Edited by Cormac Bourke, 1995.


Thomas, Charles: The artist and the people, a foray into uncertain semiotics, 1-7.

Kilbride-Jones, Howard: Early Christian symbolism with particular reference to objects of Irish provenance: interpretation and application, 9-16.

Newman, Conor: The Iron Age to Early Christian transition: the evidence from dress fasteners, 17-25.

Ryan, Michael: The decoration of the Donore discs, 27-35.

Youngs, Susan: Medium and motif: polychrome enamelling and early manuscript decoration in Insular art, 37-47.

Carroll, Judith: Millefiori in the development of early Irish enamelling, 49-57.

Redknap, Mark: Insular non-ferrous metalwork from Wales of the 8th to 10th centuries, 59-73.

Swan, Leo: Fine metalwork from the Early Christian site at Kilpatrick, Co Westmeath, 75-80.

Neuman de Vegvar, Carol: Drinking horns in Ireland and Wales: documentary sources, 81-87.

Whitfield, Niamh: Formal conventions in the depiction of animals on Celtic metalwork, 89-104.

Marx, Susanne: Studies in Insular animal ornament in late 7th- and 8th-century manuscripts, 105-110.

Cronin, James: The Evangelist symbols as pictorial exegesis, 111-117.

Netzer, Nancy: Cultural amalgamation in the decoration of the Stuttgart Merovingian psalter, 119-125.

Ó Cróinín, Dáibhí: The Salaberga Psalter, 127-135.

Farr, Carol: History and mnemonic in insular gospel book decoration, 137-145.

Edwards, Nancy: 11th-century Welsh illuminated manuscripts: the nature of the Irish connection, 147-155.

Gelly, Mary Ann: The Irish high cross: methods of design, 157-166.

Mac Lean, Douglas: Technique and contact: carpentry-constructed Insular stone crosses, 167-

Richardson, Hilary: The jewelled cross and its canopy, 177-186.

Hamlin, Ann: The Blackwater group of crosses, 187-196.

Dorothy, Kelly: The Virgin and Child in Irish sculpture, 197-204.

Catherine, Karkov: Adam and Eve on Muiredach’s Cross: presence, absence and audience, 205-211.

Hawkes, Jane: A question of judgement: the iconic programme at Sandbach, Cheshire, 213-219.

Harden, Jill: A potential archaeological context for the Early Christian sculptured stones from Tarbat, Easter Ross, 221-227.

Higgitt, John: Monasteries and inscriptions in early Northumbria, the evidence of Whitby, 229-236.

Forsyth, Katherine: The inscriptions on the Dupplin Cross, 237-244.

Swift, Cathy: Dating Irish grave slabs: the evidence of the annals, 245-249.

Ó Floinn, Raghnall: Clonmacnoise: art and patronage in the Early Medieval period, 251-260.

O’Keeffe, Tadhg: The Romanesque portal at Clonfert cathedral and its iconography, 261-269.

Harbison, Peter: The biblical iconography of Irish Romanesque architectural sculpture, 271-280.