JCKAS Vol. I, No. 1 (1891)

de Burgh, Maurice T.: St. David's Church, Naas, 9-12.

Murphy, Denis: Killashee Church, 13-18.

Vicars, Arthur: Jigginstown Castle, 19-24, corrections 408, II 64-5.

Sherlock, W.: Notes antiquarian and historical on the Parish of Clane, 25-33.

Mayo, Earl of: Kilteel Castle, 34-37.

Mayo, Earl of: Lattin Alms-house, Naas [note], 38.

anonymous: The Seal of the Co. Kildare Archæological Society [note], 38-39.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The bell of Castledermot [query], 40.

Shercock, W.: Roadside Crosses [at Clane and Little Rath] [note], 40.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Breedoge [query], 40.

Vicars, Arthur: Kildare "Ex Libris" [query, and answer to query], 40-41.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Ashe of Moone [query], 41.

Murphy, Denis: The Book of Kildare [query, and answer to query, 41.

Vicars, Arthur: Curious Latin expression in a manuscript [query], 42.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Graney [query], 42.

Murphy, Denis: Castlesize [answer to query], 42.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Kildare Militia Colours [note], 43.

Vicars, Arthur: Bibliography of the County Kildare [query], 43.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Kildare Militia [note], 43-44.

Murphy, Denis: Hibernis ipsis Hiberniores [query], 44.


JCKAS Vol. I, No. 2 (1892)

Comerford, M.: "The Ford of Ae": some historical notes on the town of Athy, 57-70, correction 408.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The round towers of the Co. Kildare: their origin and use, 71-94.

Weldon, A.A.: A slight sketch of Grangemellon and the story of St. Leger's Castle, 95-101.

Carroll, J.: Remains in Athy and Neighbourhood, 102-112.

Hannon, T.J.: St. John's Friary, Athy, 113-114.

Murphy, Denis: The Eustaces of Co. Kildare, 115-130, correction 408.

Hartshorne, Albert: Notes on a recumbent monumental effigy in the churchyard of Timolin, County Kildare, 131-134.

Vinycomb, John: On the art-treatment of the heraldic motto-escroll, 135-140.

Comerford, M.: Description of a coin found at Nurney, Co. Kildare [note], 141-142.

Mayo, Earl of: Palmerstown, Co. Kildare [note], 142-144.

Mayo, Earl of: The Boyne [note], 144.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Walsh tomb, Kildare Cathedral [note], 144-146.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Killashee Caves [note], 146.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Extract from the Book of General Orders [note], 1654-5, 147.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Beerdy's Castle, Co. Kildare[query], 148.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Chair of Kildare[query], 148.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Stone effigies in the County [note and query], 148-149, correction 344.

Cooke-Trench, Thomas & FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Ashe of Moone [answer to query], 150.

Murphy, Denis: Castlesize (continued), 151.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter & Murphy, Denis: The Breedoge [answer to query], 151-152.


JCKAS Vol. I, No. 3 (1893)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The ancient territories out of which the present Co. Kildare was formed, and their septs, 159-168, correction 344.

Murphy, Denis: "St. Brigid of Kildare", 169-176.

Vinycomb, John: The heraldry of old signs: inns, hostelries, places of business and public resort, 177-183.

de Burgh, Thomas J.: Ancient Naas (Parts I. and II.), 184-201, corrections 408.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: A FitzGerald Altar-Tomb belonging to the fifteenth century, at St. Werburgh's Church, Dublin [note], 202-204.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Origin of the Bodkin family, Co. Galway [note], 204-205.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Sculptured Celtic High Crosses in the County [note], 205.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: A mural tablet of the 17th century, Timolin [note], 205.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Archbold altar-tomb, Moone Abbey [note], 206.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Wayside cross at Johnstown village, Barony of Carbury [note], 207.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Stone effigies in the county [note], 207.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter?: (query re the meaning of Hazelhatch), 208.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: McCabe's Tree [query], 208.

Carroll, F.M.: Report of the committee on the restoration of the cross at Moone, ####


JCKAS Vol. I, No. 4 (1894)

Leinster, Duke of: Maynooth Castle, 223-239.

Trench, Thomas Cooke: Notes on Irish ribbon work in ornamentation, 240-244.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The FitzGeralds of Lackagh, 245-264.

de Burgh, Thomas J.: Ancient Naas (Parts III. and IV.), 265-280.


JCKAS Vol. I, No. 5 (1894)

Stokes, Margaret: Celtic crosses at Castledermot, 281-285.

Carroll, F.M.: Some notes on the abbey and cross of Moone, and other places in the Valley of the Griese, 286-294, corrections 408.

Hendrick-Aylmer, Hans: The Aylmer family, 295-307.

Mayo, Earl of: Thomas Hibernicus, who flourished in A.D. 1269, in the reign of Henry III, 308-309.

Devitt, Mathew: The grave of Buan, near Clane, 310-317.

de Burgh, Thomas J.: Ancient Naas (Part V.), 318-336.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: An undeciphered portion of a 16th-century inscription from near Athy [note], 337.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Gerald, 9th Earl of Kildare's escape while riding from Dublin near Maynooth [note], 337-338.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Gerald, the 9th Earl's harpers [note], 338.

Clements, Henry J.B.: Alen of St. Wolstan's [note], 340-341.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Who was the wife of William Pilsworth, Bishop of Kildare [query], 342.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: (query re the identification of two hills, called "Eire and Alba in Offelan,"), 343.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Stone effigies in the County [addendum], 343.

Sherlock, W.: Reply to query [Hazelhatch], 344.


JCKAS Vol. I, No. 6 (1895)

Comerford, Most Rev. Dr.: Castledermot, its history and antiquities, 361-378, corrections II 65, 216.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Mullaghmast, its history and traditions, 379-390, correction II 216.

Vigors, P.D.: Outline sketch of crannogs, with some notes on a crannog recently discovered in Co. Kildare, 391-402.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: A rare edition of Lodge's Peerage of Ireland, 403-404.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Pagan sepulchral monuments—(1) moats, (2) long stones [note and query], 405.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Aylmers of Lyons and Donadea [query], 406.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Who was the Dean of Kildare in 1535 [query], 407.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Replies to queries [McCabe's Tree], 407.


JCKAS Vol. II, No. 1 (1896)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Kilkea Castle, 2-32.

ffrench, J.F.M.: Notes on the family of Sherlock, chiefly gathered from the State Papers and other documents, 32-47.

Murphy, Denis: "The Pale", 48-58.

O'Leary, E.: Notes on the southern boundary of the ancient kingdom of Meath where it passed through North Kildare, 59-63.

Murphy, Denis: the Baltinglass title [correction to I 27], 64-65.

Fitzgerald, Lord Walter: St. Dermott of Castledermot [correction], 65.

Fitzgerald, Lord Walter & Murphy, Denis: the meaning of "Rochfalyaht," "Fealyghe," "Herbidas," and Meirgeach," [query by LWF, answer by DM], 65.


JCKAS Vol. II, No. 2 (1896)

Devitt, Matthew: Carbury and the Birminghams' Country, 84-111.

Mayo, Earl of: Rathmore (the Big Rath), 112-115.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Incidents in the life of Garrett More, eighth Earl of Kildare, 116-132.

O'Leary, E.: John Lye, of Clonaugh, Co. Kildare, 133-150.

Darby, M.: Irish place-names and local folklore, 151-154.

Joyce, P.W.: The hills, Eire and Alba, 155.

Lord Edward FitzGerald's bag-pipes, 155-156.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The churchyard of Donoughmore, 156.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: List of stone effigies [note], 157.

Sherlock, W.: Crannogs in Co. Kildare [note], 157.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Pagan sepulchral monuments, Moates [note], 157.

?FitzGerald, Lord Walter: 'Two ancient structures…' [note], 158.

?FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Sunday's Well [query], 158.

?FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Piper's Stones [query], 158.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: "The Race of the Black Pig" on the Curragh [query], 158.


JCKAS Vol. II, No. 3 (1897)

Murphy, Denis: St. Laurence O'Toole, 159-166.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Castle Rheban, 176-178.

Sherlock, W.: Early landowners in Kill, Co. Kildare, 179-185.

"Omurethi" (FitzGerald, Lord Walter): The Moat of Ardscull, 186-197.

Graham, Charles I.: Celbridge: some notes on its past history, 198-205.

FitzGerald, William: On the lost Ogham "Deccedda" stone, once at Killeen Cormac, near Colbinstown, Co. Kildare [note], 206-208.

Fitzgerald, Lord Walter: "Trade tokens" seventeenth century [note], 208-213.

Fitzgerald, Lord Walter: "Cawlcannon" [note], 214.

Fitzgerald, Lord Walter: The building of two bridges in the Co. Kildare, in the fourteenth century [note], 214.

Fitzgerald, Lord Walter: Calverstown, Co. Kildare [note and query], 214.

Fitzgerald, Lord Walter: The Tipper cross [note], 214-215.

Fitzgerald, Lord Walter: The Franciscan Abbey, Castledermot [correction], 216.

Fitzgerald, Lord Walter: Pictures and engravings of the Salmon Leap and Castle at Leixlip [note], 216-217.

Fitzgerald, Lord Walter: The Leap of Allen [query], 216.

Garstin, J.R.: Map of Ireland [query], 218.

Vigors, P.D.: The Journal of the Association for the Preservation of Memorials of the Dead, Ireland [query re church plate], 218.


JCKAS Vol. II, No. 4 (1897)

Cowell, George Young: St. Brigid and the cathedral church of Kildare, 234-252.

Garstin, John Ribton: The High Sheriffs of the County Kildare, 253-267.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Fitz Geralds and the Mac Kenzies, 268.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Sir Thomas Eustace, Kt., 1st Viscount Baltinglass, 268-9.

Wakeman, G.: Celtic bronze brooch found near Castledermot in 1860 [drawing], 269.

?FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Iron implements [found in Athy: note], 270-271.

?FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Lattin Alms-house inscribed stones [note], 270.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The deer park of Maynooth Castle [note], 270.

Devitt, M.: "Cawlcannon" [answer to query], 272.

Thorold, Mrs.: Tee- or Tea-, lane in Celbridge? [answer to query], 272.

Darby, M.: Archaeological jottings [answer to query], 272-274.


JCKAS Vol. II, No. 5 (1898)

Kirkpatrick, W.T.: Donacomper Church, 276-282.

Kirkpatrick, W.T.: St. Wolstan's, 283-288.

Murphy, Denis: Kildare: its history and antiquities, 289-303.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Great Connell Abbey, Co. Kildare, 304-314.

de Burgh, T.J.: Ancient Naas: outposts and longstones, 315-323.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: St. Mo-chua of Celbridge [note], 324.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Knockpatrick [note], 324-325.

anonymous: Cloncurry [note], 325.

anonymous: Gilltown [query], 325.

anonymous: Kilshanchoe [query], 325.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: (note on burial urn and bronze skillet dug up near Kilkea Castle), 327-###

Vigors, P.D.: On an archiepiscopal cross and reliquary [note], 328-330

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: "Sheelah-na-gig" [note], 330.


JCKAS Vol. II, No. 6 (1898)

FitzGerald, Lord Frederick: An account of the arrest of Lord Edward FitzGerald, 348-353

O'Leary, E.: John Lye, of Clonaugh, Co. Kildare (Part II), 354-359.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Castletown and its owners, 360-378.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The skeleton tombstone in the Franciscan Abbey at Castledermot [note], 379-381.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Portraits of Lord and Lady Edward FitzGerald [note], 382-383.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Race, or Road, of the Black Pig, across the Curragh [query], 383-384.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Rosetown churchyard, Barony of Kilkea and Moone [note], 385-386.

O'Hanlon, John: Alexander Taylor's map of the Co. Kildare [note], 386.

Mayo, Earl of: Jigginstown, the bells of Blessington, the wells of Tipper, notes on a hornbook in possession of Richard West Manders, of Castlesize, Naas [note], 386-388.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Bulbys, or MacBulbys of the County Kildare [note], 388-9.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Poul-gyleen [note], 389-390.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Athgoe Castle, Co. Dublin [note], 390.


JCKAS Vol. II, No. 7 (1899)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Leixlip Castle, 393-

Hussey-Walsh, V.: The O'Connor-Henchy family, 407-

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Timolin, 413-

Swinton, the Hon. Mrs.: Notes on a book of hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 426-

Stokes, Margaret: Old Kilcullen, 431-

####: The conflict between the English and Irish Peers as to supreme jurisdiction [note], 447-

####: The O'Kelly slab in the Cadamstown churchyard [note], 448-

####: On a stained-glass window in Furness House [note], 452-

####: Carnalway and its objects of Antiquarian interest [note], 453-


JCKAS Vol. III, No.1 (July 1899)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Curragh: its history and traditions, 1-32.

Stokes, Margaret: The holed-stone cross at Moone, 33-38.

O'Leary, E.: John Lye, of Clonaugh, Co. Kildare, Part III, 39-50.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter & Long, A.F.: The Carpenter tomb-slab in St. David's church, Naas, 51-56.

Mayo, Earl of: Furness, or Forenaghts Great, 57-60.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: An ancient foot-track of wooden planks across the Monavullagh Bog, 61-63.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Additions to the list of the High Sheriffs of the County Kildare [note], 63.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Calverstown (near Kilcullen) [note], 64.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: A constable of Dublin Castle, 64.


JCKAS Vol. III, No.2 (January 1900)

Devitt, Matthew: Rathcoffy, 79-97

Cooke-Trench, T.: The Wogan Monument, 98-100.

Stokes, George: Clane Abbey, 101-106.

Cooke-Trench, T.: The Moat at Clane, 107-111.

Graham, C.I.: The Right Hon. William Conolly, Speaker of the Irish House of Commons, 112-117.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The principal gentry of the County Kildare in the year 1600, 118-122.

Meyer, Kuno: The song of the Sword of Cerball, 123-128.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Shrule Castle lettered stone, 129-130.

Cooke-Trench, Thomas: Correspondence [query about the name 'Millicent'], 131.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: A bronze celt [note], 132.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Three disused townland names in the south of the County Kildare [note], 132-133.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Sixteenth-century tombstones in the Ballynadrumny Churchyard [note], 133-134.


JCKAS Vol. III, No.3 (July 1900)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Killeen Cormac, 148-163.

Cooke-Trench, Thomas: On the different deposits of the River Liffey, 164-167.

Sherlock, W. (ed.): Donadea and the Aylmer family, 168-178.

Omurethi (FitzGerald, Lord Walter): County Kildare folk-lore about animals, reptiles, and birds, 179-185.

after Thunder, John M. & Mansfield, Eustace: The Lattin and Mansfield families, in the Co. Kildare, 186-190.

Darby, M.: The Core-ally, 191-192.

Synnott, Nicholas: Irish Pearls, 192-193.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Who was the father of the Right Hon. William Conolly, Speaker of the Irish House of Commons? [query], 194.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Oil paintings of Lord Edward Fitzgerald [note], 194.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: A pagan sepulchral kist in the Dublin Science and Art Museum [note], 194-195.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Davidstown, near Castledermot [note], 195.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Bases of Crosses at Carragh [note], 195-196.

O'Hanlon, John: Philip Flatsbury, a Kildare historian [note], 196.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Antiquities at Kilkea Castle [note], 196-197.


JCKAS Vol. III, No.4 (January 1901)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: In memoriam - Miss Margaret Stokes [ includes list of her works], 200-205.

Devitt, Matthew: Clongowes Wood, 206-215.

Stubbs, F.W.: The birthplace and life of St. Brigit of Kildare, 216-228.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: William FitzGerald of Castleroe, and his tomb in the Kilkea Churchyard, 229-253.

Daly, Tom (per Miss Greene): County Kildare folk-tales, 254-259.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Browne Mausoleum at Mainham, 260-264.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Additions to the list of High Sheriffs of the County Kildare [note], 265.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: A seventeenth-century skillet and bronze sword at Kilkea Castle [note], 265-267.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter?: "The Carbrie", a Dublin residence of the Earls of Kildare [note], 267-268.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter?: The wayside cross-bases formerly at Little Rath and Prospect [note], 268.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Gerald Aylmer, son of Sir Andrew of Donadea [note], 268.

Sherlock, W.: St. Brigid and Clane [note], 269.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Old Road Names.-(a) Near Athy; (b) Near Dunmanoge [note], 269-270.


JCKAS Vol. III, No.5 (July 1901)

Devitt, M.: The rampart of the Pale, 284-289.

Sherlock, W.:The original Anglo-Norman settlers in County Kildare, 290-299.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: New Abbey of Kilcullen, 300-317.

Omurethi (FitzGerald, Lord Walter): Castlemartin, 318-324.

O'Leary, E.: Notes on the collection of Irish antiquities lately at Edenderry, 325-333.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Thomas FitzGerald, prior of Kilmainham, 1438-47, 334-336.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The baronies of the County Kildare in 1350, 336-337.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The wife of Sir John Wogan, Knt., of Rathcoffy, who died about the year 1420, 337-338.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The extinct family of Young, of Newtown-O'More, County Kildare, 338.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Daniel O'Buge, a native of Kildare, and a learned Carmelite of the fourteenth century [note], 339.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: A Sherlock coat-of-arms stone [query], 341-

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Leixlip Castles [query], 341-

Ball, F. Elrington: The father of the Right Hon. William Conolly, P.C., of Castletown [reply to query], 342-


JCKAS Vol. III, No.6 (January 1902)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Ballymore Eustace and its neighbouring antiquities, 343-360.

Wolfe, George: The Wolfe family of County Kildare, 361-367.

Daly, Tom (per Miss Greene): County Kildare folk-tales, 368-371.

Hendrick-Aylmer, Hans: Rathmore, 372-381.

Vicars, Sir Arthur: Notes on Grange Con, Co. Wicklow, 382-385.

Henry, Mrs. (W. Sherlock ed.) The Henry Family in Kildare, 386-388.

Sweetman, Edmund (W. Sherlock ed.) Notes on the Sweetman family, 389-390.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Poul-a-phooka, 391-393.

Michelmore, A.C.: Notes on the crozier in the Clongowes Wood College Museum, 393-395.

(newspaper, 1787-8): The Inauguration of a new portion of the Grand Canal in Co. Kildare, 395.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Tipper monumental Cross, 1616 [answer to query], 396.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Whereabouts is "Richard FitzGerald's Cross"? [query], 396-397.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Dr. Daniel Neylan, Bishop of Kildare, 1583-1603 [note], 397-398.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Addition to the list of County Kildare high sheriffs [note], 398.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Additional oil paintings of Lord Edward Fitzgerald [note], 399.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The seals of the Corporation of Athy and of the Kildare County Council, 399-401.

Sherlock, W.: Note on two ancient carved stones now at Sherlockstown, 401-402.


JCKAS Vol. III, No.7 (July 1902)

FitzGerald, Lord Frederick: Lettice, Baroness of Offaly, and the siege of her castle of Geashill, 1642, 418-424.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The FitzGeralds of Ballyshannon (Co. Kildare), and their successors thereat, 425-452.

Synnott, Nicholas J.: Notes on Furness, or Great Forenaghts, 453-469.

Omurethi (FitzGerald, Lord Walter): John FitzGerald, of Narraghbeg, 470-478.

Cowell, George Young: Notes on mural graves found in the foundations of the chancel of St. Brigid's Cathedral Church, Kildare, in 1891, 479-481.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Turnings, 482-484.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The three Sir Maurice Eustaces of the latter end of the seventeenth century, 484-485.

Strickland, W.G., and Mayo, Earl of: Irish warriors and peasants, A.D. 1521 [note], 486-488.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The castle of Kildare [note], 486.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Where is the church of St Abban, near Leixlip? [query], 489.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Is "Castle Doghenay," near Dunmurry, in existence? [query], 489.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The two Bishop's Courts in the County Kildare [query], 489.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The castles at Leixlip [answer to query], 490-491.

Vicars, Sir Arthur: A description of the frontispiece, 494.


JCKAS Vol. IV, No. 1 (January 1903)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Carton, 2-34.

Sherlock, W.: Further notes on the history and antiquities of the Parish of Clane, 35-46.

Omurethi (FitzGerald, Lord Walter): The White Castle of Athy and its sculptured stones, 47-62.

O'Meara, C.P.: Notes on Newcastle-Lyons, 63-64.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The inscription on the Eustace altar-tomb at New Abbey, near Kilcullen Bridge [note], 65.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The erection of a church to St. Brigid at Kildare in A.D. 868 [note], 65.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: County Kildare Cavalry in 1796 [note], 65-66.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Fontstown, near Glassealy, County. Kildare [note], 66.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Is anything known of the history or site of "Lord Kildare's Great Castle of Naas"? [query], 66.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Dongan family in the County of Kildare at the commencement of the seventeenth century, 67-70.


JCKAS Vol. IV, No. 2 (July 1903)

Vicars, Sir Arthur: The family of Flatesbury, of Ballynasculloge and Johnstown, Co. Kildare, 86-94.

Denny, H.L. Lyster: An account of the family of Alen, of St. Wolstan's, Co. Kildare, 95-110.

after Barton, Bertram Francis: The family of Barton, 111-113.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Patrick Sarsfield, Earl of Lucan, with an account of his family and their connection with Lucan and Tully, 114-147.

Drury, Charles M.: Archæological jottings from the neighbourhood of Baltinglass, 148-154.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Notes on an Ogham-inscribed stone recently discovered in the Donaghmore Churchyard, near Maynooth, in the County Kildare, with a reading of the Inscription by Professor John Rhys, 155-160.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Earl of Kildare's standard-bearers in the sixteenth century [note], 163-164.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The will of Sir John Alen, Knt., Lord Chancellor of Ireland, of Alen's Court, or St. Wolstan's, County Kildare [note], 164-166.

Buckley, J.: Additional note on the High Sheriffs of County Kildare, 166.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Timolin, 166-167.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Members of Parliament for the County Kildare in 1560 and 1585, 167-168.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Dame Jenet Sarsfield, sister of Sir William Sarsfield, Kt., of Lucan, whose 3rd husband was Robert Plunkett, 5th Baron of Dunsany, 168-169.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Clergy of the Parish of Clane, 169.

Vigors, P.D.: Additions to the list of the High Sheriffs of the County Kildare, 170.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Ferdinand, alias Fergananim O'Kelly, of the Queen's County, 170.


JCKAS Vol. IV, No. 3 (January 1904)

O'Leary, Edward: Additional notes on John Lye and Clonaugh, 172-175.

Drury, C.M.: Archæological notes dealing with Grange Con Neighbourhood, 176-178.

Aylmer, Hans Hendrick: The Aylmers of Lyons, County Kildare, 179-183.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The history and antiquities of the Queen's County barony of Portnahinch. Part I, including: The Macdonnells of Tinnakill Castle, and History of the town of Portarlington, 184-229.

Drogheda, Countess of: Monasterevin, 230-244.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Mullaghmast sculptured boulder, 245-248.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The shaft of the O'Toole Cross at Knockarigg House, County Wicklow, 249.

Johnston, G.H.: The Cheney family [query], 251.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Military wooden towers in the thirteenth century [query], 251-252.

de Burgh, Colonel: "Lord Kildare's great Castle of Naas" [answer to a query], 252.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Townland of Windgates [note], 255.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The members of the Eustace family on an inquisition jury in 1537 [note], 255.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The son of Patrick Sarsfield, Earl of Lucan [correction], 255.

after Barton, Bertram Francis: The Barton Family [correction], 256.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The house and demesne of Monasterevin [note], 256-257.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Johnstown (Inn) Churchyard [note], 257.


JCKAS Vol. IV, No. 4 (July 1904)

O'Kelly, Edward P.: The eccentric Earls of Aldborough, 274-279.

Mayo, Earl of: Some notes on the Vikings; their ships; and how they harassed Ireland, 280-284.

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The history of Morett Castle, and the FitzGeralds, and Notes on the district of Irry, Coolbanagher Castle and the Hartpoles, 285-311.

O'Grady, John S.: Prehistoric burial-ground at Pollardstown, County Kildare, 312-314.

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FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Conolly family [query], 319.

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FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The makers of the bell in St. David's Church, Naas [note], 321.


JCKAS Vol. IV, No. 5 (January 1905)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The history and antiquities of the Queen's County barony of Portnahinch. Part III:

Lea Castle, 324-351.

Drury, C.: County Wicklow archæological notes around Kiltegan, 352-358.

Omurethi (FitzGerald, Lord Walter): Knockaulin, 359-365.

O'Grady, John Sheil: Colonel Thomas Dongan, of Castletown-Kildrought, soldier and statesman, 366-369.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Corbally Hill, 370-371.

document: A terrier of the Parish of Fonstown (now Fontstown), Co. Kildare, October 15th, 1753, 371-372

Ryder, A. Gore: Riverstown, near Monasterevin [query], 372.

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JCKAS Vol. IV, No. 6 (July 1905)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The history and antiquities of the Queen's County barony of Portnahinch. Part IV, including:

The O'Dempseys of Clanmaliere, and Appendix to the papers on the history and antiquities of the Barony of Portnahinch, 396-453.

O'Grady, John Sheil: History and antiquities of the Hill of Allen, 454-465.

de Burgh, Thomas J.: The de Burghs of Oldtown, 466-472.

Cary, Sydney: Index to the wills of the Diocese of Kildare, in the Public Record Office of Ireland, 473-491.

Drury, C.: Some curious beliefs, 492-493.

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FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The name of the Nurney (Co. Kildare) stream [query], 495.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Burnt Church, Co. Kildare [query], 495.

Additions to the High Sheriffs of the County Kildare [note], 496.

Vanessa's burial-place [note], 496-497.

A long stone on the Great Connell townland [note], 497.

Places of the name of Blackhall and Blackrath, County Kildare [note], 497-498.

A bronze spear-head and bronze ring [note], 498-499.


JCKAS Vol. V, No. 1 (January 1906)

Sherlock, W.: Clondalkin, 2-11.

Bewley, Sir Edmund T.: Note on Belgard Castle, Clondalkin, County Dublin, 12-15.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Tallaght, in the County Dublin, 16-

Omurethi (FitzGerald, Lord Walter): Notes on Punchestown and Cradockstown, 37-46.

Hewetson, John: Patrick Hewetson, M.D., 47-54.

anonymous: Ballads and Poems of the County Kildare: No. 1. The Siege of Maynooth [1535]. By J.C. Mangan, 55-59.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: A chalice presented to the Jesuits in 1634 by the Countess of Kildare, 60-62.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Longs or Langs of Daars, near Bodenstown, 62-63.

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FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Athy Town-Hall bell [note], 64.

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FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Reynoldstown, alias Payne's Castle, near Castle Carbury [query], 65.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: What sort of a weapon was a thonged javelin [query], 65-66

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Suncroft [query], 66.

Sherlock, W.: Pierse and Precious [query], 66.


JCKAS Vol. V, No. 2 (July 1906)

O'Grady, John Sheil: The history and antiquities of the districts of Rathcoole and Saggart, 69-78.

Cosby, Pole: Autobiography of Pole Cosby, of Stradbally, Queen's County, 1703-1737(?), 79-99.

anonymous: Ballads and Poems of the County Kildare: No. 2. Oonah More: a legend of Inch Castle. By the Rev. Patrick Fitzsymons, Carlow College, 1865, 100-106.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: St. John's, Athy, 107-109.

Cavenagh, W.O.: The Wogans of Rathcoffy, Co. Kildare.—a correction, 109-113.

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FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Portersize, Parish of Timolin [note], 118.

Flynn, J.J.: Tallaght, County Dublin [corrections], 118-119.

Hobson, C.J.: Notes on a sepulchral urn [note], 119-

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The sites of two chapels near Kilkea Castle, [note], 120-


JCKAS Vol. V, No. 3 (January 1907)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Rathangan, 137-163.

Cosby, Pole: Autobiography of Pole Cosby, of Stradbally, Queen's County, (continued), 164-184.

Cary, George Sydney: Index to the intestate administrations of the Diocese of Kildare, in the Public Record Office of Ireland, 185-192.

O'Leary, E.: Notes on the place of King Laoghaire's death, 193-199.

anonymous: Ballads and Poems of the County Kildare: No. III. The Rath of Mullaghmast. By R.D.Williams, 200-202.

Omurethi (FitzGerald, Lord Walter): Father Germaine's well at Lackan, Parish of Boystown (alias Baltyboys), in the County Wicklow, 203-204.

Falkiner, William: Ancient stone implements [note], 204-5

A curious instance of panic among troops recorded in the "Annals of the Four Masters," in the year 1406 , 206.

The inscription on a mural slab at St. Michan's, in Dublin, erected to the memory of Richard Tighe, High Sheriff of the County Kildare in 1662 [note], 206-208.

The churches of Ardmakrynane and Grilissie [note], 208.

An ancient wooden three-pronged fork [note], 208-210.

Joyce, P.W. & Morrin, T.: Suncroft [answer to query], 210.

anonymous: Query [re Hewetson family], 211.

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Ponsonby, Gerald: Letter to the Editor [query], 214.


JCKAS Vol. V, No. 4 (July 1907)

Vicars, Sir Arthur: Old Bawn, County Dublin, 229-237.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Belan, 238-252.

Cosby, Pole: Autobiography of Pole Cosby, of Stradbally, Queen's County, (continued), 253-273.

anonymous: Ballads and Poems of the County Kildare: No. IV. The Ape of Woodstock Castle. By W.E. Coghlan, 1866, 274-283.

Omurethi (FitzGerald, Lord Walter): The Battle of Dunbolg, near Baltinglass, fought in 594, and what led up to it, 284-292.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Destruction of the Birtown Moat [note], 293.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Walter FitzGerald of Walterstown [note], 293-294.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: "Kinsha-loochaun" burial-ground [query], 295.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Knockbounce [query], 295.

Weldon, A.A.: Thomas (?) Weldon, of Weldon, in Staffordshire, sixteenth century [query], 295.


JCKAS Vol. V, No. 5 (January 1908)

anonymous: Recollections of visits to Belan house, Co. Kildare, in the early Victorian period, 298-310.

Cosby, Pole: Autobiography of Pole Cosby, of Stradbally, Queen's County, (continued), 311-324.

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Denny, H.L.L.: The Alens of St. Wolstan's, 344-347.

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FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Baltinglass Hill, 352-3.

Beard, T.: Riversdale, Athy [note], 354.

Beard, T.: Dr. Thomas Molyneux [note], 354.

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FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The maiden name of the second wife of Lewis O'Dempsey, 2nd Viscount Clanmaliere [note], 354.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Temple Carragh [note], 355.

anonymous: A tenant's services and customs due to landlord on obtaining a lease in the old times [note], 355-356.

Beard, T.: Greenhills House, Athy [query], 357.

Beard, T.: Woodstock Castle [query], 357-358.

Cavenagh, W.O.: The Kavanaghs of Ballynamona and Athy [query], 358-359.

Joyce, P.W.: Kinsha-loochaun [answer to query], 360.


JCKAS Vol. V, No. 6 (July 1908)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Baltinglass Abbey, its possessions, and their Post-Reformation proprietors, 378-414.

Sherlock, W.: Ballitore and its associations, 415-422.

Cosby, Pole: Autobiography of Pole Cosby, of Stradbally, Queen's County, (continued), 423-438.

Omurethi (FitzGerald, Lord Walter): Customs paculiar to certain days, formerly observed in the County Kildare, 439-455.

anonymous: Ballads and Poems of the County Kildare:-No. VI: The Death of Lord Edward Fitzgerald. By T.D. Sullivan, 456-459.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The County Wicklow Barony of Upper Talbotstown, and whence its name [note], 460-461.

Cavenagh, W.O.: Some Kavanaghs of the County Kildare [note], 462-463.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: An unrecorded long stone in the County Kildare [note], 463-465.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: An ancient wooden vessel, 464-465 [note].

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Paintings and drawings of places in the County Kildare, lent to the Picture Gallery of the Dublin International Exhibition of 1907, 465-466.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: What was the procedure of "praying the benefit of clergy"? and what was the ordeal of "being burned in the hand"? 469.


JCKAS Vol. VI, No. 1 (January 1909)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Historical notes on the O'Mores and their territory of Leix, to the end of the sixteenth century. With appendices, 1-88.

Sherlock, W.: Knights Hospitallers in Co. Kildare, 89-95.

Omurethi (FitzGerald, Lord Walter): Ballysax and the Nangle family, 96-100.

anonymous: Ballads and Poems of the County Kildare: No. VII: Garrett "more," Earl of Kildare (anonymous), 101-102.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Concerning the lands of "Macduff in Balmascoloe" (?Scullogestown, Barony of Ikeathy), 1442, 103-104.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Haynestown, near Rathmore, County Kildare [note], 104-

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Antiquarian objects discovered in the County Kildare [note], 105-106

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Churches as granges or granaries [note], 107.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Stradbally church tower, Queen's County [query], 107.

Beard, T.: The Wilmot family of Athy [query], 107-108.

anonymous: An unknown FitzGerald [query], 108-

Aylmer, H. Hendrick: Praying benefit of clergy and burning in the hand [answer to query], 108-109.


JCKAS Vol. VI, No. 2 (July 1909)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Manor and Castle of Powerscourt, County Wicklow, in the sixteenth century, formerly a possession of the Earls of Kildare, 126-139.

ffrench, Rev. Canon: The Celtic church of Killerrig, County Carlow, 140-145.

Vicars, Sir Arthur: Drimnagh, County Dublin, 148-

ffrench, Rev. Canon: The family of Sherlock. No II, 154-159.

O'Leary, Edward: The Rock of Dunamase, 160-171.

Daly, Tom (per Miss Greene): County Kildare folk-tales, 172-174.

Drogheda, Marchioness of: Ballads and Poems of the County Kildare: No. VIII: Ye Righte Merrie Ballad of Castletown. By Mary Caroline, marchioness of Drogheda, 175-178.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Extracts from a Dublin exchequer inquisition concerning landholders in the County of Kildare in 1535 [note], 179-180.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Paintings and engravings of the Salmon Leap at Leixlip [note], 180.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Extracts from the Athy Parish Register [note], 181-182.


JCKAS Vol. VI, No. 3 (January 1910)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Killeshin church ruins, Queen's County, 184-205.

Omurethi (FitzGerald, Lord Walter): Castledillon in the barony of South Salt, 206-213.

Devitt, M.: Summerhill and its neighbourhood, Part I, 214-221.

Sherlock, W.: Bodenstown graveyard—a place of Irish pilgrimage, 222-229.

Denny, H.L.L.: Lawe of Leixlip, 230-239.

Davis, thomas: Ballads and Poems of the County Kildare: No. IX: Tone's Grave. By Thomas Davis, 240.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The coat-of-arms of the O'Connors of Offaly, and of Lisagh O'Connor of Leixlip, County Kildare, 241-244.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The bounds of Leix (excluding Fassaghreban) and of Slievemargy in 1549, 244-246.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Purchase of arms and ammunition for the Irish rebels at English fairs in and before 1599 [note], 247.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Anglo-Norman wooden towers in Ireland [note], 247-248.

Bland, J.L.: A moated castle [note], 248.

Swinton, the hon. Mrs.: Richard Conolly, of Castletown [note], 248.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Damage to the Kilkea church ruins [note], 248-

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: What sort of a structure in the sixteenth century was a "wooden castle"[query], 249-


JCKAS Vol. VI, No. 4 (July 1910)

Devitt, Matthew: Summerhill, County Meath, and its neighbourhood. Part II, The lynches of Lynch's Knock, 265-292.

Sherlock W.: Some notes on the fords and bridges over the River Liffey, 293-305.

Hewetson, John: Michael Hewetson, M.A., Archdeacon of Kildare for a day (St. Peter's, 1686), 307-310.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The castle and manor of Carlow. Part I, 311-338.

document: A descriptive account of the County of Kildare in 1682. By Thomas Monk, 339-346.

anonymous: Ballads and Poems of the County Kildare: No. 10: The Clane Rangers: a contemporary ballad of the Volunteers, 347-352.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: "Captain Garrett," a leader of the Irish at the Battle of Glenmalure, 1580, 353-355.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: A curious use to put an ecclesiastical bell to [note], 356.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Rathtoole Townland [note], 356.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The sepulchral mote and churchyard at Hortland, barony of Ikeathy and Oughterany [note], 356-357.

anonymous: Donadea Castle sculptured mural slab [note], 357-358.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Will of Peter Lynch, of the Knock, County Meath, dated 12th June, 1553 [note], 358-359.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Old Place-names in the Townland of Summerhill (the Knock), County Meath, in 1609 [note], 360.


JCKAS Vol. VII, No. 2 (January 1911)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Castle and Manor of Carlow, Part II, 364-397.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Kildare Members of Parliament, 1559-1800, 398-406.

ffrench, J.F.M.: The legend of the Wizard Earl of Kildare, 407-409.

Omurethi (FitzGerald, Lord Walter): The stone-roofed church at Ardrass, 410-141.

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FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Concerning the lands of Donore, near Carragh, in the Barony of Clane 422-423.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Millicent and Firmount Townlands [note], 424.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Monacrannoge and Elm Hall [note], 424.

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Hewetson, John: Letters to Archbishop King (of Dublin from his contemporaries), 1680-1722 [query], 426.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: A wooden castle in the sixteenth century [answer to query], 426.


JCKAS Vol. VI, No. 6 (July 1911)

Devitt, Matthew: Summerhill, County Meath, and its neighbourhood. Part III, The campaign of Dungan Hill, 1647, 440-462.

Roper, Charles E.A.: The Cusacks of Rathgar, in the County of Dublin, and their descendants, 463-468.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Kildare Members of Parliament, 1559-1800, 469-492.

Davis, Thomas: Ballads and Poems of the County Kildare: No. 12: The Geraldines. By Thomas Davis, 493-499.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Notes on the FitzGeralds of Ireland, 500-515.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Copy of a lease of Carton to William Talbot, recorder of Dublin, 1603, 516-519.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: A camel in Ireland in the fifteenth century, [note], 519.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Balmascoloe or Ballymascolock [note], 519.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Tyrrell's Mill and Castle, near Celbridge [note], 520-522.

de Burgh, T.J.: The Piper's Stones on Church Mountain, County Wicklow [note], 522.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: What was the origin of the name of a castle in Kildare called "The Fire Castle"? [note], 523.

Hewetson, John: Re Kildare Members of Parliament [answer to query], 523-

Omurethi (FitzGerald, Lord Walter): Dr. Joyce's "English as we speak it in Ireland." With notes on the "Brogue" and Irish words used in the County Kildare, 524-539.


JCKAS Vol. VII, No. 1 (January 1912)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Ballyadams in the Queen's County, and the Bowen Family, 2-32.

Young, Margaret F.: The La Touche family of Harristown, County Kildare, 33-40.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Kildare Members of Parliament, 1559-1800 (continued), 41-44.

document: The will of Captain William Bowen of Castlecarra, County Mayo, 1594 [note], 45-46.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Hill of Mullachreelan and the sepulchral moat at Kilkea Castle [note], 47-48.

anonymous: The first mention of cannon in Ireland [note], 48.

anonymous: The Right Rev. Robert Ussher, Bishop of Kildare, 1635-1642 [note], 48.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Franciscan Abbey at Castledermot (repairs to) [note], 49.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The townland name of "Boston" [query], 50.


JCKAS Vol. VII, No. 2 (July 1912)

ffrench, J.F.M.: Prehistoric Architecture, 65-81.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Glassealy and its tenants; with the career of Walter "reagh" FitzGerald, 82-108.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Kildare Members of Parliament, 1559-1800 (continued), 109-117.

O'Leary, E.: Turnpike roads of Kildare, Queen's County, etc., in the eighteenth century, 118- 124.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Dunmurraghill, Co. Kildare, 125-126.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Franciscan Abbey at Castledermot (repairs to) [note, continued], 126-127.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Manor of Clonogan, Parish of Moyacomb, County Carlow, in 1540, 127.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: A "treasure-trove" find of silver coins at Castledermot, 128-130.


JCKAS Vol. VII, No. 3 (January 1913)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Antiquities of Clonmore, County Carlow, 132-153.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Kildare Members of Parliament, 1559-1800 (continued), 154-167.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick (ed.): A tour in Kildare in 1732, 168-177.

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Sadleir, Thomas U.: The Stones of Stonebrook, and Tippers of Tipperstown [note], 187.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The meaning of Castlesize [note], 188.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Margaret Butler, wife of Sir Maurice FitzGerald of Lackagh (ob. 1575), County Kildare [note], 188.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: A find of "Treasure Trove" in 1655 [note], 189.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: A County Carlow possession of Gerald, 11th Earl of Kildare [note], 190.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Parish of Clonaghlis, County Kildare [note], 190-191.


JCKAS Vol. VII, No. 4 (July 1913)

Hort, Sir Arthur F.: The Horts of Hortland, 207-216.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Dunlavin, Tornant, and Tober, County Wicklow, 217-233.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Kildare Members of Parliament, 1559-1800 (continued), 234-241.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Narraghmore and the barons of Norragh, 242-272.

document: Recollections of Timolin, extracted from Memoranda of the late Caroline A. Coddington, afterwards Mrs. Frederick Brown, daughter of the Rev. Latham Coddington, who was inducted to Timolin in 1809 [note], 273-274.

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FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Manor of Combre [query], 277.


JCKAS Vol. VII, No. 5 (January 1914)

Chamney, William: Some old Kildare book-plates, 281-287.

Macalister, R.A.S.; Praeger, R.Ll. & Armstrong, E.C.R.: On a Bronze-Age interment at Furness, near Naas, Co. Kildare, 288-295.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Coghlanstown, County Kildare, 296-310.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Kildare Members of Parliament, 1559-1800 (continued), 311-316.

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FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Chair of Kildare [note], 327- 329.

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FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Parish of Yago, and the Townland of Gaganstown [note], 336-337.

Walsh, Martin: List of the Parish Priests of Castledermot [note], 337.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Prosperous, in the Parish of Killybegs [note], 338.

FitzGerald, F.: The church bell of Maynooth [note], 338.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The old name of Mount Armstrong [query], 339.

Lepper, R.S.: Information required on some Athy families [query], 339.


JCKAS Vol. VII, No. 6 (July 1914)

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Seals of Kildare bishops and dignitaries, 355-364.

Lloyd, Joseph H.: The identification of the battlefield of Glenn Mama, A.D. 1000, 365-372.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Priory, or Nunnery, of Graney, County Kildare, 373-381.

Hamilton, Gustavus E.: The Kings of Leinster and their clans, 382-392.

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de Courcy-Wheeler, H.E.: The tower on the Hill of Allen, 411-416.

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de Burgh, Thomas John: The ancient mace of Naas Corporation, 424-425.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Chair of Kildare [note], 424-426.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Enfield, a misnomer [note], 426.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The meaning of the river-name Figile [note], 426-427.

Devitt, Matthew: The old name of Mount Armstrong [answer to query], 427.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The old name of Mount Armstrong [answer to query], 427.


JCKAS Vol. VIII, No. 1 (January 1915)

Ponsonby, Gerald: Bishopscourt and its owners, 2-29.

Sadleir, Thomas U.: High Sheriffs of the King's County, 1655-1915, 30-49.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Tullow, County Carlow: its history and antiquities, 50-70.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Kildare Members of Parliament 1559-1800, 71-75.

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FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Lorenzo Moore, Ranger of the Curragh, 1789-1799 [note], 82-83.


JCKAS Vol. VIII, No. 2 (July 1915)

Finn, D.J.: A local collection of Irish coins [at Clongowes Wood College], 97-103.

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FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Description of two FitzGerald harps of the seventeenth century, 133-149.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Kildare Members of Parliament 1559-1800 (continued), 150-156.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: A note on Charles Armstrong of Mount Armstrong and his brother Colonel Andrew Armstrong of Morristown, 157-160.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Richard Eustace, tenant of Gorteenvacan and Ballybyrne in the County Kildare, 1600 [note], 161-162.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Discovery of a sepulchral kist near Castledermot [note], 163.


JCKAS Vol. VIII, No. 3 (January 1916)

Young, Margaret F.: Ballitore and its institutions, 166-169.

Smith, R.W.: The Nuttalls of County Kildare, 180-184.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Hollywood, County Wicklow: with an account of its owners to the commencement of the seventeenth century, 185-196.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Kildare Members of Parliament 1559-1800 (continued), 197-204.

Sadleir, Thomas U.: Diary of Anne Cooke (continued), 205-219.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Reeves Castle [note], 220.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Parish of Ballybrackan in the Barony of Offaly West [note], 221.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: The Hartpole effigy [note], 221-222.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The patron saint of Kill, Co. Kildare [note], 222-223.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Jettons or Casting Counters [note], 223.


JCKAS Vol. VIII, No. 4 (July 1916)

Hamilton, Gustavus Everard: The names of the baronies and parishes in County Kildare, 241-266.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Preceptory, or Commandery, of Kilteel, County Kildare, 267-275.

Devitt, Matthew: The Barony of Okethy, 276-301.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Kildare Members of Parliament 1559-1800 (continued), 302-308.

document: Freeholders in the Queen's County, from 1 Jan., 1758 to 1 Dec. 1775, with date of registration, 309-327.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: An ancient church pavement tile from Timolin Churchyard [note], 328-329.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Narraghmore, and Walter Calfe (or le Veele), Bishop of Kildare [note], 330-

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Coghlan of Kilcolgan, King's County [answer to query], 330-


JCKAS Vol. VIII, No. 5 (January 1917)

Nuttall, George H. Falkiner: The Falkiners of Abbotstown, County Dublin, 331-363.

Lloyd, J.H.: Druim Dearg, 364-367.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Two Colley inscriptions in the Castle Carbury churchyard; with notes on the founder of the family, 369-387.

Devitt, Matthew: The Barony of Okethy (continued), 388-398.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Kildare Members of Parliament 1559-1800 (continued), 399-403.

anonymous: The district of Coshegowley, County Kildare, 405-408.

Sadleir, Thomas U.: The Hortland wind-mill [note], 409.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Kinnafad Castle, Co. Kildare, 409-410.


JCKAS Vol. VIII, No. 6 (July 1917)

Hamilton, Gustavus Everard: The names of the baronies and parishes in County Kildare (continued), 425-445.

Sadleir, Thomas U. (ed.): Diary of Anne Cooke (continued), 447-463.

Devitt, Matthew: The Barony of Okethy (continued), 464-494.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Kildare Members of Parliament 1559-1800 (continued), 495-502.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Notes on Lady Margaret FitzGerald, who married Pierce, 8th Earl of Ormonde, in 1485, 503-511.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Barrettstown, parish of Old Connell [note], 512.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Ballardseix [note], 512.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Place-names in 1395, lying between Clane and the present town of Newbridge [note], 512-513.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Richard, son of John, son of Robert FitzGerald, living 1383 [query], 513.


JCKAS Vol. IX, No. 1 (January 1918)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Earl of Kildare's manor of Geashill, in the King's County with notes on Killeigh, in the parish of Geashill, 2-33.

Stanley-Torney, Henry (ed.): Ferns marriage licences, 34-59.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Ladytown and the Allens, 60-69.

Young, Margaret F.: The Shackleton letters, 1726-1755, 70-79.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Proprietors of the Manor of Monasterevin in the sixteenth century, 80-82.

Wall, F.H.: Portarlington School [note], 83-84.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: The Moat of Ardscull, 84-85.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Metal cross from Killeigh, 85-86.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Col. Henry Markham, 86-88.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: The former name of "Bushy Park" in the Parish of Kilrush, Co. Kildare, 88.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The old names of Firmount and Millicent, Parish of Clane, 88-89.

Chamney, William: County Kildare book-plates [addenda], 90-91.


JCKAS Vol. IX, No. 2 (July 1918)

Hamilton, Gustavus Everard: The names of the Baronies and Parishes in County Kildare (continued), 110-123.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: The family of Saunders of Saunders' Grove, County Wicklow, 124-133.

Young, Margaret F.: The Shackleton letters, 1763 1783 (continued), 134-177.

Stanley-Torney, Henry (ed.): Ferns marriage licences (continued), 178-190.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Kildare members of Parliament, 1559-1800 (continued), 191-196.

Armstrong, E.C.R.: Note on an armorial pendant [note], 197.

Moore, R. St. L.: The caves at Killashee, near Naas [note], 198.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: An ancient tradition that Stonehenge once stood on the Curragh of Kildare [note], 199-201.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Lady Elizabeth FitzGerald (recte Elizabeth, Lady FitzGerald) [note], 202.

Devitt, M.: The Manor of Monasterevin [note], 200-202.


JCKAS Vol. IX, No. 3 (January 1919)

Strickland, Walter: The Chetwoods, of Woodbrook in the Queen's County, 204- 226.

Stanley-Torney, Henry (ed.): Ferns marriage licences (continued), 227-245.

Hamilton, Gustavus Everard: The names of the Baronies and Parishes in the County Kildare (continued), 246-257.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Lackagh, Tobercocka, and Crossmorris [note], 258.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Clonaghlis Parish [note], 258.


JCKAS Vol. IX, No. 4 (July 1919)

Strickland, Walter (ed.)?: The Chetwood letters, 1726, 272-276.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter (ed.): The O'More family of Balyna in the County Kildare, by James More of Balyna, circa 1774, 277-291.

Stanley-Torney, Henry (ed.): Ferns marriage licences (continued), 292-300.

anonymous: Place names in the County Kildare in the sixteenth century, 301-302.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Great Moat at Rathmore, County Kildare [note], 303.

anonymous: A supposed Relic of Swift [note], 303-304.

Arthur Vicars: The Falkiners of Abbotstown [note], 304.


JCKAS Vol. IX, No. 5 (July 1920)

FitzGerald, Lord Walter (ed.): The O'More family of Balyna in the County Kildare, by James More of Balyna, circa 1774 (continued), 318-330.

Upton, Henry S.: Claims at Chichester House relating to the County Kildare,1700, 331- 357.

Devitt, Matthew: The See lands of Kildare, 358-365.

Stanley-Torney, Henry (ed.): Ferns marriage licences (continued), 366-375.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Kildare members of Parliament, 1559-1800 (continued), 376-380.

Strickland, Walter (ed.)?: The Chetwood letters (continued), 381-386.

Heighington, William: On Donard, County Wicklow, 387-389.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Castle Rag, near Naas, 389-391.

newspaper advertisements 1752-1757: Elm Grove (new house) near Naas, 391.

Swanzy, Henry B.: Dixon, of Kilkea Castle, 392-394.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: "Crish-na-Cool" and "Critheen-a-thompal," near Kilcock [query], 394-395.


JCKAS Vol. IX, No. 6 (July 1921)

Strickland, Walter (ed.)?: The Chetwood letters (continued), 410-415.

Devitt, Matthew: The See lands of Kildare (continued), 416-429.

Sadleir, Thomas Ulick: Kildare members of Parliament, 1559-1800 (continued), 430-433.

Phillips, H.: The Grand Canal, 434-453.

Stanley-Torney, Henry (ed.): Ferns marriage licences (continued), 454-456.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Fourteenth-Century Eustace effigy now in the Protestant church at Ballymore-Eustace, County Kildare; with notes on the family, 457-460.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: "The Earl of Kildare's Red Book," 1503, 461-462.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: A tombstone inscription at Kildare Cathedral [query], 463.

FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Lord Edward FitzGerald's Will [note], 463.


JCKAS Vol. X, No. 1 (July 1923)

Phillips, H.: The Grand Canal: (2) The passenger boats, 3-19.

D'Alton, John (1846): Notes on the history of County Kildare' 20-28.

Stanley-Torney, Henry (ed.): Ferns marriage licences (continued), 29-31.

Strickland, Walter (ed.)?: The Chetwood letters (continued), 32-36.

Sadleir, Thomas. U.: Kildare Members of Parliament 1559-1800 (continued), 37-40.


JCKAS Vol. X, No. 2 (July 1924)

Sadleir, Thomas. U.: An Eighteenth Century Dwarf, 49-60.

Stanley-Torney, Henry (ed.): Ferns marriage licences (continued), 61-99.

Strickland, Walter (ed.)?: The Chetwood letters (continued), 100-106.

document: Verses maide by Lettice Fitz Gerald ye Lady Ophaley after she lost her eye-sight, being above fourscore years of age, 108.


JCKAS Vol. X, No. 3 (July 1925)

Sadleir, Thos. U.: Kildare Members of Parliament 1559-1800 (continued), 109-112.Sadleir, Thomas. U.: A Kildare Poet, 113-124.Stanley-Torney, Henry (ed.): Ferns marriage licences (continued), 125-149.

Strickland, Walter (ed.)?: The Chetwood letters (continued), 150-153.

newspaper report 1789: Sporting intelligence, 154-154.

Strickland, W.G.: Celbridge straw hats [note], 155.

anonymous: Some authorities for Kildare County History, 155-160.

document: A Turnpike receipt for Queen's Co., 160-161.


JCKAS Vol. X, No. 4 (January 1926)

Sadleir, Thomas. U.: Kildare Members of Parliaments 1559-1800, 163-

Stanley-Torney, Henry (ed.): Ferns marriage licences (continued), 174-194.

Strickland, Walter (ed.)?: The Chetwood letters (continued), 195-196.

document: The Book of Survey and Distribution, County Kildare, 197-205.

document: St. Wolstan's, 206-207.

anonymous: The Conolly family [note], 207.

anonymous: Carlow vestry book [note], 207.


JCKAS Vol. X, No. 5 (July 1927)

document: Hearth Money roll for County Dublin, 1664, 245-254.

document: The Book of Survey and Distribution, County Kildare, 221-230.

Sadleir, Thos. U.: Sir Edward Lovett Pearce, 231-244.

document: vestry minute re tree-planting in Carlow, 255.

document: householders in Carlow, 1669, 256-258.


JCKAS Vol. X, No. 6 (January 1929)

Sadleir, Thomas. U.: Some notes on Leixlip, 268-271.

Devitt, M.: Old proprietors in Straffan and Irishtown, 272-300.

Devitt, M.: The footbridge at Celbridge Abbey, 301-303.anonymous: Kildare tokens [note], 304.

anonymous: Segrave's Castle [note], 304.

document: letter of 1819 relative to the military services in South America of William Aylmer, 305-316.


JCKAS Vol. XI No. 1 (January 1930)

Aylmer, Sir Fenton: Sir Gerald Aylmer, Knight and Baronet, 367-385.

document: Hearth Money roll for County Dublin, continued, 1664, 386-466.document: Miscellanea - Naas Volunteers 1779, 467-468.


JCKAS Vol. XI No. 2 (January 1931)

Miller, William: Carlow Castle, 5-9.

O'Toole, Edward: Art McMurrough and Richard II, 10-23.

O'Toole, Edward: Find of bog butter at Feddancoyle, Kiltegan Co. Wicklow, 24-25.

O'Toole, Edward: Cist at Knocknatubrid, Tullow Co. Carlow, 26-28.

Orpen, Goddard H.: Rathgall: The Rath of the Foreigners, 31-35.

Upton, Henry, A.S.: A List of Irish Sheriffs 1685-6, 36-42.

O'Grady, Guillamore: Index to Kildare Marriage Licence bonds, 43-58.


JCKAS Vol. XI No. 3 (January 1932)

O'Toole, Edward: The primitive churches of Rathvilly Parish, Co. Carlow, 59-102.

O Hanluain, Enri: The "drunides" stone of Killeen Cormac, Co. Kildare, 103-113.

O'Grady, Guillamore: Index to Kildare Marriage Licence bonds (continued), 114-133.

Price, Liam: Notes on Feagh McHugh O'Byrne, 134-175.


JCKAS Vol. XI No. 4 (July 1933)

Le Fanu, T.P.: French veterans at Portarlington, 177-200.

O'Toole, Edward: The parish of Ballon, County Carlow, 201-310.


JCKAS Vol. XII No. 1 (July 1935)

On the occurrence of Roman capital letters at Killeen Cormaic, 1-11.

O'Grady, Guillamore: Index to Kildare Marriage Licence bonds (continued), 12-29.

documents: Some letters of the Mornington family, 30-52.


JCKAS Vol. XII No. 2 (March 1937)

Some old bills; Donaghcomper, Celbridge 53-65.

The "Druuides" stone of Killeen Cormaic, 66-73.

O'Grady, Guillamore: Index to Kildare Marriage Licence bonds (continued), 74-98.

document: Tenants of the Lordship of Carlow, 99-101.

document: Resolutions at Naas 1779, 102-103.

newspaper notice 1784: list of Grand Jury of King's County, 6 September 1784, 104.

newspaper notice 1773: Gentlemen of Co. Kildare, Spring Assizes 1772, 105.

newspaper notice 1785: Grand Jury at Summer Assizes 1784 for County Meath, 106.

newspaper notice 1785: Grand Jury, County Wicklow 4 August 1785, and Freeholders of Co. Wicklow, 4th August 1785, 106.


JCKAS Vol. XII No. 3 (July 1938)

O'Hanluain, E.: The archaæology of the Slieve Bloom Mountains, 107-110.

Leask, H.G.: Rahan, Offaly; the larger church, 111-114.

Sadleir, Thomas U (ed.).: Kildare diocesan wills, 115-123.

document: Rules and Resolutions of the Anna Liffey Club, 124-127.

document: Grand Jury panel for County Kildare, 1808, 128-130.


JCKAS Vol. XII No. 4 (July 1939)

Price, L.: Antiquities of Burgage and district, 137-143.

Kemmis, Lewis G.N.: A short account of the family of Kemmis, in Ireland, 144-169.

O'Hanluain, Enri: The Maynooth ogham stone, a new reading, and a new decipherment of the British oghams, 170-187.

Sadleir, Thomas U (ed.).: Kildare diocesan wills (continued), 188-189.

anonymous: Corporation of Kildare (note), 190.

anonymous: The Curragh [note], 190.

anonymous: Concealment [note], 191.

anonymous: Turnpike gate [note], 191.

anonymous: The Club House [Kildare] [note], 191.

Strath, F.W.: The memorial cross at Cross Morris, Kildare, erected to Sir Maurice Fitzgerald of Lackagh, Knight, 191-194.

document: Officers of the Kildare Militia, 1794-1817, 194-197.

Price, L: Discovery of skeletons at Haynestown S., 197-199.


JCKAS Vol. XII No. 5 (1940-41)

O'Hannluain, E.: The Killeen Cormaic ogham stone, 201-213.

Byrne, P.: Old Kilcullen, 214-216.

Fenton, James: Kilcullen New Abbey and the FitzEustaces, 217-221.

Sadleir, Thomas U (ed.).: Kildare diocesan wills (continued), 222-225.

Le Fanu, T.P.: French veterans at Portarlington, No. II, 227-229.

Strath, F.W.: Clog almanacks [query], 230.


JCKAS Vol. XII No. 6 (1941-42)

"Fear Ceall": Conntae an Riogh, King's County, 233-246.

Hayes-McCoy, G.A.: Irish historical collection at the National Museum, 247-251.

document: Ordnance Survey Letters for Co. Kildare, 252-268.

Sadleir, Thomas U (ed.).: Kildare diocesan wills (continued), 269-272.

Leask, H.G.: Medieval flooring tile from Greatconnell Abbey, Co. Kildare [note], 273-274.

Clarke, T.P.: Bog find in Co. Kildare [note], 274-275.

"Fear Ceall": Armorial carved stones at Daingean, 275-281.

anonymous: List of Rangers of the Curragh [note], 281-282.

Strath, F.W.: Horn tenures [query], 282-283.


JCKAS Vol. XII No. 7 (1943)

"Fear Ceall": Conntae an Riogh, King's County, 285-325.

Sadleir, Thomas U.: The family of Tone, 326-329.

Sadleir, Thomas U (ed.).: Kildare diocesan wills (continued), 330-331.

document: Ordnance Survey Letters for Co. Kildare (continued), 332-342

Strath, F.W.: Sigginstown House, Naas, commonly called "Jigginstown", 343-347.

Clarke, T.P.: Old place names not recorded on the Ordnance Maps, 349-351.

Clarke, T.P.: Horn tenures [answer to query], 352.


JCKAS Vol. XII No. 7 (1944-45)

"Fear Ceall": Conntae an Riogh, King's County, 353-374.

Ó Muirthuile, Seósamh: Meascra de thaighdighthe maidir le dinnsheanchas Choill Chluana Gabhann agus na dúthaighe ina timcheall, (Clongoweswood), 375-395.

anonymous: The Barony of Connell, 396-402.

Dowling, Michael G.: Ardea or Irry, 403-419.

anonymous: Back to the Ice Age: remains of giant deer at Rathcoffey, 420-424.

Sadleir, Thomas U (ed.).: Kildare diocesan wills (continued), 425-427.

document: Ordnance Survey Letters for Co. Kildare (continued), 428-441.

Clarke, T.P.: Stone Axe, 442.

Grehan, G.: The Spaniards' Cross [note], 443.

Doyle, Sean G.: Squire Yeates of Moone Abbey, 443-445.

Casey, Michael T.: Bog Butter, 446-451.

Sadleir, Thomas U.: The Celbridge Mills, 452.

Dowling, M.G.: Old place names not recorded on the Ordnance Maps, 453-456.

Notes on same, 455.


JCKAS Vol. XIII No. 1 (1946-47)

'Fear Ceall': Conntae an Riogh, 1-18.

Dowling, Michael G.: "Rathenuarthi" (Dollardstown), 19-23.

Cox, Gerard: Portarlington Papers, 24-25.

Dowling, Michael G.: Ardea or Irry? (continued), 26-40.

O Muirthuile, Seosamh: Meascra de thaighdighthe maidir le dinnsheanchas Choill Chluana Gabhann agus na dúthaighe ina timcheall, 41-50

Dowling, Michael G. (ed.): Ordnance Survey Letters for Co. Kildare (continued), 51- 70.

Cox, Gerard S.: Notes & Queries [re placenames], 71-72.

Leask, Mrs. H.G.: query re Irish printed linens and cottons, 72-73.


JCKAS Vol. XIII No. 2 (1948-49)

Gogan, L.S.: Brigantian Kildare, 75-79.

Dowling, Michael G. (ed.): Ordnance Survey Letters for County Kildare (continued), 80-91.

Nolan, Matthew: The Barony of Connell, continued: Old Connell, 92-94.

Dowling, Michael G.: Placenames of the Civil Parish of Lea in the Barony of Portnahinch, 95-106.

O Muirthuile, Seosamh: Meascra de thaighdighthe idir bhéaloideasa agus seandálaíochta agus staire ar dhinnseanchas Choill Chluana Gabhann agus na dúthaí ina timpeall, 107-116.

Cantwell, Brian J.: Find of palstave at Newbridge, 117.

Dowling, M.G.: Panel at Kilteel [note], 118.


JCKAS Vol. XIII No. 3 (1950-52)

Dowling, Michael G. (ed.): Ordnance Survey Letters for County Kildare (continued), 119-132.

Longfield, Ada K.: A decorated eighteenth-century headstone at Killashee, County Kildare, 133-134.

Cantwell, Brian J.: Notes on Young's tour, 1777-1779, 135-136.

Dowling, Michael G.: The Crosbie Agreement of 1607, 137-144.

Mac Lochlainn, Ailfrid: The interpretation of heraldry, 145-149.

Müller-Lisowski, Käte: Nicknames and namesakes, reflecting old relationships between Ireland and Iceland, 150-155.

Dowling, Michael G.?: Notes and queries [Carbury Castle, Richardstown Castle], 157.


JCKAS Vol. XIII No. 4 (1953)

Ó Ríordáin, Seán P.: Gold hair ring from Harristown, County Meath, 167-169

Cantwell, Brian J.: Boundaries Survey, 1836 Athy and Naas, 170-176.

Longfield, Ada K.: Linen and cotton printing at Leixlip in the eighteenth century. I. Samuel Dixon & Co., 1758-65, 177-183.

Ronan, Myles V.: Burgage, County Wicklow, 184-192.

Mac Lochlainn, Ailfrid: Rex v. Crossly. A lecture with manifestations, 193-200.

Dowling, Michael G. (ed.): Ordnance Survey Letters for Coumty Kildare, (continued) 201-210.

Hickey, Elizabeth & Rynne, Etienne: Two souterrains on the lower slopes of Tara, 220-222.

Dowling, M.G. (ed.): Millicent Legion of Yeomanry orderly book, 211-219.

Dowling, M.G.: Notes and Queries [answer to query re Carbury Castle; query re Laurence Davoran of Ann Grove, Queen's County], 223-224.


JCKAS Vol. XIII No. 5 (1954)

Longfield, Ada K.: An eighteenth-century headstone at Kildangan, County Kildare, 225-227.

Went, Arthur E.J.: Notes on the fisheries of the River Barrow, 228-241.

Longfield, Ada K.: Linen and cotton printing at Leixlip in the eighteenth century. II. George Moore, 1765-1768, 242-246.

Cantwell, Brian J.: Municipal Boundaries Survey 1836 (continued): Carlow, 247-253.

Dowling, Michael G. (ed.): Ordnance Survey Letters for County Kildare (continued), 254-264.

Hickey, Elizabeth: Miscellanea [re placename: Buirghes], 265.


JCKAS Vol. XIII No. 6 (1955)

Tickell, Sir Eustace F.: The Eustace family and their lands in Co. Kildare, 270-287.

Longfield, Ada K.: Linen and cotton printing at Leixlip in the eighteenth century. III Nathaniel Cunningham, 1768-81 and Thomas Harpur, 1768-86, 288-298.

O'Ríordáin, Breandán: Some recent finds from Leinster, 299-303.


JCKAS Vol. XIII No. 7 (1958)

Tickell, Sir Eustace F.: The Eustace family and their lands in County Kildare, Part II, 307-341

Murray, P.J.: Dunganstown Castle, 342-344.

'Fear Ceall': Conntae an Riogh; "King's County", 345-363.


JCKAS Vol. XIII No. 8 (1960)

Tickell, Sir Eustace F.: The Eustace family and their lands in County Kildare, Part III, 364-413.

'Fear Ceall': Conntae an Riogh (continued), 414-422.

Costello, Cornelius: Naas and the country in general, from 1800–’48, 423-442.

Longfield, Ada K.: Harpur's "Watering Engine" for bleaching linens at Leixlip, 443-446.

Jackson, J.S.: On giant Irish deer (Cervus giganteus Blumenbach) from Brownstown T.L., Co. Kildare, 447.


JCKAS Vol. XIII No. 9 (1961-63)

Rynne, Etienne: "The Danes' Road", a togher near Monasterevin, 449-457.

Prendergast, Ellen: Amber bead from Oghil, Co. Kildare [appendix to Danes' Road article], 456-457.

Rynne, Etienne: Notes on some antiquities found in Co. Kildare, 458-462.

Quane, Michael: Castledermot Charter School, 463-487.

Costello, Cornelius: correction to 'Naas and the country in general, 1800-1848', 487.

Tickell, Sir Eustace F.: corrigenda to 'The Eustace family and their lands in Co. Kildare', 488.

Costello, C.: Old Town Wall, 488.

Clarke, T.P.: County Kildare Archaeological Society [note on carved stones from Johnstown-bridge], 490.


JCKAS Vol. XIV No. 1 (1965-65)

Sheehy, Margaret: Architecture in Offaly, 1-28.

Gallwey, H.D.: The genealogy of James and Edmond Byrne of Dublin, 29-33.

Rynne, Etienne: A togher and a bog road in Lullymore Bog, 34-40.

Milner, William Henry: The Ballynowlart Martyrs, 41-46.

Ryan, Eileen: Monasterevan House, 47-49.

Rynne, Etienne: Two stone axeheads from Killamoat Upper, Co. Wicklow, 50-53.

Benson, Kathleen: The forgotten poet of Co. Kildare, 54-55.

Quane, Michael: Hewetson's Endowed School, Clane, 56-85.


JCKAS Vol. XIV No. 2 (1966-67)

MacCarvill, Eileen: Swift and the Vanhomrighs, 95-126.

Lee, GerardA.: The leper hospitals of Leinster, 127-151.

Costello, Con: Naas Union records, 151.

Coleborn, C.F.: Recent finds, 151.

Birkenhead, Sheila: Ruskin and Harristown, 152-162.

newspaper report 1745: Trials in Naas, 162.

newspaper report 1745: Sentences in Naas, 162.

newspaper report 1756:Execution of horse thief in Athy, 162.

Mac Suibhne, Peadar: Notes on 1798 in Kildare, 163-167.

Hendy, Tom: The Hendy family of Harristown, near Nurney [note], 167.

newspaper report 1756: Fire in paper mills at Newbridge, 167.

Costello, Con: Two Kildare Palmers, 168.

Sheehy, Margaret: Morristown Lattin, 169-173.

Quane, Michael: Ballitore School, 174-209; correction 517.

œ RÍ ord« in, A.B.: Saddle Quern from Ballyhade, Co. Kildare, 210-211.

newspaper advertisement 1780: inn at Naas, 211.

Longfield, A.K.: Prosperous 1776-1798, 212-231.

newspaper report 1743: Thieves hanged at Athy, 231.

Milner, W.H. & Morrison, G.: Ballynowlart Martyrs, the film, 232-233, correction 345.

anonymous: Watson of Larchill [query], 233.

œ Danachair, CaoimhÍn: Some notes on traditional house types in County Kildare, 234-246; correction 517.

Wynne, Michael: The Irish archaeological inspiration of Evie Hone, a preliminary study, 247-253; correction 517.

newspaper report 1712/13: Execution of thief near St. Stephen's Green, 253.

newspaper report 1712/13: notice re malicious anti-Palatine pamphlet, 253.

Tallon, Maura: A famous patriot Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin, 254-261.

Milne, Kenneth: The Council Books of Naas, 1665-1842, 262-266.

newspaper advertisement 1780: Garter Inn, Kildare, to let, 266.

Coleborn, C.F.: Naas church records, 1679-1877, 267-268.

newspaper report 1743: Celebrations for the coming-of-age of Lord Ophaley, 268.

newspaper report 1861: new omnibus to Naas, 268.


JCKAS Vol. XIV No. 3 (1968)

Valkenburg, Augustine: A study in diplomacy: Gerald eleventh Earl of Kildare (1525-1585), 293-315.

Coleborn, C.F.: Naas Workhouse, 316-321.

anonymous: Father John Miley [note], 321.

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newspaper report 1794: High tolls on Lucan/Leixlip road, 361.

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Ryan, Eileen: The Shell House, 366-367.


JCKAS Vol. XIV No. 4 (1969)

Costello, Con: Jigginstown House, 375-376; correction, 517.

MacDermot, Frank: Wolfe Tone's House [query], 376.

Meagher, Niall: A Gandon drawing of the portico at Emo, 377-381.

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anonymous: Silken Thomas [note], 396.

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anonymous: Deeds held by Charles and Jaspar Tyrrell, Ballinderry House, Carbury [note], 456.

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Delany, Ruth: Canal Boat No. 75 B, 488-489; correction, 517.

Snoddy, Oliver: 'God Save Ireland' [note] 496.


JCKAS Vol. XIV No. 5 (1970)

Wailes, Bernard: Excavations at Dun Ailinne, near Kilcullen, 1970, 507-517.

Valkenburg, Augustine: Walter Wellesley, Bishop of Kildare, 147?-1539, 518-543.

Rae, Edwin C.: The tomb of Bishop Walter Wellesley at Great Connell Priory, County Kildare, 544-563.

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Cooke, John: Bog reclamation and peat development in County Kildare, 576-625.

Delaney, Ruth: John Trail, Grand Canal engineer, 626-630.

Butler, Hubert: Ten thousand saints, 631-639.

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Costello, Con: Jerusalem (Townland name) [query], 639.

Lucas, A.T.: Find of mortised beam, Ironhills Townland, Co. Kildare, 640-641.

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JCKAS Vol. XV No. 1 (1971)

Wailes, Bernard: Excavation at Dún Ailinne, near Kilcullen, 1971, 5-11.

Costello, Con: Famine times [note], 11.

Hunt, John: Tomb of Sir Walter Bermingham, obiit 1548, 12-16.

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Knight of Glin: A "Sovereign" Row in Naas, 23-23.

English, N.W.: County Kildare Commissioners, 1699, 28, 58.

Longfield, A.K.: Longfields of Kilbride and a link with Swift, 29-37.

Snoddy, Oliver: The Volunteers, Militia, Yeomanry and Orangemen of

Co. Kildare in the 18th Century, 38-49.

Craig, Maurice: New Light on Jigginstown, 50-58.

Goodbody, Olive C.: Letters of Mary and Sarah Shackleton, Part 2, 59-70.


JCKAS Vol. XV No. 2 (1972)

Quane, Michael: Monasterevan Charter School, 101-121.

A.V. (Valkenburg, A.?): Punchersgrange, Co. Kildare [note], 121.

Delaney, Ruth: County of Kildare Canal, 122-135.

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Costello, Con: Lich gates [note], 160.

More-O'Ferrall, Edward G.: Ambrose O'Ferrall's Accounts re Miss Eliza O'Donnell, 1798-1806, 161-167

Fitzgibbon, Theodora: More Eighteenth-Century Food, 168-169.

Fanning, Thomas: Excavation of a Ring-Fort at Narraghmore, Co. Kildare, 171-177.

Longfield. A.K.: Archibald Hamilton Rowan, calico printer in America 1797-1799, 178-185.


JCKAS Vol. XV No. 3 (1973-74)

Barrow, Lennox: Killashee Church Tower, 186-194.

Harbison, Peter: Commemorating Lord Walter Fitzgerald, 230-231.

Meagher, Niall: Market house, Kildare and Quaker meeting house, Ballitore [note], 232-233.

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1832-3, 268-278.

anonymous: Eustace Castle [note], 278.

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McCracken, Eileen: A Register of Trees, Kings County, 1793-1913, 310-318.

Longfield, A.K.: Dish at St. Wolstans, 319-320.

Gray, A.J.: A prosperous pioneer Irishman [note], 333.


JCKAS Vol. XV No. 4 (1974-75)

Coleborn, Collis: Naas Work House, 340.

Wailes, Bernard: Excavation at Dun Ailinne, near Kilcullen, 1974, 345-358.

Boylan, Lena: The mills of Kildrought (continued), 359-375.

Ní Chinnéide, Síle: An 18th-century French traveller in Kildare, 376-386.

newspaper report 1923: Palmerstown House in ashes, 386, 418, 424, 429, 444.

Horner, Arnold: Land transactions and the making of Carton Demesne, 387-396.

Ó hAodha, Donncha: The early Lives of St. Brigit, 397-405.

Barrow, Lennox: The round tower of Kildare, 406-418.

Kelly, Martin J.: Some ploughs of County Kildare, 419-424.

Ryan, Michael: A decorated Neolithic rim-sherd from Britonstown,

Co. Wicklow, 425-429.

Rynne, Etienne: Ancient burials at Ballinlough, Co. Laois, 430-433.

O'Sullivan, John C.: An eighteenth-century sampler: 434-435.

Harbison, Peter: Unidentified building in Kildare [query], 436.


JCKAS Vol. XV No. 5 (1975-76)

Meagher, Niall: Unidentified building [answer to query], 489.

Synnott, P. N. N.: 1798 Rising - some records from County Kildare,


Boylan, Lena: Lady Louisa Conolly's chip hat factory, 468-472.

Lucey, Denis: The Silver Stream, 472.

Horner, Arnold: New Maps of Co. Kildare interest in the National Library of Ireland, 473-489.

Hunt, John: Bishop Wellesley's tomb carvings, 490-492.

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Longfield, A. K.: Old patterns for Irish printed linen, 493-495.

English, N.W. (submitted by): advertisement for hotel in Athy from Slater's Directory 1881 [note], 495.

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English, N.W.: County Wicklow Canal [note], 501, 508.

Meagher, Niall: Cockpit at Athy, 502-504.


JCKAS Vol. XVI No. 1 (1977-78)

newspaper report 1784: fire in New Abbey, Kilcullen, 6.

Marescaux de Saubruit, Geoffrey: Aldborough—an extinct Irish Earldom, 10-25.

Madden, I.B.: Maddenstown/Maddenton, Co. Kildare [query], 25.

Boylan, Lena: Kildare Lodge, 26-35.

Delaney, Ruth: The River Liffey navigation, 36-40.

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Harbison, Peter: Temptation in Kilkea Again. 15th century representation of St. Anthony? 68-70.

Fanning, Thomas: Excavation of a ringfort at Narraghmore, Co. Kildare - addendum, 71-72.

Kelly, M.J.: A Birmingham stone at Dunfierth, 72.

Manning, Conleth: Excavations at Kilteel 1977, preliminary report, 73-74.

Hetherington, Robert J.: Font at Kildare Cathedral [note], 74.

newspaper report 1865: re legal status of the Curragh, 81


JCKAS Vol. XVI No. 2 (1979-80)

newspaper article 1890 [recte 1791]: Catacomb [re discovery of bog body at Donadea], 82.

Meagher, Niall: Castlemartin, 86.

Andrews, J.H.: Proposals for eighteenth-century maps of County Kildare, 89-96.

Begley, M.: Burial place of Lieutenant Alexander Taylor [note], 96.

MacLeod, Catriona: A Duke of Leinster engraved glass goblet, 97-107.

newspaper report 1793: RC priests quell riot at Kilcock, 107.

Ryan, Michael: Prehistoric burials at Clane, Co. Kildare, 108-114.

Ryan, Michael: Two quernstones from County Wicklow, 115.

Meagher, Niall: Monuments under the care of Kildare County Council [note: mentions when they came under the care of the Council], 119.

Longfield, A.K.: Published works of A. K. Longfield, Hon. Member, 120-123.

Meagher, Niall: Ballitore Burial Ground [note], 123.

Jackson, Patricia: The holy wells of Co. Kildare, 133-161.

newspaper report 1743: death of well-known Celbridge pedlar, 164.


JCKAS Vol. XVI No. 3 (1981-82)

Manning, Conleth: Excavation at Kilteel Church, Co. Kildare, 173-229.

Hickey, Nora M.: Peter de Birmingham, Lord of Tethmoy, 230-238.Meagher, Niall: Prosperous: a village of vision, 239-241.Boylan, Lena: Prosperous—Landlords and Tenants, 241-263.

Ó Snodaigh, Pádraig: Notes on the politics of Kildare at the end of the 18th Century, 264-271.

Kelly, Martin: Some sundials of the North Kildare Area, 272-274.

newspaper report 1779: Dr. Keeffe ordered priests and people to fast for speedy recovery of King George III, 218.

newspaper report 1779: Chapel at Ballyadams levelled at night by persons unknown, 218.

newspaper report 1748: robbery of Parish Priest of Celbridge, 271.

newspaper report 1794: contributions of Protestant gentry to building of new R.C. chapel at Arklow; D of Leinster does likewise in Kildare, 271.

newspaper report 1779: Loyal address of RCs of Castledermot after their chapel burnt, 274.


JCKAS Vol. XVI No. 4 (1983-84)

Synnott, P.N.N.: The Claim to the Dukedom of Leinster, 288-297.

Grogan, Eoin: Excavation of an Iron Age burial at Furness, 298-316.

Horner, Arnold: A mid-eighteenth century scheme for a Kildare linen industry, 317-327.

Rynne, Etienne: An Antrim Bann flake from near Monasterevin, 328-330.

Scannell Mary J.P. & Lahert, Helen: Lydia Shackleton 1828-1914, botanist and artist, 331-339.

de Brún, Padraig: Some impressions of Kildare in 1801, 340-341.

Manning, Conleth: Excavations at Glendalough, 342-347.

Boylan, Lena: Joshua Jacob 1801-1877, 348-354.

Murtagh, Ben: The castles of Naas, 355-361.

Hickey, Nora: Hugh O'Neill and the Berminghams, 362-365.

Costello, Con: Naas Jail [note], 365.

Burke, Cormac & Clinton, Mark: Three long cists at Britonstown, 366-370.

Meagher, N. P.: National Monuments Advisory Committee of Kildare County Council 1982-83 [mentions finding of a Bronze Age cist at Haynestown], 371.

Meagher, Niall: Fragment of a High Cross from Moone [note], 371-372.

Kelly, M.J.: An iron works [note], 372.

Ó Snodaigh, P.: A note on Forenaghts Cavalry [note], 373.

Thompson, F. Glenn: The Kildare Rifles 1855-1881 [note], 375.

Brady, Niall: A Later Mesolithic flint artefact from Co. Kildare [note], 376.

Synnott, David: A Danish pot from Timahoe? [note], 377-378.

Costello, Con: Kildare Sundials [note], 379.

Mullaney, Máiread: Folklore in County Kildare [note], 379-381.

Fox, Jim: Duck decoys [query], 381-382.

Costello, Con: The boundary of the Pale [note], 382.


JCKAS Vol. XVI No. 5 (1985-86)

Boylan, Lena: Celbridge in Vanessa's time, 395-407.

newspaper report 1787: Trial of one Casey who robbed Mr. Tone's house near Sallins, 407.

O'Keeffe, Tadhg: The Church and Castle of Confey, Co. Kildare, 408-417.

Cummins, Seamus: Pike heads and the calico printer. Leixlip in '98, , 418-431.

Eiffe, June: Leixlip iron works [including report by Michael Kenny on coins], 432-437.

Quotation from James Alexander's Account of the first symptoms of the 1798 rebellion in the County of Kildare [note], 437.

Kenny, Michael: A Hoard of silver coins from Ellistown, Rathangan, 438-440.

Kelly, James: Prosperous and Irish industrialisation in the late 18th Century, 441-467.

Murtagh, Ben: St. David's Castle,: a fortified tower house, Naas, Co. Kildare, 468-478.

Hayden, Tadhg: Kildare Town, its ancient roads and streets, 479-483.

newspaper report 1780: Trial - theft of whiskey from distiller, 483.

Manning, Conleth: A cist at Haynestown, 484-491.

newspaper report 1776: Accident: carman dragged along behind car, 491.

King, Heather A.: A 15th-century figure carving from Killabban, County Laois, 492-495.

newspaper report 1778: Postman saw 'an extraordinary body of fire' in the sky, 495.

Hickey, Nora M.: The Cromwellian settlement in Balyna Parish 1641-1688, 496-509.

Cantwell, Brian J.: Memorial inscriptions County Kildare [Castledermot, Timolin, Killeen Cormac], 510-526.

newspaper report 1792: Accident: two horses plunged into Liffey with their riders, 526.

Memorial Inscriptions with Kildare connections (Clonmore, Co. Wexford; Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow) [note], 527.

O'Keeffe, Tadhg: The castle of Tullow, Co. Carlow [note], 528-9.

newspaper report 1776: Lord & Lady Townshend visiting Leixlip Castle, 529.

Kelly, Eamonn P.: A flint javelin-head from Donore, Co. Kildare [note], 530.

Shackleton, Jonathan: An alphabetical list of those buried in the Quaker burial ground in Ballitore, Co. Kildare, 531-537.

newspaper report 1776: Lord Townshend to tour garrisons, barracks etc., 537.

Shackleton, Jonathan? : Door and lintel stone from the Harden House of the Shackleton family, Yorkshire, England [note], 538-539.

Scannell, Maura: Folklore, 540.

Longfield, A.K.?: Addendum to list of published works: A.K. Longfield (Mrs. H.G. Leask), 540


JCKAS Vol. XVII (1989-91) [single volume: not subdivided into parts]

Clements, C. M. L.: 100 years of the County Kildare Archaeological Society, 5-7.

Horner, Arnold: Lord Walter FitzGerald's Ordnance Survey maps of Kilkea and district, 8-12.

O'Conor, Kieran: The later construction and use of motte and bailey castles in Ireland: new evidence from Leinster, 13-29.

Valkenburg, Augustine: The Kildare poems, 30-33.

Costello, Con: Two priests of Naas, 34-48.

Gibson, William H.: The North and South Moats of Naas, 49-58.

King, Heather A.: The medieval and seventeenth-century carved stone collection in Kildare, 59-95.

Kelly, Martin J.: The last days of the Colleys on Carbury Hill, 96-98.

Cogan, Denis: Athy Town Hall, 99-105.

O'Hare, Margaret P.: Quakerism in the Carlow/Kildare Area, 1650-1850, 106-117.

Reid, J.N.S.: The Presentation of Rev. Ambrose Cooke, M.A., 118-120.

Refaussé, Raymond: The visitation note book of Charles Lindsay, Bishop of Kildare 1804-1808, 121-147.

Ó Floinn, Raghnall: A prehistoric bog burial at Baronstown West, 148-150.

Kildare County Library [document]: distilling licence, Monasterevin, 1790, 150.

Ó Ríordáin, Breandán: St. David's, Naas-a new dimension, 151-160.

Keeley, Valerie J.: Excavation at the "Longstone", Kilgowan, 161-167.

Keeley, Valerie J.: Archaeological investigations on three Kildare motorway schemes, 168-171.

Keeley, Valerie J.: Excavation at Hillsborough Townland, 172-179.

Keeley, Valerie J.: Archaeological excavation of a burial ground, Greenhills Townland, 180-201.

Brindley, A.L.: Rock art at Kilwarden, 202-205.

Kildare County Library [document]: Rules and Resolutions of the Anna Liffy Club 1773, 205.

Pike, H.K. Joan: Medieval fonts in Kildare, 206-210.

Ó Floinn, Raghnall: A Romanesque crucifix figure from Athgarrett, 211-212.

Kildare County Library [document]: Rules and Resolutions of the Anna Liffy Club 1773, 212.

Liz Fitzpatrick: An Early Christian site at Curraclone, Co. Laois, 213-215.

Harbison, Peter: A Medieval tomb-slab from Graney, 216-217.

McCabe, Brian: The Kerdiffstown stone, 218-221.

Cumming, William: Grange Castle, 222-225.

Manning, Conleth: Ditches at Jigginstown House, 226-227.

O'Brien, Conor: A Kildare freedom box, 228-230.

newspaper report 1792: Cushions stolen from Russborough, 230.

Thompson, F. Glenn: Silver presentation pieces to the Kildare Militia, 231-232.

Shackleton, Richard: A Naas sundial, 233.

Shackleton, Richard: Nineteenth-century photographs, 234.

Kelly, James J.: A visitor to Kildare in 1782, 235.

Costello, Con: Thomas Burgh's Naas map-book, 236-238.

Kildare County Library [document]: Rules and Resolutions of the Anna Liffy Club 1773, 238.

O'Neill, Áine: A penal cross from Newland North, Naas, 239-241.


JCKAS Vol. XVIII Part 1 (1992-93)

Buckley, Laureen: The Ballysax skull, 5-7.

King, Heather A; Grogan, Eoin; and Bradley, John: Archaeological investigation in the environs of a motte and bailey at Ballinaclogh Lower, near Timahoe, County Laois, 8-19.

Liz Fitzpatrick, Liz: Mairgréag an-Einigh Ó Cearbhaill: "The best of the women of the Gaedhil", 20-38.

Lyons, Mary Ann: Revolt and reaction: the Geraldine Rebellion and monastic confiscation in Co. Kildare, 1535-1540, 39-60.

Fennessy, Ignatius: The retraction of Peter Walsh, O.F.M. 1688, 61-86.

Costello, Con: Four eighteenth-century drawings of County Kildare, 87-91.

D'Arcy, Fergus: A horse called Flyar: a problem in Irish art history? 92-95.

Harbison, Peter: Daniel Grose's 1792 drawing of Castledermot parish church, 96-100.

Evans, Mihail Dafydd: Lord Walter Fitzgerald's maps, 101.

Evans, Mihail Dafydd: The 1766 religious census for Lucan, 101.


JCKAS Vol. XVIII Part 2 (1994-95)

Mount, Charles: The environmental siting of Early Bronze Age burials in County Kildare, 117-128.

McCabe, Brian: The Johnstown fragment, 129-133.

Lyons, Mary Ann: The foundation of the Geraldine College of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Maynooth 1518, 134-150.

Fennessy, Ignatius: Franciscan Guardians in County Kildare 1692-1872, 151-162.

Griffin, David J.: Carton and Isaac Ware, 163-175.

Kenny, Michael: William Francis Roantree (1829-1918), The forgotten Fenian from Leixlip, 176-211.

Dooley, Terence A.M.: The decline of Carton House and estate, 1870-1950, 212-224.

Colgan, John: DOCUMENTS AND SOURCES: Abstracts from Dublin to Mullingar Turnpike Commissioners/Trustees minute books, 225-246.

Kavanagh, Michael: Kildare bibliography, 247-255.

Boylan, Lena: William Devoy, 256.

Boylan, Lena: Leixlip Castle, 256.

Fennessy, Ignatius: Peter Walsh panel, St. David's, Naas, 256.

anonymous (probably Easterbrook, Ian K.): Holt-Grattan, 257.


JCKAS Vol. XVIII Part 3 (1996-97)

Flynn, Michael P.: The townland of Skerries, Athy, County Kildare, and the Manor of Norragh and Skerries, 283-295.

Manning, Conleth: Kilteel revisited, 296-300.

Mullowney, A.J.: The Norman castle of Kildare, 301-315.

McCabe, Brian: The Abbey graveyard in Naas, 316-321.

Fennessy, Ignatius: The Franciscan Friary at Kildare, 322-336.

Boylan, Lena: The Wonderful Barn, 337-347.

Kelly, Martin J.: Father Mogue Kearns, 348-350.

O'Neill, Timothy P.: The Rices of Mountrice: solicitors' records of an epigonal family, 351-366.

Meagher, Sheena: South Main Street, Naas: an historic urban space and place of assembly, 367-396.

Flynn, Michael P.: Earthworks at Skerries, Athy, Co. Kildare, 397-398.

Horner, Arnold: Thomas Emerson's Kildare estate surveys, 1674-1697, 399-429.

Costello, Con: Exhibition of Silver, 430-432.

Kenny, Michael: Lord Edward Fitzgerald's dagger, 432-433.

Ogden, A.J.: Another standing stone in County Kildare, 430-435.

McCabe, Brian: An interesting stone at Forenaughts, 435-436.

Fennessy, Ignatius: The Peter Walsh panel, St David's, Naas, 436.

Fennessy, Ignatius: Translation of Peter Walsh's "Little English Book", 436.


 JCKAS Vol. XVIII Part 4 (1998-99)

Crumlish, Richard: The Excavation of a fulacht fiadh at Clonaddadoran, Co. Laois, 456-472.

Clyne, Miriam: Interim report on the archaeological excavations at Moone Abbey, Co. Kildare, 1998, 473-492.

Harbison, Peter: The holed high cross at Moone, 493 -512.

Dolan, Ana: The high cross at Moone: report on conservation work to date, 513-515.

Taaffe, Seamus: The role of the castle in Kildare, 1169-1550, 516-532.

Boylan, Lena & Dempsey, Michael: Donore near Carragh in the Barony of Clane, 533-541.

Fennessy, Ignatius: Castledermot and the Franciscans, 542-564.

Donnelly, Seán: Ecstasy in Eighteenth-century Kildare? The strange fate of John Lattin of Morristown Lattin, 1731, 565-588.

Costello, Con: Thomas Sherrard’s map of Naas, 1787, 589-597.

McCabe, Brian: Michael Reynolds and the attack on Naas (1798), 598-611.

Dooley, Terence A. M.: Landlords and mortgagees in late nineteenth-century Ireland: the case of Lord Granard and the Trustees of Maynooth College. 1871-89, 612-611.

Kenny, Kevin: Sir Ernest Shackleton's sledging harness—the Kildare connection, 627-630.

Kenny, Liam: Kildare’s first County Council. 1899, 631-633.

Buckley, Laureen & Reid Martin: War dead or murder victim? A medieval case of frenzied attack syndrome from Naas, 634-636.

King, Heather A.: Note on the restoration of the carved stone collection in Kildare Cathedral, 637.

Kelly, Martin J.: The mills at Clonoghlis, 638-640.


 JCKAS Vol. XIX Part 1 (2000-01)

Etchingham, Colmán: Kildare before the Normans: ‘An episcopal and conventual see’, 7-26.

Bradley, John: Archaeology, topography and building fabric: the cathedral and town of medieval Kildare, 27-47.

Gillespie, Raymond: St. Brigid’s Cathedral in the Age of Reform, 1500–1700, 48-61.

Lyons, Mary Ann: ‘Much Must be Done and Said Here’: St. Brigid’s cathedral and chapter, 1700-1869, 62-82.

Harbison, Peter: Some views of St. Brigid’s Cathedral, Kildare, 1738–1836, 83-95.

Wilkinson, Adrian: St. Brigid’s Cathedral, Kildare, and the challenge of Disestablishment, 96-115.

Guinness, Patrick: ‘Man being in his natural State the most naked and helpless of all Creatures’: the meeting book of the County of Kildare Knot of the Friendly Brothers of St. Patrick, 1758–91, 116-160.

Aylmer, Richard John: The Duke of Leinster withdraws from Ireland: October 1797, 161-183.

McCabe, Brian: Some notes on the history of Rathmore, 184-198.

Colgan, John: Mason’s marks on the Liffey Bridge at Leixlip, 199-205.

Mac Cuarta, Brian (ed.): Sir John Moore’s inventory, Croghan, King’s County, 1636, 206-217.

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