Interdisciplinary essays on the history of an Irish county


Edited by Pádraig G. Lane and William Nolan


Feehan, John: (Chapter 1) Laois: an overview of the county as a place where history happened, 1–24.

Keeley, Valerie: (Chapter 2) Iron Age discoveries at Ballydavis, 25–34.

Ó Murchadha, Diarmuid: (Chapter 3) Early history and settlements of the Laígis, 35–62.

Johnston, Elva: (Chapter 4) Timahoe and the Loígse: monasticism, 63–88.

Stalley, Roger: (Chapter 5) Hiberno-Romanesque and the sculpture of Killeshin, 89–122.

Kelly, Eamonn P. & Maas, John: (Chapter 6) The Vikings and the Kingdom of Laois, 123–159.

Ó Cléirigh, Cormac: (Chapter 7) The impact of the Anglo-Normans in Laois, 160–182 (map on p160, text begins on p161).

O’Conor, Kieran: (Chapter 8) Anglo-Norman castles in Co. Laois, 183–211.

Carey, Vincent P.: (Chapter 9) The end of the Gaelic political order: the O’More lordship of Laois 1536–1603, 212–256 (map on p212, text begins on p213).

Bradley, John: (Chapter 10) Early urban development in County Laois, 257–282.

Cosby, Ivan: (Chapter 11 ) The English settlers in Queen’s County, 1570–1603, 283–326.

Edwards, David: (Chapter 12) The MacGiollapadraigs (Fitzpatricks) of Upper Ossory, 1532–1641, 327–375.

Loeber, Rolf: (Chapter 13) Warfare and architecture in County Laois through seventeenth-century eyes, 376–414 (photograph on p376, text begins on p377).

Hylton, Raymond Pierre: (Chapter 14) Portarlington and the Huguenots in Laois, 415–434.

Beaumont, D.M.: (Chapter 15) Local office holding and the gentry of Queen’s County c.1660–1760, 435–458.

O’Riordan, Sr. Mary: (Chapter 16) Bishop Daniel Delaney 1747–1814, 459–486.

Gibbons, Stephen Randolph: (Chapter 17) Captain Rock in the Queen’s County, 487–512.

Geary, Laurence M.: (Chapter 18) Medical Charities in Queen’s County, 1765–1851, 513–532.

O’Brien, Michael G.: (Chapter 19) James Fintan Lalor of Tinnakill, 533–550.

Carter, J.W.H.: (Chapter 20) The Land War of 1879–82 in Queen’s County, 551–562.

Griffin, David J.: (Chapter 21) Country houses of County Laois, 563–584.

McCartney, Donal: (Chapter 22) Canon O’Hanlon: historian of the Queen’s County, 585–600.

Lane, Pádraig G.: (Chapter 23) Government surveillance of subversion in Laois, 1890–1916, 601–626.

Regan, John M.: (Chapter 24) Kevin O’Higgins, Irish republicanism and the conservative counter-revolution, 627–656.

Gallagher, Michael: (Chapter 25) Politics in Laois-Offaly, 1922–92, 657–688.

Deigan, Michael: (Chapter 26) Portlaoise: genesis and development, 689–708.