Maol Sheachluinn na nUirsgeal Ó hUiginn,18-22.

Cole, Grenville A.J.: The passing of the chalk, 23-24.

Cole, Grenville A.J.: Proleek Cromleck (note), 24.

Grattan Flood, W.H.: Patrick Byrne, the blind harper of County Louth, 25-27.

probably Stubbs, F.W. (ed.): Louth Ordnance Survey Letters (continued), 28-34.

Morris, Henry: From "The Triads Of Ireland", 35-36.

Bigger, Francis Joseph: A Drogheda schoolmaster-Rev. James Porter, 37.

"Enda" (Lawless, N.): Schomberg, James and William at Castletown, 38-44.

McGrath, Redmond (ed.): Dundalk Corporation accounts [1755-59], 45-48, & note on p84.

anonymous (ed.): The charter of Dunleer Corporation, 49-57.

anonymous: Termonfeckin Castle 58-60.

Bigger, Francis Joseph: Samuel Bryson, a Belfast Gaelic scholar, the Dundalk Presbyterian ministry, and the Irish language, 61-62.

Bigger, Francis Joseph (contrib.): Souterrains: tumuli in County Louth opened and destroyed. Letter to the Drogheda Argus, January 1848, probably written by James T. Rowland of Drogheda, 63-64.

Tempest, H.G.: A souterrain at Dromiskin, 65.

Stubbs, F.W.: Projected history of County Louth, (continued), 66-68.

anonymous: A County Louth translator of Dante [mentioned in lecture by Count Plunkett], 68.

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(photographs of finds from Nendrum on plate facing p56)


CLAHJ volume VI number 2 (1926)

(frontispiece: photograph of urns from Oakhill townland, Co. Louth)

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(photograph of two fragments of urns from Oakhill townland, Co. Louth, plate facing p. 76)

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CLAHJ volume VII number 3 (1931)

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CLAHJ volume VII number 4 (1932)

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CLAHJ volume VIII number 1 (1933)

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CLAHJ volume VIII number 2 (1934)

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CLAHJ volume VIII number 3 (1935)

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CLAHJ volume VIII number 4 (1936)

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CLAHJ volume IX number 2 (1938)

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CLAHJ volume IX number 3 (1939)

Murray, L.P.: The ancient chantries of Co. Louth, 181-208.

Davies, O.: Excavations at Lissachiggel, 209-243.

Kelly, Matthew: Two castles of Drogheda, 244-245.

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Raftery, Joseph: Early Iron Age decorations on dolmen at Rathkenny, Co. Meath, 258-261.


CLAHJ volume IX number 4 (1940)

Ó Casaide, Séamus: Bernard MacMahon: priest and scientist, 267-279.

Davies, O.: Excavations at the Dorsey (continued), 280-289.

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CLAHJ volume X number 1 (1941)

Davies, Oliver: Old Churches in County Louth, 5-23

Tempest H.G.: Rathkenny dolmen, 24.

Kelly, Matthew J.: Three monasteries of Drogheda, 25-41.

Paterson, T.G.F.: Ragnall Dall Mac Domhnaill, 42-49.

anonymous: Gold ring with portrait (? Hugh MacMahon, Rockfield), 49.

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anonymous: Bronze pin from near Ardee, 54.

Raftery, Joseph: Some new County Louth finds, 55-57.

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anonymous: An Iron Age thatched rath ! [note], 83.

Errata: Vol IV, p378 (HFMcC); Vol IX, 247; Vol IX, 298, 83.


CLAHJ volume X number 2 (1942)

Mitchell, G.F.: The discovery of a skull of the Irish giant deer at Newtownbabe, near Dundalk, Co. Louth, 97-99.

Stelfox, A.W.: The Irish giant deer, or "Irish elk", 99-100.

Davies, O.: Old churches in County Louth (continued), 101-107.

Keenan, Brother B.: Townland survey of County Louth, continued :-Woodhouse and Lismanus, 110-112.

Leslie, J.B.: Indexed list of wills of residents in Dundalk and district, 113-115.

Gwynn, Aubrey: Archbishop Cromer's register (continued), 116-127.

Dunlop, Margaret: The building of a cairn. The megalith builders: coast folk of yesterday, 108-109.

Tempest, H.G.: The stone circle in Ravensdale Park, 128-132.

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anonymous: Bronze pin found near Ardee [note], 156.

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Tempest, H.G.: Souterrain in Proleek Acres townland, 149-150.

anonymous: Fugill token, Dundalk [note], 155.

anonymous: Clintons of Nizelrath and Townleys of Dunmahon [note], 155.

McClintock, H.F.: The "Dog's" Monument, Dundalk [note], 156.

anonymous: Bog finds in Ardee district [note], 157.

newspaper article: Silver ear ring, from Rossnaree [from Irish Times], 157.

Tempest, H.G.: Iron salt pan, at Castletown [note], 157.


CLAHJ volume X number 3 (1943)

Gwynn, Aubrey: Archbishop Cromer's register (concluded), 165-179.

Tempest, H.G.: Bellew's Castle, Castletown-Bellew, or Castletown Castle, Dundalk, 180-195.

Evans, Estyn: The fireside, 196-199.

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Tempest H.G.: Note on the inscription of Louth Hall Cross, 212-215.

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Tempest H.G.: Rental and accounts of the Collon Estate, 1779-81, 222-229.

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Tempest H.G.: Pippard v. Mayor of Drogheda, 230-232.

Allen, W.P.: Some notes on the old fortifications of Drogheda, 233-244.

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McLysaght, Edward: Documents at Red house, Ardee, 251-255.

McClintock, H.F.: Some notes on the family of Parkinson of Redhouse, or Red House, Ardee, 255-256.

O Neill, Augustine: Franciscan foundation at Drogheda: points of historical interest, 257-259.

document: Law in Dundalk in 1719. Petition of Ralph Green to Hans Hamilton, 260-261.

Allensis: County Louth Canadian statesman (Thomas D'Arcy McGee) [note], 261.

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Tempest, H.G.: The Pale Ditch [note], 262.

Corrigendum, Vol. VI, p1, 262.

anonymous: Objects presented to Museum [note], 262.


CLAHJ volume X number 4 (1944)

Davies, Oliver: Old churches in County Louth (continued), 277-296.

Hennig, John: St. Leonard in Ireland, 297-301.

document: A journey from County Louth to Bath in 1797, from the diary of Mrs. Fortescue (neé McClintock) of Stephenstown, 302-306.

Raftery, Joseph: A new quern from County Louth, 307-310.

Tempest, H.G.: Some tombstone inscriptions in St. Nicholas' Churchyard, Dundalk, 311-313.

Tempest H.G.: The castles and motes of County Louth, 314-315.

Tempest H.G.: Kilwore, Proleek townland, 316-317.

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newspaper article: Extract of a letter from an officer at Minorca to a gentleman at Ardee [from Dublin Evening Post, 26 January 1782], 350.

document: Irish Racing Calendar, 1800: rules and orders for cocking, 350.


CLAHJ volume XI number 1 (1945)

Gwynn, Aubrey: The Antiphonary of Armagh, 1-12.

Paterson, T.G.F.: Brigid's crosses in County Armagh, 15-20.

anonymous: The Two O's [note], 20.

Davies, Oliver: Old churches in County Louth, 21-27.

Leask, H.G.: Mellifont Abbey, 28-33.

Evans, E.Estyn: Potatoes and Man, 34-36.

Ó Maolagáin P.: Sliabh Larga and Cuaille Ciannachta in the Synod of Rath Breasail, 37-40.

Conlon T.P. (& note by H.G. Leask): Old timbered house in Drogheda (recently the Imperial Hotel), 41-42.

Paterson, T.G.F.: The Christmas Rhymers, 43-51.

Keenan, T.M.: Townland survey of County Louth-Monasterboice, Barabona, Timullen, Cordoogan, 52-57.

McGuirk, James: Old Drogheda Title Deeds, 58-60.

O Murnaghan, Art: A note on the Cross in Irish archæology, 61-62.

Leask, H.G.: St. Mochta's House [note], 63.

anonymous: McAlister or McAlester [James McAlister, Dundalk, 1780]. Query, 63.

Tempest, H.G.: Elcock tombstone, St. Peter's, Drogheda [corrigendum], 63.

McClintock, H.F.: Stone with arms of Fleming at Lagan [note], 63.

McClintock, H.F.: Carved stone at Rogerstown, Clonkeen [note], 63.


CLAHJ volume XI number 2 (1946)

Gwynn, Aubrey: Ardee in the Middle Ages, 77-89.

Paterson, T.G.F.: The game of Long Bullets in County Armagh, 90-95.

McIvor, Dermot: Townland survey of County Louth-Rathlust, Anaglog, and Hunterstown, with historical notes and abstracts of deeds, 96-142.

Bieler, Ludwig: letter re Foclut. Reply from Joseph Martin, 146.


CLAHJ volume XI number 3 (1947)

Ó Maolagáin P.: Ui Chremthainn and Fir Fernmaighe, 157-163.

Paterson, T.G.F.: The sack of Dunmahon Castle, 164-168.

Mitchell, G.F.: An early kitchen-midden in County Louth, 169-174.

Paterson, T.G.F.: The Chamberlains of Nizelrath (continued). Notes on allied families of Clinton, Aston, O'Doherty and Brownlow, 175-185.

Tempest, H.G.: Fireplace in Athclare Castle [note], 186.

Gwynn, A.: Extracts relating to Co. Louth from the Calendar of the Register of Primate Milo Sweteman, 1361-1379, 187-203.

Longfield, Ada K. (Mrs. Leask): An 18th-century priest's memorial stone at Mayne, Co. Louth, 204-205.

McIvor, D.: A Drogheda deed of 1809. Culver House Park-Oldfield-Sandiford-Power, 206-208.

anonymous: Drogheda and the '98 movement, 213-216.


CLAHJ volume XI number 4 (1948)

Gwynn, Aubrey: Extracts relating to Co. Louth from the Calendar of the Register of Primate Nicholas Fleming, extracts relating to Co. Louth, 221-237.

Scanlon Timothy: Footprints of Cuchulainn in Kerry, 238-242.

O'Daly, B.: St. Damhnat, 243-251.

Tempest, H.G.: Two armorial stones in Drogheda, 252-253.

McIvor, Dermot: An eighteenth century corn census of County Louth, 254-286.

Tempest, H.G.: Two carved stone figures at Omeath, 287.

Nyhan, P.F.: Kitchen midden at Carlingford, 288-291.

Tempest, H.G.: Two De Verdon seals, 292-295.

Henry, Françoise: Early Irish monasteries, boat-shaped oratories and beehive huts, 296-304.

Leask, H.G.: The Mint, Carlingford, Co. Louth, 305-308.

McIvor, Dermot: Townland survey of County Louth-Drakestown, 309-313.

Boylan, Thomas: Cusack's Cross and Hurlestone Castle [note], 314.

Tempest, H.G.: Athclare Castle [note], 314.

Tempest, H.G.: More stone-lined graves at St. Leonard's, Dundalk [note], 315.

anonymous: Duffy headstone at Dromiskin [corrigendum], 315.


CLAHJ volume XII number 1 (1949)

Ronan, M. (translated by): Irish indenture of Conn O Neill to Primate Dowdall [1535], 4.

Glynn, William: Some notes on the buildings of Drogheda Grammar School [& notes by T.G.F. Paterson], 5-9.

Lucas, A.T.: Urn burial at Smarmore, 10.

Davies, Oliver: Early Irish stone building, 11-12.

Tempest, H.G.: Cu-chulainn and Cu-Roi, 13.

Mitchell, G.F.: Further early kitchen middens in County Louth, 14-20.

MacIvor, Dermot: Historical notes on the townlands of Drakestown and Kilpatrick; supplementary notes on Rathlust, Anaglog and Hunterstown [also miscellaneous records, baptisms, marriages and deaths, and deeds], 21-81.

Hayes-McCoy, G.A.: An historic coat of arms, 82-84.

anonymous: The Ghan, Carlingford [note], 94-95.

Barcroft, J.P.: Bachelors' Lane carved stone, Drogheda [note], 95.

Barcroft, J.P.: Townley arms at Athclare Castle [note], 95.

Kieran, Helen: De Verdon seals [note], 95.


CLAHJ volume XII number 2 (1950)

Paterson, T.G.F.: Clinton records, 109-116.

MacIvor, Dermot: Townland survey of County Louth (continued from Vol. XI, 4, page 313)-Paughanstown, Roestown, Hacklim, Drakestown, supplement to, 117-130.

Longfield, A.K.: Printing on linen and cotton at Richardstown and at Mosney in the eighteenth century, 131-135.

MacIvor, Dermot: The Anglesey estate in Louth, Down and Galway, 1810-1856, 136-154.

Wheeler, H.A.: The Tara Brooch: where was it found? 155-158.

Paterson, T.G.F.: The burning of Wildgoose Lodge, 159-180.

anonymous: Painting of the "Bathe" House, Drogheda, 181.

Leask, Harold G.: Varia: Tiles from old Dominican friary, Drogheda, 182.


CLAHJ volume XII number 3 (1951)

Ó Fiaich, Tomás (Fee, T.): Ui Cruinn, a lost Louth sept, 105-112.

Longfield, A.K.: Late eighteenth and early nineteenth century decorated headstones in County Louth, 113-118.

McClintock, H.F.: The "Mantle of St. Brigid" at Bruges, 119-122.

Lucas, A.T.: The West Cross at Monasterboice: a note and a suggestion, 123-125.

Raftery, J.J.: A new dug-out canoe, 126-127.

Raftery, J.J.: A stone chisel from County Limerick, 128.

MacIvor, Dermot: Historical notes on Paughanstown, Roestown, and Hacklim, including supplementary notes on Anaglog, Hunterstown and Drakestown (County Louth Archaeological Journal, XI, 2 & XII, 1), 129-196.

Leslie, J.B. & MacIvor, Dermot: Tithe census of Kilsaran and Gernonstown parishes, 1837 and 1843, 197-204.


CLAHJ volume XII number 4 (1952)

Comerford, Sarah: The early years of the Society, 227-238.

Mac Lochlainn, Ailfrid: The interpretation of heraldry, 239-242.

O Ceallaigh, Séamus: A comment on Fr. Aubrey Gwynn's "The Medieval Province Of Armagh", 243-250.

Tempest, H.G.: Graves discovered at [Cambricville,] Dundalk, in 1881. After account by Mr. James McCormack CE in JRSAI 1881, 251-252.

MacIvor, Dermot: Townland survey of County Louth, (continued from Vol XII, 2, page 130) townland of Millockstown; supplement to townland survey of Anaglog; townland of Blakestown; Ardee and South Louth in Ninety-eight, by a contributor; supplement to "Townland survey of Paughanstown and Hacklim" (C.L.A.J., XII, 2, p.117), 253-275.

Leslie, J.B. & MacIvor, Dermot: Supplement to Dundalk Hearth Money Roll, 276-277.

anonymous: Boazio's map of Ireland, 1599 [note], 278.

Tempest, H.G.: The Bellew-Nugent tomb in Dundalk [note], 279-280.

MacIvor, Dermot: Note on tithe census of Kilsaran parish, 1829 [note], 281.

Tempest, H.G.: St. Leonard's Friary, Dundalk [note], 286.


CLAHJ volume XIII number 1 (1953)

Gogan, L.S.: The name of Louth, 5-7.

Murtagh, Diarmuid: Louth Regiments in the Irish Jacobite army, 8-15.

Raftery, Joseph: A decorated stone at Miskish More, County Monaghan, 16-17.

Went, Arthur E.J.: Material for a history of the fisheries of the River Boyne, 18-33.

Hunt, John: Carved stones, St. Peter's Church, Drogheda, 34.

Fr. Colmcille: Seven documents from the old Abbey of Mellifont, transcribed from the originals preserved in the National Library of Ireland, Dublin, 35-67.

MacIvor, Dermot: Historical notes on Millockstown and Blakestown, 68-123.

from Bassett's Guide to Louth, 1886: Former finds from County Louth [in the National Museum], 131.


CLAHJ volume XIII number 2 (1954)

Lucas, A.T.: "Penal" crucifixes, 145-172

Tempest, H.G.: Specimens of wooden crucifixes from County Louth and surroundings, 173-174.

Coyle, Michael: St. Brigid's Well, Dunleer, 175-178.

Brooks, E. St.John: The death of Alice Draycott [1576], 179-189.

Gwynn, Aubrey: A forgotten Abbey of St. Mary's, Drogheda, 190-199.

Ó Riordáin, Breandán: Newgrange by electric light, 200-201.


CLAHJ volume XIII number 3 (1955)

MacIvor, Dermot: In search of Saint Diomoc, 225-251.

Fr. Colmcille: Three unpublished Cistercian documents, 252-278.

Johnson, Robert L. Junr.: How Nicholas Fleming became Archbishop of Armagh, 279-287.

Jones, Bryan J [1895]: Corp Chre, 288.

Ó Riordáin, Breandán: Three recently discovered souterrains in County Louth, 288.

Ó Riordáin, Breandán: Crannog-type structures in Whitewood Lake, County Meath, 289.


CLAHJ volume XIII number 4 (1956)

Lucas, A.T.: Footwear in Ireland, 309-394.

Raftery, Joseph: A wooden bucket from County Louth, 395-398.

MacIvor, Dermot: Townland Survey of County Louth (continued)-townlands of Stickillen, Hoathstown, Harristown, 398-411.

MacIvor, Dermot: Kildemock Miscellanea-townland survey and historical notes for Kilpatrick, Rathlust, Anaglog, Drakestown, Paughanstown, Roestown, Hacklim, Millockstown and Blakestown, 412-440.

Ó Riordáin, Breandán: Three souterrains in County Louth [Channonrock, Demesne (Dundalk) and Newtownbalregan, and appendix: list of Co. Louth souterrains], 441-450.

M., G.: St. Nicholas' Parish Church, Dundalk [note], 451.

Tempest, H.G.: Cist burial at Newtown, Knockbridge [note], 451.


CLAHJ volume XIV number 1 (1957)

Rev. Fr. Colmcille: An important Mellifont document, 1-13.

MacIvor, Dermot: Census of Tallonstown Parish, 1834, 14-25.

Ó Fiaich, Tomás: Blessed Oliver Plunkett's report on the Diocese of Armagh, 26-34.

Tempest, H.G.: A seventeenth-century map of Dundalk and Castletown, 35-36.

Tempest, H.G.: Souterrain in Kilcurry Townland, 37.

Prendergast, Ellen: Burial at Rossmakay, Co. Louth, 38-39.

Carr, Joseph: The Drogheda Corporation Mace, Sword of State and Plate, 40-41.


CLAHJ volume XIV number 2 (1958)

Taaffe, Rudolph: Taffe of County Louth, 55-67.

MacIvor, Dermot: The legend of Gearóid Iarla of Hacklim, 68-81.

Tempest, H.G.: The Moyry Pass, 82-90.

Ó Ríordáin, Breandán: Urn burial at Collon, County Louth, 91-92.

Masser, K.A. & Bradley, D.H.L.: Souterrain in the grounds of Lisrenny House, 93-95.

Rynne, Etienne: Two souterrains at Bawntaaffe, near Monasterboice, County Louth, 96-102.

Ó Fiaich, Tomás: The 1766 religious census for some County Louth parishes, 103-117.

Tempest, H.G.: Wooden water pipes, 117.

Tempest, H.G.: Old bridge in Dundalk Demesne, opposite p. 118.


CLAHJ volume XIV number 3 (1959)

Simms, J.G.: County Louth and the Jacobite War, 141-147.

Rynne, Etienne: Souterrain at Donaghmore, Co. Louth, 148-153.

Sheehy, Maurice P.: A medieval foundation in the Borough of Drogheda in Oirghialla, 154-159.

MacIvor, Dermot: Ardee Manor in A.D. 1336, 160-164.

MacIvor, Dermot: Estate of Benedict Pippard of Pippardeston, A.D. 1316, 165-169

Conway, Margaret: The study of our local vernacular, 170-178.

Went, Arthur E.J.: Historical notes on some of the fisheries of County Louth, 179-190

?Rynne, Etienne: Burial near the Magdalene Tower, Drogheda, 191.

?Rynne, Etienne: Souterrains at Ballybarrack, Co. Louth, 191.


CLAHJ volume XIV number 4 (1960)

?Tempest, H.G.: The Society's Collection, 211-213.

Tempest, H.G.: Catalogue of the collection of antiquities of the County Louth Archaeological Society, 1961, 214-231.

?Tempest, H.G.: Alphabetical list of articles contributed to our journal. From Vol. I, part 1, 1904 to Vol. XIII, part 4, 1957, 232-260.

?Tempest, H.G.: Alphabetical list of plates and illustrations in the Journal from Vol. I to Vol. XIII, 261-265.

?Tempest, H.G.: Alphabetical list of contributors to the Journal from 1904 to 1957 with subjects of their contributions, 266-278.


CLAHJ volume XV number 1 (1961)

Rynne, Etienne: Souterrain at "Killylagan", Cortial, County Louth. With appendix by Etienne Rynne and John P. Clarke: 'Some souterrains in the neighbourhood of "Killylagan"', 5-10.

Eogan George: Excavations at Townley Hall, County Louth, preliminary note, 11-12.

Lucas, A.T.: A hay-rope pack-saddle from Co. Louth, 13-16.

Tempest, H.G.: Some notes on an unusual Gaelic girl's name at present in use among a group of families in Co. Donegal [Afric], 17-20.

Bliss, A.J.: Smarmore inscribed slates, interim report, 21-22.

Rev. Fr. Colmcille: The abbatial succession at Mellifont, 1142-1539, 23-38.

O'Sullivan, Harold: Two eighteenth-century maps of the Clanbrassil Estate, Dundalk, 39-87.

Mac Iomhair, Diarmuid: Two old Drogheda chronicles, 88-95.

Tempest, H.G.: Sixteenth-century royal portraits, formerly in Lord Clanbrassil's Dundalk house [note], 106.

anonymous: The Louth Hospital, Dundalk, 106.

Rynne, Etienne: Souterrain at Rathiddy, Co. Louth, 106.


CLAHJ volume XV number 2 (1962)

Aalen, F.H.A.: Tradition and history in Omeath, County Louth, 121-124.

Rynne, Etienne: Souterrain at Rathiddy, County Louth, 125-130.

O'Sullivan, Harold: The Court-House, Dundalk and the contract for its erection, dated 30th April 1813, 131-143.

Mac Iomhair, Diarmuid: The boundaries of Fir Rois, 144-179.

Mallon, Patrick: Standing stone at Grange, near Knockbridge, 179.

Mac Íomhair, Seán: Athchuairt ar Úirchill an Chreagáin, 180-185.

Raftery, Joseph: Polished stone axe-head, 192.

probably Tempest, H.G.: Afric, 192.


CLAHJ volume XV number 3 (1963)

Quane, Michael: Drogheda Grammar School, 207-248.

Mac Iomhair, Diarmuid: The murder of Richard Dawson, 249-254.

Clarke, John P.: Souterrain at Crossabeagh, Co. Louth, 255-261.

"H.C"-apparently O'Sullivan, Harold: Copy of bye-laws of the Corporation of "Atherdee", 262-267.

Love, H.W.: An old Armagh see rental, 268-272.

Mac Niocaill, Gearóid: The case of Nicholas John, 273-276.

Raftery, Joseph: A thistle brooch from Co. Louth, 277-280.

O'Sullivan, Harold: Rothe's Castle, Dundalk and Hugh O'Neill: a sixteenth-century map, 281-291.


CLAHJ volume XV number 4 (1964)

Rynne, Etienne: Souterrain at Mullagharlin, near Dundalk, 317-320.

Rynne, Etienne: Souterrain at Tankardsrock, near Kilkerley, 320.

Rynne, Etienne: Souterrain near Ballybarrack: a correction, 320.

Mac Iomhair, Diarmuid: The History of Fir Rois, 321-348.

Clarke, John P.: Some antiquities of Urney Graveyard, Co. Louth, 349-350.

Love, H.W.: A seventeenth-century map of Dromiskin, Co. Louth,351-355.

Mac Iomhair, Diarmuid: Note on the Jumping Church, 356.

O'Hare, Thomas: Two standing stones now disappeared [note], 361.


CLAHJ volume XVI number 1 (1965)

Clarke, John P.: Late eighteenth century decorated headstone at Urney Graveyard, Co. Louth, 1-4.

O'Sullivan, Harold: Ardee Dispensary minute book, 1831-1851, 5-27.

Mac Iomhair, Diarmuid: Folklore of Termonfeckin Parish, 28-31.

Quane, Michael P.: Viscount Limerick Grammar School, Dundalk, 32-41.

Mac Iomhair, Diarmuid: Townlands of County Louth in A.D. 1301, 42-49.


CLAHJ volume XVI number 2 (1966)

Mac Iomhair, Diarmuid: The House of Louth in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, 67-84.

Harbison, Peter: The Frankford (Birr) hoard reconsidered, 85-90.

Quane, Michael: Dundalk Grammar School, 91-102.

Edwards, John Arwel: The landless in mid-nineteenth-century County Louth, 103-110.

Mac Iomhair, Diarmuid: Townland survey of County Louth-Faughart Upper and Faughart Lower, 111-124.

O Connor, Lil: Faughart investigation, 1966, 125-129.

Bliss, Alan J.: The Smarmore slates [note], 132.


CLAHJ volume XVI number 3 (1967)

Curran, Arthur: The Dominican Order in Carlingford and Dundalk, 143-160.

Mac Iomhair, Diarmuid: Two Carlingford documents, 161-162.

Quane, Michael: Drogheda Blue School, 163-168.

Mac Iomhair, Diarmuid: Caraher of Cardistown family papers, 169-190.


CLAHJ volume XVI number 4 (1968)

Mac Iomhair, Diarmuid: The family of Hatch of Ardee, 205-223.

Ross, Noel: Two nineteenth-century election posters, 224-232.

Mac Cnáimhsí, Breandán: Nioclás Ó Cearnaigh, 233-238.

Neary, Michael: In search of a Louth family: the Nearys, 239-250.

Prendergast, Ellen: Report on investigation of souterrain at Dowdallshill, Dundalk, 251-252.

Curran, Arthur: Further notes on the Dominicans of Carlingford, 253.

Mac Iomhair, Diarmuid: Townland survey of County Louth-Monascreebe, and supplementary notes on Faughart Upper and Faughart Lower, 254-263.


CLAHJ volume XVII number 1 (1969)

Mac Íomhair, Diarmuid: Righeadh Eadbhuird Brús, an dáta, an gníomh, an t-ionad, 1-9.

Quane, Michael: The Erasmus Smith school, Ardee, 10-18.

Mac Íomhair, Diarmuid: More on the family of Hatch of Ardee, 19-21.

Malcomson, A.P.W.: The struggle for control of Dundalk Borough, 1782-92, 22-36.

Mac Íomhair, Diarmuid: Townland survey of County Louth-Whitemill, Annies, and supplementary notes on Monascreebe and Faughart Lower, 37-45.

Petty, Robert J.: query re John Petty of Castlebellingham, 1713-1797, 53.


CLAHJ volume XVII number 2 (1970)

Swan, Allan B.: The Port of Dundalk, 66-78.

Prendergast, Ellen: Burials at Stephenstown, 78.

Mac Íomhair, Diarmuid: The Lordship of Ballymascanlan, 79-83.

Mac Íomhair, Diarmuid: Clergy and churchwardens of Termonfeckin parish, 84-86.

Garry, James: Tombstone inscriptions in Newtownstalaban graveyard, 87-90.

Corcoran, Moira: A Drogheda census list of 1798, 91-96.

Kieran, Joan: Addendum to "the Erasmus Smith School, Ardee", 96.

Casey, Daniel J.: Carleton in Louth, 97-106.

Ó Muireadhaigh, Réamonn: Michael McDermott's note-book, 107-111.

Raftery, Joseph: Early Christian cross from Monasterboice, 112.

Raftery, Joseph: A cross-slab from County Louth, 113.


CLAHJ volume XVII number 3 (1971)

Curran, Arthur: The Priory of St. Leonard, Dundalk, 131-140.

Faulkner, Anselm: Anthony Gearnon, O.F.M. (c. 1610-1680) and the Irish Remonstrance, 141-149.

Simms, J.G.: A surveyor's report on some townlands of County Louth, c.1700, 150-155.

Malcomson, A.P.W.: The Foster family and the Parliamentary Borough of Dunleer 1683-1800, 156-163.

Garry, James: The Tholsel, Drogheda, 164-168.

Mac Íomhair, Diarmuid: Townland survey of County Louth-Navan, Aghaboys, and supplementary notes on Faughart Upper, Faughart Lower, Whitemill and Annies, 169-176.

Love, H.W.: Georgian society in Louth, 177-186.

King, Sean: Report on Mapastown Graveyard, 187.


CLAHJ volume XVII number 4 (1972)

Ó Gallchóir, Seán: Filíocht an Daill Mhic Cuarta, 201-214.

Swan, Allan B.: Tombstone inscriptions in Ballymascanlon Churchyard, 215-227.

Grant, A.P.: The Grant families of Ulster and the Pale: a brief survey, 228-234.

Ó Muireadhaigh, Réamonn: Farm account books, 1802-1860, from Gaulstown, Monasterboice, 235-249.

Nicholls K.W.: A calendar of salved Chancery pleadings concerning County Louth, 250-260.

Twohig, Dermot C.: Souterrain at Riverstown, 261-263.


CLAHJ volume XVIII number 1 (1973)

Mac Íomhair, Diarmuid: Some Drogheda documents, 1-6.

O'Sullivan, Harold: The emergence of the National system of education in North County Louth (Diocese of Armagh). 7-38.

Harbison, Peter: New light on St. Mary's "Abbey", Louth, 39-42.

Mac Íomhair, Diarmuid: Tenants of Omeath, 1765, 43-45.

Hodgers, Don: A report on surface finds from County Louth, 46-59.

Ó Fiannachta, Pádraig: The fight with Fer Diad, 62-68.

Neary, Michael: The true origin of the Sons of Mil, 69-83.

Condon, T.E. & note by D. McÍ.: Souterrain at Ballymascanlon, 84-85.


CLAHJ volume XVIII number 2 (1974)

O'Mahony, Canice: Genealogy of a North Louth family, 105-109.

Mooney, Kevin & Carson, Fionnghuala: Souterrain at Townley Hall, 110-111.

Nicholls, K.W.: A calendar of salved Chancery pleadings concerning County Louth (continued from p. 260, Vol. XVII, No. 4, 1972), 112-120.

Ellison, C.C. (ed.): Materials for the Dublin Society Agricultural Survey of County Louth, compiled by Dr. D.A. Beaufort, 121-131.

Turner, Brian S.: The Methodist baptismal registers of County Louth, 1829-1865, 132-139.

Casey, Daniel J.: Wildgoose Lodge: the evidence and the lore, 140-164.

Mac Iomhair, Diarmuid: Potters of Ardee, 165-169.


CLAHJ volume XVIII number 3 (1975)

Thomas, Avril: Drogheda, 1574, 179-186.

Ellison, C.C. (ed.): Materials for the Dublin Society Agricultural Survey of County Louth, compiled by Dr. D.A. Beaufort, 187-194.

Ryan, Michael: Two new souterrains near Dundalk, 195-197.

Hodgers, Don: A report on further surface finds from County Louth, 198-210.

Casey, Daniel J.: Wildgoose Lodge: the evidence and the lore (continued), 211-231.

Ross, Noel: Families at Mosstown and Philipstown in 1852, 232-237.


CLAHJ volume XVIII number 4 (1976)

Roe, Helen M.: Two decorated fonts in Drogheda, Co. Louth, 255-262.

Walsh, Micheline: The Hadsors and some other Louth Exiles in France and Spain, 263-271.

Dunne, Noel, Gosling, Paul & Ronayne, Briain: The Stickillin Souterrain(s), 272-278.

Ó Snodaigh, Pádraig: Notes on the Volunteers, Militia, Yeomanry and Orangemen of County Louth, 279-293.

Carson, Fionnghuala: A polished stone axe-head from Mellifont Park townland, County Louth, 294-295.

Campbell, Patrick J.: Andrew Campbell, Bishop of Kilmore, 1753-1769, 296-297.

Walsh, Micheline: Andrew Campbell, Bishop of Kilmore, 1753-1769: student days in Spain, 298-303.

Ellison, C.C. (ed.): Materials for the Dublin Society Agricultural Survey of County Louth, compiled by Dr. D.A. Beaufort, 304-309.

Turner, Brian S.: Methodist baptismal register-Newry Circuit, 310.


CLAHJ volume XIX number 1 (1977)

Lydon, James F.: The Braganstown massacre, 1329, 5-16.

Gosling, Paul: Souterrain, Glaspistol townland, Co. Louth, 17-19.

Caulfield, Séamas: A decorated beehive quernstone from Co. Louth, 20-23.

O'Sullivan, Harold: The Cromwellian and Restoration Settlements in the Civil Parish of Dundalk, 1649 to 1673, 24-58.

Garry, James: Townland survey of County Louth: Newtownstalaban, 59-66.

Weir, Anthony: Three carved figures in County Louth, 67-73.

Ross, Noel: Tombstone inscriptions in Rathdrumin and Bawntaaffe, 74-76.

document: The report of Douglas Stewart, itinerant mineralogist to the Dublin Society, Dublin, 1800, 77.


CLAHJ volume XIX number 2 (1978)

O'Sullivan, Harold: The Grant of Arms to the Louth County Council, 95-97.

Bradley, John: The topography and layout of Medieval Drogheda, 98-127.

Ó Floinn, Raghnall: A souterrain at Termonfeckin, 128-130.

Breathnach, Breandán: Pipers and piping in Louth, 131-139.

Recent discoveries in County Louth:

Kelly, Eamonn P. & Gosling, Paul: An archaeological deposit in Park St., Dundalk, 140-142.

Kelly, Eamonn P.: Midden deposits in td. Liberties of Carlingford and td. Haggardstown, Co. Louth, 142-143.

Kelly, Eamonn P.: A bog road at Crumlin, Co. Louth, 143-144.

Kelly, Eamonn P.: Excavations at Port, Co. Louth, 144.

Cooney, Gabriel: A Medieval pottery roof ridge tile from Drogheda, 147-148.

Power, Patrick F. & Swan, Allan B.: Tombstone inscriptions in Carlingford Churchyard, 149-165. 


CLAHJ volume XIX number 3 (1979)

Weir, Anthony: Sweathouses and simple stone structures in County Louth and elsewhere in Ireland, 185-196.

Lydon, James F.: The County of Uriel account, 1281-83, 197-205.

Gosling, Paul: Five Louth souterrains, 206-217.

Lynch Anthony: The Archdeacons of Armagh, 1417-71, 218-226.

Hodgers, Don: A third collection of surface finds from Co. Louth, 227-237.

Moore, Michael J.: Two stone lamps from County Louth, 238-239.

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CLAHJ volume XXV number 1 (2001)

Index to Volumes I - XXIV, 1904-2000

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Ross, Noel: Author index, 7-34.

Ross, Noel: Subject index, 35-82.

Hall, Donal: Book Reviews, 83-93.


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 CLAHJ volume XXV number 4 (2004)


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 CLAHJ volume XXVI number 1 (2005)


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 CLAHJ volume XXVI number 2 (2006)


McHugh, Ned: The Port of Drogheda, 1790–1850: an era of regeneration and resurgence, 149-326.